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  1. Hi Alastair. So, are you moving on from Lotus or changing models?
  2. Hi Esa. Sounds to me as if you know exactly where you are going with this, so I'm expecting to see some reports in the near future of your race spec Esprit spanking all the local porkers. All the very best
  3. Hi @Ekku. Sounds like your hooked now and did well against the porkers, just surprised you can wait for a full year to repeat the experience!! I presume you have a much shorter season than we do here in the UK, but perhaps you have opportunities for ice driving?
  4. Hi @GER. That's the silencer design I have. For me, with the Elise 220 Cup its a little heavier than the lightweight Larini's/ 2bulars, but lighter than stock. Never had any noise problems on track so far, or any droning on the highways. I like the sound, which has matured nicely over the last 12 months or so that I've had it. I'll be at the LOT Spa track day on the 29th July so cannot make the Snetterton date.
  5. It certainly was @CocoPops. Initially I thought that was me on your left in this shot, orange Cup, but I think its actually a similarly coloured 250 Cup. I have silvered mirrors, not black. Must say i learnt a lot about the handling of 888R's in †he wet! Much better than I thought actually, however very pleased when it dried up later on. I also had my first ever ride in a Caterham, courtesy of @LF1. Visceral about sums it up and this was one of the lower powered derivatives!! Thank you Tom.
  6. I must say Alastair that looks a lot better, much more purposeful than the originals. Searching for a proper craftsman has paid dividends, may see a few more of these conversions then. Congratulations.
  7. Looks like a good turnout then. Hope you can make it @electro_boy. I'd love to put some faces to the names and it looks like many of you know each other, so if someone could tap me on the shoulder, Orange/Black Elise 220 Cup and effect some introductions that would be much appreciated. See you all Saturday.
  8. Last minute decision. just booked the LOT day at Bedford this Saturday 8th June. As I write there are three places left. Anyone else going on this? Noise limit: 101db static & 87.5db DriveBy
  9. Hi Alastair. Having done a little research I found the handbook does say the transmitter keys effectiveness "may be reduced by the presence of other radio signals or large metal structures in the vicinity". But as far as I know it was only our three Elise Cups that were effected at Crystal Palace. One of the marshals told me they have had this there in the past plus at one other sprint circuit somewhere where large electrical facilities rendered a number of car transmitters inoperative. The cure was always to shift the car about until they found a shielded spot. In fact on Sunday my alternate spot was only about a 120 metres from my paddock place, but under the shelter of couple of very large trees. Have you done Brands GP? If not, I'm sure you will love it. Please post if you do eventually book. BTW I just checked the noise levels and its "101Db static 92Db drive by"
  10. Hi @Gordon S. Are you part of the Palmersport organisation?
  11. Hi all. I've just booked Brands GP with OpenTrack on Friday 13th September, £375. Myself and a buddy, also on this forum, did this last year with them and it was one of the years highlights, hence our repeat bookings. Plenty of cars but no issues. This year there is a small price increase but they are promising slightly fewer cars. Anyone else booked or considering it? BTW I competed at the Motorsport at the (Crystal) Palace last weekend. Its a short dash through the park, but an interesting mix of cars and a very good atmosphere. However, the most significant issue was that the two massive radio antennae in this area knocked out the central locking and immobiliser functions on my car key so i could not start it! I reached the hotel adjacent the park the night before, turned off and after unloading could not lock the car, neither could I cancel the immobiliser, so could not start the car again!! Called out green flag. I also called my local Lotus dealer who suggested it was radio interference and suggested moving the car a few yards, so we pushed it about 70 ft into the shadow of the hotel and the key was able to cancel the immobiliser and the engine started. A buddy in the same car was camping onsite and had the same problem with his central locking, but his immobiliser operated. However, a further buddy with the same car who competed had intermittent problems with the his immobiliser throughout the day. Anyway got on site on Sunday and with the help of the organisers (Sevenoaks and District Motor Club, who were brilliant) they found me a spot onsite where there was enough shelter from the interference to be able to start, not always first time but I made each run. To be honest i was glad to flee the scene at the end of the day, however upon returning home all had corrected itself and works fine. I subsequently believe its possible to enter a code to take the immobiliser out of the loop so i'll follow this up during the next few days, otherwise I'll not be returning unfortunately.
