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  1. I've just booked it. The weather looks acceptable, probably the odd shower later. Anyone else contemplating it?
  2. I'm thinking of getting the season underway at the upcoming LOT day at Bedford next Saturday. Forecast doesn't look too dire and I did three there last year in Jan and Feb in similar conditions and enjoyed them all. Is anyone else on here either already booked or thinking of it?
  3. Agreed @huggy617. Myself and a buddy did Brands GP with them earlier this year. As you say, the start was a bit frenetic, so extra caution required, but overall the discipline was good and it was good value for money at what can be quite an expensive, (but magnificent), circuit.
  4. So, @Five50 that makes at least two of us doing both Spa and Bilster Berg now. The more the merrier.
  5. I've just booked Bilster Berg. Looks way too much fun to miss. I agree with your comments @alias23 but there is no break, so a solid 5 hours on track and its a great compliment to the Spa day to get more value out of the chunnel crossing costs. Outline plan is: Arrive Nurburg for the Friday evening session on the Nordschlief. Saturday morning relaxed drive to Bilster Berg ready for 1pm registration. Saturday evening travel to Spa Francochamps Sunday watch our own @david_pittard compete in the 24hrs of Spa race Monday for the LOT Spa trackday Depart for home Tuesday and get ready to compete at the Brighton and Hove Motor club Bailey sprint at Goodwood on Saturday. Anyone else signing up?
  6. If you do book @NW76 please post here. I'll do likewise. Thanks
  7. Thank you @NW76. The video does a good job of showing the characteristics of the circuit. Lots of blind hills and steep elevation changes. It looks pretty much full on doesn't it and a bit like the Nordschlief where familiarity is everything. Sounds like you got it airborne at one stage! The surroundings look a bit surreal don't they. I see you have the Komo Tec upgrade, so thats a very potent vehicle. I have the KT upgrade on my Elise Cup, less potent but does provide a little torque boost. Thanks for posting. This might be my training aid to get to know the circuit a little before arriving.
  8. LOT have just posted a return to Bilster Berg on 27thJuly. I’m booked for Spa on 29thJuly so this looks like a natural pairing and I’m planning on booking. (Then spend Sunday at Spa supporting our own @david_pittard who will be racing for Walkenhorst Racing in the 24 hrs of Spa.) The track looked like loads of fun on the LOT facebook page video, a mini Nordschlief. Can anyone here offer any feedback on Bilster Berg or is there anyone planning on going?
  9. Hi @Mattmahope. I went for the Bell GT5. I didn't have the budget for carbon and I will not be racing (although I did compete in a sprint this year and now, thoroughly hooked, plan on doing a lot more in 2019). I wanted a really comfortable track day lid as I've been doing about a dozen each year. I'm very pleased with it as it just seemed to fit my skull shape. The only downside for a full face for me is that I'm a glasses wearer and you have to feed them back through the opening once its on. Approaching the first bend at Snetterton last year i realised it all looked different.....I had left them on the roof of the car in my enthusiasm to get out there!! Luckily they were lying undamaged in the pit lane.
  10. Got my lid there as well. Expert advice and fitting. I bought full face because even if you have a solid top there are many generous Caterham drivers out there at track days, many of whom are willing to offer you a ride.
  11. Sounds like you could be persuaded to repeat @Arun_D and if you can make it out @LF1 you can always have a few laps in mine. BTW David Pittard will be there. I contacted him earlier for some potential coaching but Walkenhorst Racing have just announced today that he drives for them again next year and they have expanded his drives. I've taken the liberty of pasting their announcement and perhaps @david_pittard might care to elaborate on this great career announcement. Walkenhorst Motorsport 4 hrs · Ready for No. 2 ? It's David Pittard !!! We had the honor to welcome David in our Team at VLN 3 in 2018 - he started on a BMW M235iR. From VLN 4 to 9 he was a M6 GT3 Driver and definitely proved his skills. It was amazing to see and even be part of the growth of his performance. "Always smiling" - that is the best describtion for this amazing guy. He is so supportive and interested in learning more that he even joined us at the 24H at SPA - he tried to help wherever he could and we can't sum up how much we value him. At VLN 6 he did it - he was the Pole sitter - the 26 year old set the fastest time for qualifying on only his 3rd outing in a GT3 car. Unbelievable how ambitious this young man is. In 2019 he will be participating with the BMW M6 GT3 at the VLN Championship, the 24H at the Nürburgring and the wonderful Total 24 Hours of Spa 2019. We're looking very forward to it. (Y)
  12. I have also booked LOT days for Goodwood, March, and a Brands Indy evening in May. Will probably get up to about a dozen by year end as I'll try and squeeze in a 2/3 Jan/Feb visits to Bedford, as i did this year. Its a fun track in winter as there is loads of run off. Thanks for the feedback @Neal H. Much appreciated. As you say, its a long way from Spa!!
  13. That's a shame @CocoPops. Maybe next year then as this is the last year of the French frolic isn't it.
  14. I’ve booked the LOT track day at Spa on Monday July 29th. So far there are at least 3 Elise Cups booked, all of who attended last year for what was probably the best event of the year. I’m hoping to turn it into a weeklong road trip, same as last year, and considering options for other days. Ideas? LOT has LeMan for the following weekend and one of the Cups has elected for this. My preference is to include a Nordschlief track day and hoping for the happy accident of one being available in either of the weeks surrounding Spa. I’ve never been to a track day at LeMan. Worth the trip? So, who’s going? It’s always nice to be able to put a face to a name and this will be one of the year’s highlights.
  15. We have a really nice group of Elise Cup owners that do quite a bit of tracking plus some club sprints and time trials, including European tracks such as Spa, Zandvoorte, Nordschliefe, etc. I'll keep you posted.
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