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  1. Chris is right. The green spring is very similar to the stock spring and can be calibrated to the correct base setting. Next in strength is the yellow spring, which you will not be able to calibrate down to the factory base setting.
  2. Please can you get clarification if any parts of the kit pictured are not included? Also, is there an image of the radiator? 1. Chris W 2. Mike Sekinger (for stock)
  3. EGR - under the plenum to the EGR valve/manifold SAI - to the opposite cylinder head
  4. That's not the right hose arrangement. It should consist of a formed hardened plastic pipe with rubber clamped ends. The pipe is your pressure reference for the fuel regulator. It is a rising rate set-up, so the pressure needs to increase with boost. If you don't have the reference, then you have no increase in pressure.
  5. It is just a calibration point for the base mechanical boost. Meaning that if you loose electronic boost control, the boost will be mechanically limited to around 5psi. In Andy's case, his mechanical base setting is slightly high, meaning that is he looses electronic control, then he will have a slightly higher base boost developing (closer to 7psi). The ECU controls the target boost based on the wastegate duty cycle (expressed as a %). It is basically a square wave with the duration relating directly to the % of time that the solenoid is bleeding air, meaning 50% WGDC = solenoid actuat
  6. Access is extremely limited. For broken studs, you are better placed to remove the engine.
  7. Remove the hose connection to the cross-pipe and let the tanks bleed out. They are the lowest point. You will only be left with the fuel in the pump recess on the RH tank. Those are all parts that you are replacing anyway, so easy.
  8. Service Notes - section ED page 41. You'll need a dial gauge and pressure source (hand pump) - check for rod movement of 0.4mm with 0.34-0.36 bar (4.9-5.2 psi)
  9. I would check that your wastegate actuator base setting is maintained correctly. If that solves your peak boost, then you could still decide to remove the BOVs. The turbos are very small, running moderate boost and have very little noticeable lag.
  10. Some parts arriving, so able to do a little more. Need to create a bracket and hoses for the electric main coolant water pump, which will be mounted to the right of the charge-cooler pump.
  11. Check if your CATs are still in good shape.
  12. Contact Bauke. He has a RHD S4s in Yellow for sale located in Netherlands
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