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  1. As much as I'm not a fan of diamond cut wheels on any car, I think they really suit your colour.
  2. I sorted it by using the furry side of some sticky backed Velcro I had lying around - stuffed it into the gap between the plastic trim above the seatbelt mounts. Worked fine.
  3. I'm sitting in a Suzuki Vitara at the moment - I can see the bonnet and both corners.
  4. Would be an auto we'd have. She wants something as easy to drive as her DCT gearbox
  5. Thanks. She really won't drive a car that she can't at least see some of the bonnet - the M3 isn't great for her as she has to have a cushion. Cushions really spoil the sports car ambience, I feel....
  6. Dealer says it could possibly be an idler bearing on the belt - possible? Simple fix?
  7. Anyone here 5' 2" and drive a 400? We (as in the wife) are thinking of moving to one 'special' car - she has an M3 for daily use and I have the Exige for weekends. Trouble is she's small, and even just sitting in my car she can't see anything over the dash. Do the Evora seats move up and down?
  8. Bloody Hell, you don't miss much I actually noticed it this morning when I cleaned the pipe up. It seems to be either cross threaded or just stuck - not loose at all, but I'll need to sort it. Bit of a bugger to get to though..
  9. That's why I love owning a Lotus - one mans noise means the cars about to explode whilst anothers means it's working as it should be
  10. I only noticed it when I had the engine running and had to get something from the boot. Certainly seems to be the charger. I suppose I can't hear it when on the move - although I still get a grinding transmission noise
  11. Can someone run their ears over this please? Sounds rather too tappety to me. or, is it normal? I don't remember my last V6 sounding like this.
  12. I tend to run in sport with valve open all the time
  13. Cleaned these just the other day, but any reason one gets dirtier than the other?
  14. Haven't a clue! Didnt even know you could see it - how do I do that?
  15. Mine had its first year service two weeks ago and apparently the ECU was already up to date.
  16. That blue/ green connector doesn't look familiar! Well, whatever my chap did was for a reason - he's been dismantling and rebuilding every iteration of Lotus for the last 30 years or so ... But it all works as it should and it only cost me a few quid
  17. I remember Elise Shop telling me these hubs aren't a direct fit for our steering wheel, hence I bought the Eltech ones complete with the bolts. From your pics, it seems to be exactly how mine was done now I think about it.
  18. Thought I'd reply here to keep George's thread tidy.. Not sure why my chap didn't remove the airbags modul completely- I was talking to someone else and only saw him having a slight tussle with the spring. Was nothing major but needed the help of some long nosed pliers I think.
  19. I've got 24mm spaced on mine - means I can use 5th gear with gay abandon now Having watch the guy fit it, I certainly wouldn't try it myself. Not because of the airbag, but the spring winders that are inside - looks very easy to bugger them up!
  20. My 350 is metallic orange (the old chrome) and to be perfectly honest it doesn't look overly metallic. These pics at its cleanest, most shiniest...
  21. @MARTIN_SMight just take you up on that. I'm still waiting for a sample to arrive....
  22. Had the same on my old V6S - it was a brake sensor switch on the brake pedal.
  23. I'm not overly pedantic...but had forgotten about the inner door! Have asked for a sample so I'll be able to see for sure.
  24. Quickfit SBS - they just replace the webbing so as not to disturb the pyrotechnics too much Heard good things about the company. My concerns were more that the webbing won't, in all probability match the bodywork exactly, so may look odd. I know Lotus yellow stitching doesn't match the yellow calipers though..
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