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  1. Harry Zhao

    Harry Zhao

  2. I didn't make up my mind before I found out I can close the gap between a 997 GT3 Cup full slick in the corners, but let them go easily on the straight. Then I think it is time for more power to chase the Porsche!
  3. 20/3/2016:) MSCA Phillips island. Getting the TVS1900 supercharger upgrade before the MSCA.
  4. I don't feel difference on road use. For track, i feel the car pushing harder when exiting the corner (Huge understeering, then I softer the front shock) . Before LSD, I did 4 flying laps in the session, was between 1:33.7-1.34.0. After LSD, I did 5 flying laps on the session, was between 1:33.0-1:33.6. Also, I found the engine power keeps dropping every lap.
  5. It took a few days in Harrop workshop. The LSD is the Trosen type, so it doesn't lockup very hard. For track, It makes the turn much smoother. For road, I can't feel any different. I don't use the race mode which slows my lap time a bit.
  6. Hi everyone, Finally I have fitted the Evora 400 LSD on my Exige S V6 (Fitted by Harrop). All geo settings stay the same. I don't have any wheel spin problem after the LSD fitted and 0.7 second faster than before. But the track has been fully resurfaced. Both track days were same temperture. Before LSD flying lap: After LSD flying lap:
  7. Thank everyone! Problem solved, it is the wheel alignment. Didn't check the wheel alignment after 2 track days. Front toe was completely changed. Problem solved after the wheel alignment.
  8. Hi everyone, I have problem on my car. The TCS light turn on everytime I drive it over 100km/h. Then I can change between Tour, Sport or Race mode. Any idea? Thank you! Harry
  9. Hi everyone, Anyone know that part number? Or where can I get it? Thank you!
  10. I think they are the same. They share the same gear box. I found a LSD made by Quaife that fits Exige S V6.
  11. I think less throttle is not solution. The main point is how to transfer the power down to the outter wheel on the corner that may improve the laptime. I am trying a bit of toe in on tomorrow's track day. I think changing the geo setting may help but not as helpful as a LSD?
  12. I only check on my track day data log. Between the stock intake and SSC intake, maximum speed on the same track is the same.
  13. The SSC induction kit costs $500 AUD. It doesn't need a ECU remap. But I don't see/feel any power increase after the installation.
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