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  1. Yes happy birthday. Without you i would be sane, finacially sound and not have an ABS light in front of me!!!! All the best, hope you had a good one.
  2. keith h

    ski party

    Ski , Lotus, be there. Xxxx
  3. B) I'm up for some ski stuff, best fun you can have when not wearing a lotus !!
  4. Glyn, The TCS for the ECU is located behind the chargecooler pump. above the starter and screwed into the inlet manifold, just replaced mine due to going open circuit and overfuelling (loads of black smoke) and poor hot starting. One hell of a difference, think may have been reading incorrect for ages. Keith H
  5. Hi, thanks for reply. the ABS light is steady after approx 5 min driving. If you switch off takes about another 5 min to come on steady. Checked all connections/ relays, all seem ok. Can here pump running, but have lost the solid pedal, am now missing the brake pedal forcing itself back up when applying. Dont think i got any air in system when installing new pads/discs. Would like spec' on bleeding brakes to change fluid completely. Do you know how to get fault codes/ problems out of ABS? downloaded the Delco Moraine handbook, but the only one i can find is a bit generic. Ta
  6. Got most of the bible, but still waiting to fiind the brakes module at a meet. replaced front discs / pads, (self), and after winding the old calipers back, putting the EBC greenstuff pads in things ain't right. Brake rollers said dont go out, but it was late, needed a beer. B) Any help with the bleeding would help. now get ABS warning tell tale after 5 min driving, brakes scary. Which voodoo do you need to speak to ABS!!!!! (Delco Moraine) , and how !!! The last Vauhall garage TECH 1 tool died a long time ago. S4 Derby Guy
  7. keith h

    esprit s4

    had my S4 for a year, and an enthralling and costly year. As the song says "things can only get better" Bloody fast and furious, hit a pheasant that decided to commit sucide while i was exercising right foot.
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