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  1. I’m thinking of investing in a lap-timer/data logger, preferably with integrated video, that I can also use for sprinting or hill climbing. Does anyone have experience of using any of the major manufacturers products for these types of events? My principle requirement is for a display at about eye level that provides simple indication of whether I’m ahead or behind my reference/best run. I’ve looked at some equipment standing start procedures, which look too cumbersome in the real world when start/stopping down to a start line under the control of the marshals. They look impractical when your attention should be elsewhere. The best solution seems to be to create a custom track with timing triggered at some point beyond the start, to avoid accidental triggering, and a separate finish line. However, both would need to be capable of being set manually on the morning of the event by hand carrying the device at less than walking pace. Some require setting at speed and are intended to be set within the car, therefore impractical. (The precise timing is unimportant, just seeking a repeatable basis to improve upon) Finally, I could see this as a major distraction without any real benefit, but some do seem to give really simple coloured light indication of actual speed entering/exiting bends and delta ahead/behind to help you decide how hard to push. All feedback welcome, Thanks.
  2. Hi @CocoPops @milesofsmiles. I'm interested in the experience with the AO 52's in wet weather. I did swap out my order for the AO48's for the AO52's to give a little better wet weather performance on track, partly because of Yokohama's ad' which reads: "Maximum Grip New motorsports-inspired compound for maximum wet and dry grip on and off the track." What is the experience of their wet weather performance? Thanks
  3. Hi @milesofsmiles. Unfortunately I cannot give an unconditional commendation on lengthening the top of the shock, as the car is still at H111. Still, I'm going to have to get used to it quickly because my first outing is the Spring Sprint at Goodwood on 4th April, (not the best circuit to get familiar with new kit on cold tyres on a likely cold day lol). Friday of that same week I'm off for a track day to Castle Combe, then 25th its off to Hethel for the first round of the Lotus UK Speed Champs. Joe's data was really useful...a proper test over a seasons hard racing. Joe is fast but also respectful of his car and doesn't bang through the gears. My interest in the revised final drive has waned a bit, since I missed my opportunity during last years rebuild. I tried to get some performance data, but none was forthcoming. Someone then suggested it would be a mixed blessing, better on some tracks and worse on others. Initially I tried to source replacement gears that would provide better ratio's for 3rd, 4th and 5th, but I drew a blank. I also sought advice on the LSD and one ex racer suggested if it was £500 it was worth it, if £2000, not worth it. If I had gone for the revised final drive I would have added the LSD as the labour costs would have been effectively zero as a full strip is required for the final drive replacement. On the tyres, I'm now thinking of transferring my order for the AO48's and going to the AO52's and holding my nose re the cost, purely on the wet weather performance. I have the ZZR's, which are approved for the Lotus Speed champs, for dry weather but nothing if its raining heavily and for general road miles. Hi @CocoPops. Are you going to track the Cup 250FE? I suspect many will become garage queens.
  4. Hi @milesofsmiles. Sounds like a really good outcome and I think thats a good way to spend your money. The aero on a Cup is a bit of a mixed blessing. It looks sexy, but It adds a lot of weight and drag (+7% I'm told) and is effectively decoration unless you are on track above 100mph. However, It did make a big impression on me on the back straight at Bedford in February a couple of years ago when the car felt absolutely planted at 125mph in the rain. However, it's also not very robust, as I can testify. As it turns out I've just had my Nitrons serviced, primarily because on track I was compressing the suspension to where the offside front tyre was rubbing on the underside of the clam wheel arch, so I had the extra lengthening on the fronts as well. It's always possible to subsequently reduce ride height from this new position, so overall I think I will gain about 10mm. Tinkering with the stock ECU is effectively impossible unless you have the kit to hack it. 300hp is pretty potent, my only reservation is it's getting pretty close to the gearbox limit and the prospect of another external cooler didn't thrill me as I've had a few track days interrupted by such things on other cars leaking all over the track. However, given that the set up can easily accommodate the additional power I think you will surprised how well you could perform on track. The key thing however is the torque profile, providing an increase but more importantly bringing it all lower down the rev range to help overcome the overly long gearing on the car from 3rd upwards. What does the curve look like? BTW I very nearly bought the RRR revised final drive. Does the car have this fitted? Tyres are a challenge, especially if you want a decent wet weather/winter tyre. I used to use Toyo R1R's but they are no longer made. I almost bought some Yoko AO52's, but gagged at the cost. I've used Toyo R888R's on wet track days and managed to stay on the black stuff and they are fine on the road. I've just bought a set of Yoko AO48's and i have a spare set of Avon ZZR's which I have yet to use...if I get caught out on the roads and it looks like standing water then slow and steady is the only option.
