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  1. Thanks, never saw that one.. I guess the amount of times the wiper moves after spraying the screen is programmed into the Ecu? With the spray bar, does the wiper still keep wiping after the wash stops? It's this action that smears the screen - water has been wiped off but wiper is still going.
  2. Cheers Chris. Cant seem to find one on that website.
  3. I always thought the FM aerial was in the windscreen surround.
  4. Anyone done this? Eliseparts sell a conversion, but looks to only be for earlier cars. The wiper automatically wipes far too many times after squirting the screen so ends up a dry smeary mess...
  5. Well, the super shine didn't last long.. Drive down to Silverstone and back yesterday in the shittiest weather for ages.
  6. If it's easier to use than the £70 Nanolex and gives better results, I'll also be using the Swissvax. But, shouldn't the Amour All do the same thing as the Swissvax? (and cheaper)
  7. My manual appears to be from the V6S - nothing in it about the matt panels from what I can see...
  8. I'd have to scramble under the car to have a look..... so do it yourself
  9. So is the GoFoam just for cleaning / washing the matt panels or does it also add protection? I'm currently using specific matt paint shampoo, and Nanolex cleaner and protection fluid. Bloody pain in the arse.
  10. Car back from a few days at the detailer - paint correction to remove swirls and a coating of Carbon Collective ceramic. Had the same stuff put on my black roadster, and it was still effective 2years later. Suprised (and a little disappointed if I'm honest) how little metallic flake there is in this orange
  11. Looks great Martyn. And has confirmed my decision to get my roof painted!
  12. It appears someone is talking themselves into changing their Cup...... ?
  13. Anyone know how they come out before I let my fat, ham fisted fingers loose on them? As I'm having my roof painted I'd like to get them done too. Cheers
  14. Just had the very same with my steering wheel - quick cure.... slightly loosen the two bolts that hold the airbag module in place so it's a touch loose and squirt a tiny (a dribble will do) of WD40 down the gap from the top. Retighten bolts. Mine is now all quiet again.
  15. Looks much better with a painted roof - on my 'to do' list now! Wonder if the flexible rear boot lid can also be painted (I'm not feeling love for the matt bits at all anymore)
  16. Am I correct to think the whole rear clam is new due to the different rear panel?
  17. The rear gloss louvre is interesting - it's very flexible so wonder what paint they've used. As I dislike my satin panels, I'm looking to have them all painted.
  18. As this is in all but name a Cup car, does that mean there's a chance of a Cup 400 coming....?
  19. New rear panel too. Looks better.
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