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  1. V8 Photo Request

    or blue....
  2. V8 Photo Request

  3. V8 Photo Request

    or Black....
  4. V8 Photo Request

    Hi, I've got a ton of images of engine - in the car, on an engine stand, partially built with internals on display. What are you looking for?
  5. GRRR... you fix one problem and guess what?

    Correct - they are different on the V8. The oil pressure switch is sitting in the LHS side of the block - this is what your dash light is working off.
  6. GRRR... you fix one problem and guess what?

    Hi Shaun, The oil pressure sender is easy to access - it is next to the oil filter in filter housing. You'll need to locate the wiring within the instrument loom and check it through to the gauge. More broken or bruised ribs to look forward to
  7. Help required V8 GT evap system

    Ok. So you have a decision - uncap and plumb the evap. into the EGR manifold or get creative on where to allow the vapour to go.
  8. Help required V8 GT evap system

    Do you have EGR fitted on the engine at all? Even with the EGR blanked-off, you can still plumb the evep in there. It just runs into the throttle stack behind the butterflies.
  9. Help required V8 GT evap system

    If I'm understanding you correctly, then the other one should be going to the EGR manifold under the plenum. As you said, one goes to the small reference port at the back of the plenum. The other goes to the larger port in the EGR manifold.
  10. Thanks Bibs - but the glass roof sold already yesterday afternoon.
  11. engine just stopped

    Excellent news Graham. Well done !
  12. Cool, that is good news. You should replace the cast bellhousing. You will have noticeably less vibration as a result.
  13. Good job Steve - did you discover a single or twin-plate ?
  14. engine just stopped

    The ECU is located on top of the RH fuel tank board. The connector is easy to access and confirm that it is installed securely.
  15. engine just stopped

    I have a gut feeling that your issue is the ECU itself, but check: - inertia switch and connection - ECU earth on bell-housing - ECU connector If those show no problems, I would search for a friendly V8 owner or spare ECU and check if swapping out the unit solves the problem. The units are known to suffer from poor solder connections, not eased by the vibration and heat cycling. Good luck, Mike S