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  1. Bulkhead(?) rattle

    Sorry - I've created some confusion. The bolts are welded on the carpet side for sure, but clearly cannot be withdrawn independently from the plate.
  2. Bulkhead(?) rattle

    For me, it was precisely a drive minus the rear deck that pointed to the bulkhead
  3. Bulkhead(?) rattle

    Having done this a number of times, I'll give me view: - firstly, the bolts are welded to the engine mounting bracket so cannot be withdrawn independently from the plate. Plus the plate is shaped not flat - secondly, the thread engagement is not overly generous, so if you are boosting the bracket backwards it becomes difficult to refit the clamp plate - thirdly, the thread run down a long way without the shoulder bolt so it that combination that guided the solution Admittedly, it seems a bit harse to cut the carpet and soundproofing, but only back in place behind the seats it is not really noticeable.
  4. Tailgate bolts snapped

    I don't have any more images of the tapping plate, but from memory it is surface bonded. I could not find a way to access it without cutting, so assumed that it is bonded in during assy. of the tailgate.
  5. Tailgate bolts snapped

    That's a real shitty situation. If you can't repair the threads in-situ then you're going to need to get the plate out and re-work it. When I installed my carbon rear deck, I stole the plates from the inside of another rear deck. I could do this given the extremely light weight of the deck. You're going to have to bond-in/re-glass in the plate to get the right position and necessary strength. Good luck.
  6. V8 vs S4 Weight

    I hope that it's not an IKEA box !.....
  7. I drove 38 miles, i can't start after

    Check your Alarm fuse (5A) in the drivers side footwell. There are two fuses held in plastic retainers up in the left hand side. If your immobiliser is playing-up, you can link it out and get the car running again. If you want details on that, send me a PM.
  8. My recently delivered V8 is giving me some grief. The alarm fuse C2 is blown and blows the replacement fuse with seconds. No siren or alarm activity, just 'puff' after several seconds. The car was delivered with the immobiliser disabled, but I understand that this was done in an attempt to overcome the alarm problem. Has anyone encountered similar symptoms and if so, what was the cause or even better, the remedy? Cheers, Mike S

    Thank you all for the Birthday wishes. It's still the best and friendliest place here
  10. Mike, looking to purchase an ECU and  the dampers. Not sure how to do it.



  11. Lotus Esprit V8 ECU (3 units available)

    I will ask, but this is a friendly side-line and not his main Business.
  12. Lotus Esprit V8 ECU (3 units available)

    I do have a contact that is repairing these units. He has repaired perhaps half a dozen ECU over the last few years. The multi-layer PCB is not brilliant and many units suffer from poor soldering and 'dry joints' - especially those which are socketed for aftermarket EEPROM swaps. There is a lot of vibration which doesn't do any favours either, as the units are hard mounted.
  13. Lotus Esprit V8 ECU (3 units available)

    Correct. The fellow in the States is sending his 'Red Race' ECU to me for repair. Maybe he gets a backup ECU as well. Alan - the black one that was on offer I will send to you for your research. The connector has suffered some heat damage but the unit is functional.
  14. Sport300 engine cover?

    This is the only image I could find