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  1. Short update on delivery for the 1st production run customers: 5 pairs for JAE in machining 4 pairs for remaining customers will be roughed by end of December and completed for delivery/collection by end of January 2023.
  2. This is an example of the clearance required for the V8, but it would not be hugely different for the 4-cylinder
  3. No. Nothing different that would necessitate that. Puling the transmission to change the clutch is a straight-forward task that takes only a few hours.
  4. Genuine new replacements are pretty much unnobtainium at this point. If yours are still serviceable, then you can have them rebuilt to include a 360deg bearing pad and staggered gap oil seals. This would be by far your cheapest route. Try contacting one of these companies: Turbo Dynamics | Turbocharger repairs, replacements & performance upgrades Lotus - Ramspott & Brandt, Ihr Spezialist für Lotus-Esprit, Lotus-Elise und alle anderen Lotus-Modelle (
  5. I used a pair of decent sizes barrel chargecoolers on one of my previous V8 projects (the ex-5th Gear V8-GT). The engine made of 510bhp with just over 1.1 bar boost. It is not possible to use these coolers and retain the full boot area - there is just not sufficient space. It might be possible to use smaller barrels and place them stacked horizontally in the very front of the boot area. In my opinion, these barrel type coolers are not the most efficient due to their construction, but they certainly did work.
  6. Hi, Are you looking for a stock rear upright? I do have my old old pair of cast ones available. Mike
  7. I don`t think that ProAlloy will provide the CAD data, but perhaps @cweeden is making some "behind the scenes" progress with them? You can use the same coolant as used for your engine, it is just held in a separate fluid circuit.
  8. The first customer pair of rear uprights arrived this morning and I have fitted the one side. Everything fits perfectly and the end product is fabulous in my opinion.
  9. Pedal box bolts - specifically the left hand front bolt......
  10. The rear uprights have arrived and will be installed over the weekend. Side-by-side comparison is interesting
  11. My 500+bhp Esprit project car is for sale, with all of the work already done. Feel free to PM me if you are interested.
  12. Small update: production of the remaining parts of this first batch are continuing. Once the machining of the full run is completed, they will be sent collectively for anodising. Projection is that the parts will be ready for collection/shipping in December.
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