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  1. mike_sekinger

    Engine number location

    It is not the easiest to get to once everything is installed. You will need to peer down underneath the LH compressor duct with a torch. Probably best observed from underneath the car.
  2. mike_sekinger

    anyone know about a V8 S60TUS?

    Have you been able to determine that the impeller in the glove box is actually from the car? If you can measure the diameter, then it would be possible to tell if it is likely to be from a different turbo. If it did let go on this engine pulling load, then almost certainly some of that light metal will have been taken into the combustion cambers.... it's an awful lot of material to be ground away and the air volumes are pretty high. You really need to determine if the turbo went pop on this engine....... If it did and no engine work was done, I would be seriously concerned. On price, I don't think that you can be advised by an outside party. It's a case of your desire vs. what the seller will accept. Knowing his circumstances (being overseas), he may just be happy to be rid of the car as long as the offer is decent. When was the clutch last replaced? As mentioned by Steve, these typically have only approx 20K miles life. That, together with the need for a timing belt service, would be big bargaining chips in my opinion.
  3. mike_sekinger

    Need help/advice!

    I use the one next to the battery.
  4. mike_sekinger

    Need help/advice!

    If the compressor is seized or badly dragging, then when engaged it could cause he the engine to stall. Easy enough to check from underneath.
  5. mike_sekinger

    Engine number location

    The engine number is located on the left hand size of the block, in the format of: LL918 YY MM xxxxx Where YY and MM and year and month of production and xxxxx is a 5 digit serial number.
  6. mike_sekinger

    V8 Cam belt change - special tools

    5-6 hours is reasonable - but who is the "local garage"?
  7. mike_sekinger

    Need help/advice!

    It sounds as though you have reset your Idle Control as well as clearing any codes. If this is the case, then the engine will need to re-learn the idle including the AC.
  8. Wow - this car is going to just fly after that lot is removed.
  9. mike_sekinger

    anyone know about a V8 S60TUS?

    That's an impeller from a turbo. It's completely consumed and the blades are all but worn to nothing. You don't ever want that happening to yours while the engine is running......
  10. While out and about, you met Richard Hammond, who then made an offer you could not refuse to provide much needed spares package for his S350
  11. mike_sekinger

    [Ebay-bot]Lotus Esprit S1

    I doubt that it will make the reserve.
  12. mike_sekinger

    Finally found an Esprit 👍🏻

    Congratulations on your new V8. I'm really liking the colour and detailing inside. Really stunning. It's very sensible to budget for mishaps, but depending on what kind of "pop" you're talking about, that might be woefully inadequate. For routine (read non-destructive) rework, that should be a very comfortable fund, but if you have anything more serious involving top or bottom-end damage, that results in the need for replacement heads or crank, cost may be significantly higher especially if relying on a professional Lotus specialist for the work. If you are totally on top of the maintenance and rigorous with inspections etc, you should have no such worries. Enjoy yourself ! Mike S
  13. mike_sekinger


    I already contacted Pro Alloy, but they need a car in the workshop to measure everything up. The installation was performed as a one-off, so they did not keep any measurements etc. I've seen and made a few different chargecoolers installs for the V8, but the beauty of this one if the compact nature and proper sizing of the important components. It's a very sweet set-up. I'd be +1 for this kit.