  5. Hi @milesofsmiles. Your post was some time ago, so this may not be relevant any more. However, three years ago I upgraded my 220 Elise Cup to Nitron 46's with their "Track" spring rates of 450 fronts and 600 rears. I did not upgrade the bushing however. In a good year (ie not 2020!) I will do about a dozen track days and some sprints, with trips to Spa, Nurburgring etc. I very much prefer the handling on track and I run the car very low. They are fine for road use as I take the car out at least once a week, summer or winter as its very mild where I live in the Southampton area. I think the Lotus specific sets are now 40mm, but I believe they offer a quality upgrade on stock shocks. What did you end up selecting? Is the 300hp courtesy of the RRR upgrade?
  6. I know on my Elise 220 Cup my GPS recorded me at 127 on the back straight just before the chicane. So 185 on the blade sounds very credible to me and I would have thought 145+ on the Evora even in 350 Sport guise.
  7. Hi @jerzybondov. I've no idea if it's easy to replace the tow hook threaded section, but if you call Hangar 111 I'm sure either David or Greg will be able to suggest something. I guess you could get an oversized tap to produce a larger female thread in the block if it's big enough then get an adapter made up to accommodate both threads. Not too much time between now and 16th Jan though
  8. Oh, that's a lifetime away lol In your shoes I would just get on and book a few in-between...about half a dozen in fact. If you dont have any track rat buddies I would just post your preferred venues on here and you will likely find others going and you will soon find yourself in a group (or is it bubble these days?) of like minded buddies. Donington is always a pleasure, a good track. Worth thinking about the coaching, it's a good investment. All the best
  9. Hi Gareth. Unfortunately I've never got to Oulton Park, but know that many love it. If you are thinking of a winter trackday I can recommend Bedford. It's a great circuit designed by Johnathon Palmer with a good variety of bends, it's a long track so plenty of space out there and most importantly loads of safe runoff. If you want something tighter then Cadwell Park is brilliant and not too far from you in the Peak District.
  10. Hi Gareth. You will likely get lots of different answers to this question. 1) Open Pit lane is better than sessions, you will get much more track time. 2) If you book an instructor provided by the track day operator that is usually a single session preferably taken in the morning, usually £25/30 and about 20 minutes long. The purpose is really to familiarise you with the circuit, braking points, best position to apex the bend, where to be on the track, etc etc. It's not teaching you driving skills really. If you want to improve driving skills there are plenty of good coaches out there that can be hired for the day, or part day. Or you can often share a coach with others, each in your own car and the coach will hop from car to car. There is at least one, probably many ARDS coaches on this site who will greatly improve your skills and make the track day experience much more fun. As you might imagine it costs quite a bit more to hire a coach for the whole day, probably £300-£500, but its the most cost effective upgrade you can get for your car. With the coach driving you will also get an idea of what the car is capable of, which is reassuring as it usually demonstrates you are well within the envelope. 3) Although i do about a dozen track days a year I've never had track day insurance so I cannot help you there, other than I know a number of insurance companies include some track days and there are numerous specialists who will sell you track day insurance, but its expensive. Additionally some tracks are better than others for novices. Where are you thinking of booking? Make sure your car is in good shape, bring a few tools and ideally tag along with a more experienced buddy...this will really add to the day. Hope this helps.
  11. Hi guys. We booked a house on Airbnb over the weekend. We are staying for 7 nights as its a lovely area, and the property is about 2 miles from the circuit. Cost is about £800 in total. Worth checking out.