  12. Morning Colin. So, where do all the rorty V6's go to play? Obviously you have to be very selective about track days then, limited to the usually high cost 'supercar' days maybe? Mind you there is always the Nordschleife. Never seen anyone with a noise meter there on any of my visits.
  13. Hi @Tex. 107 db drive by!!! Do you V6 boys ever get cautioned by the 'authorities'? Time for a new rear box? I have the Komo-Tec 265 upgrade on my Elise Cup and have the Hangar 111 QT (Quiet Technology) silencer which I'm really pleased with. They also make this silencer for the V6 series cars, so i just checked out their website. This is their narrative on the product, which seems to offer the prospect of getting on track: Our Signature “QT” (Quiet Technology) exhaust silencer for the V6-engined Exige and Evora models, has been developed to pass the increasingly stringent noise limits being imposed by track day operators. During back-to-back testing on an Exige EX460 (460bhp), the silencer recorded drive-by sound level averages of appx 85dB at Brands Hatch, whilst the OEM silencer recorded 97dB (and was black flagged). All tests were carried out with exhaust hot and scrutinised by the MSVT monitors. Static sound levels recorded were 93dB and 96dB, respectively. The EX460 spec Exige features less restrictive induction and manifold configuration, so standard cars produce even better results. The sound level of the exhaust has not been achieved at the cost of power. Flowbench testing against OEM and other silencers during development, the silencer is proven to flow sufficiently well to deliver the full power of our EX460 kit. The silencer does not feature any loose-packing type material, so does not require re-packing. It is a direct replacement rear silencer and works with any manifold and link pipe combination. The twin round tailpipes have a diameter of 85mm, and feature perforated internals and machined tips. Developed and produced from scratch to our own specifications, using bespoke parts, by our industry-accredited UK-based exhaust manufacturer. This silencer has full E-type approval, and is road legal for use throughout Europe including Switzerland. As you can imagine we are quite proud of it!! This silencer is now available for all vehicles with the Evora 400 type exhaust configuration - this includes Evora 400/410/430 and Exige 380/430 models. During static testing, the exhaust noise level was reduced from 103dB with the OEM exhaust to 93dB using the QT silencer. Please note that exhaust clamps supplied may differ from those shown depending on availability.
  14. Hi @Tex. I have only done two sprints, both at Goodwood, and in both cases they performed static tests. However, I'm not aware of any cars failing the drive by's on my two events, having successfully passed static. Goodwood seem to operate at two noise levels which not only sets levels but also determines how many cars they allow out on track at any one time. When I was there recently for a 98 dBA track day they told me they are limited to 10 cars only, so I spent a lot of the day waiting in line. Also they were flagging for cars to get further apart to reduce cumulative noise levels. On Saturday there were plenty of loud cars, especially getting off the line, but having borrowed an Exige 380 when my Elise Cup was being serviced I appreciate just how loud they can be. Not sure what to suggest really, but perhaps the drive by levels for competitions are higher than normal track days. Certainly for the sprint, at 101dBA at 10 metres, thats a reasonable increase over track day allowances.
  15. Hi Alastair. Very easy to get the licence. Its an online application through the Motorsport UK website, costs £30-£40 I think. I must say I have been very impressed with the MSA efficiency, only takes a few days to arrive. If you fancy entering I can provide all the info, equipment etc that you need, both to satisfy the regs and join the Brighton and Hove Motor Club and get into the right class. For the Bailey Sprint it was 105 dBA static and 101 dBA at 10M drive by. I think entry is £130. Look forward to seeing you there Alastair. If you fancy entering let me know. Its worth turning up for the event just for the bacon butties, burgers, etc from the burger stand there.
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