  12. Hi Danny. I've just bought a trailer and am pondering the issue too as i will be with my wife this year and I'm going to need some space to park. Last year a lotus owning buddy who attended used the campsite about 5 miles away called Spa D'or, however they also have a large range of cabins of various degrees of luxury. I'm thinking of going down on the Friday to watch the racing (and hopefully our Mr Pittard competing again) and departing Tuesday after the track day, so 4 nights. Their three upper levels of cabin came out at between £470 to £650 for the total stay. If i was going solo I would use their cheaper options The other option i've used is to try Airbnb which i did last year. My wife will likely check this option out over the weekend. Agree the hotel situation is chronic. You would think the hotels would be empty on the Sunday night, but it seems many stay over.
  13. Hi Tony. I did send Paul at LOT a note last night asking about the prospects for Bilsterberg, but what you say would not surprise me.
  14. LOT are now taking bookings for their Monday 27th July date. As before, this immediately follows the 24 hrs of Spa festival, so a great weekend in store. Anyone from here going? Last year LOT booked Bilsterberg on the Saturday preceding, which made for the best weekend of the year by far.
  15. Circuit Days have opened up bookings for their Nurburgring track days. They have Wednesday 8th and Thursday 9 April and 12 October. I’ve booked 9th April. This usually sells out in about 48 hrs and is about the best value out there.
  16. Hi Alastair. So, are you moving on from Lotus or changing models?
  17. Hi Esa. Sounds to me as if you know exactly where you are going with this, so I'm expecting to see some reports in the near future of your race spec Esprit spanking all the local porkers. All the very best
  18. Hi @Ekku. Sounds like your hooked now and did well against the porkers, just surprised you can wait for a full year to repeat the experience!! I presume you have a much shorter season than we do here in the UK, but perhaps you have opportunities for ice driving?
  19. Hi @GER. That's the silencer design I have. For me, with the Elise 220 Cup its a little heavier than the lightweight Larini's/ 2bulars, but lighter than stock. Never had any noise problems on track so far, or any droning on the highways. I like the sound, which has matured nicely over the last 12 months or so that I've had it. I'll be at the LOT Spa track day on the 29th July so cannot make the Snetterton date.
  20. It certainly was @CocoPops. Initially I thought that was me on your left in this shot, orange Cup, but I think its actually a similarly coloured 250 Cup. I have silvered mirrors, not black. Must say i learnt a lot about the handling of 888R's in †he wet! Much better than I thought actually, however very pleased when it dried up later on. I also had my first ever ride in a Caterham, courtesy of @LF1. Visceral about sums it up and this was one of the lower powered derivatives!! Thank you Tom.
  21. I must say Alastair that looks a lot better, much more purposeful than the originals. Searching for a proper craftsman has paid dividends, may see a few more of these conversions then. Congratulations.
  22. Looks like a good turnout then. Hope you can make it @electro_boy. I'd love to put some faces to the names and it looks like many of you know each other, so if someone could tap me on the shoulder, Orange/Black Elise 220 Cup and effect some introductions that would be much appreciated. See you all Saturday.
  23. Last minute decision. just booked the LOT day at Bedford this Saturday 8th June. As I write there are three places left. Anyone else going on this? Noise limit: 101db static & 87.5db DriveBy
  24. Hi Alastair. Having done a little research I found the handbook does say the transmitter keys effectiveness "may be reduced by the presence of other radio signals or large metal structures in the vicinity". But as far as I know it was only our three Elise Cups that were effected at Crystal Palace. One of the marshals told me they have had this there in the past plus at one other sprint circuit somewhere where large electrical facilities rendered a number of car transmitters inoperative. The cure was always to shift the car about until they found a shielded spot. In fact on Sunday my alternate spot was only about a 120 metres from my paddock place, but under the shelter of couple of very large trees. Have you done Brands GP? If not, I'm sure you will love it. Please post if you do eventually book. BTW I just checked the noise levels and its "101Db static 92Db drive by"
  25. Hi @Gordon S. Are you part of the Palmersport organisation?
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