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  1. For heavens sake - be happy that the engine is running well. Your plan sounds foolish to be honest. If you want flames and bangs, buy some fireworks.
  2. Just reconnect them. The turbos are very small and don't suffer from any real turbo lag, but if the dump valves are working correctly and you can tolerate the noise then it will help to keep them from stalling.
  3. Looks like you may have an air leak in the exhaust
  4. Oh yeah - without the secondaries you will be in serious trouble. The engine will run fine on light load without them, but as soon as you add load they will need to play a big part. I see if I can download the data from my M800 set-up for the secondaries.
  5. The secondary injectors are 550cc/min. You won't need to upgrade the size of those. A minor increase in the primary flow, plus the stock secondaries will provide enough fuel for upwards of 500bhp.
  6. The clutch is an AP6913-OH03-FN It's got a huge torque capacity and was selected as I plan for a sequential straight-cut dog transmission, with clutch-less changes once moving.
  7. Progress has been really limited by the fact that I'm up to my eyes in engine rebuilds for other people. Current status: - interior is removed as I will replace with a lightweight material from Steve - moulds for the arches are in preparation for visible cf parts (update coming early next year) - XShift transmission on hold pending funding (it's 20K€ of invest) - Damaged Ex-GT1 crank is being checked for possible re-work. Would also result in the need for custom rods - Heads are still to be sent away for CNC porting - Plenums are in fabrication - Exhaust manifolds also in fabrication The engine is most likely not going to be built until we are well into next year.
  8. The metallastic mount is supposed to be assy like this.
  9. Pretty sure it's 5/8BSP. I took opened-up swage ends from an old pair down to the local hydraulic specialist to have them form a short link pipe. Just be cautious on the bend radius of the hose. You will need a decent spec hose that can flex accordingly.
  10. For the initial start-up, I always use an oil cooler by-pass pipe. This also has the benefit of speeding up establishment of the oil pressure.
  11. I hope that he's not charging you by the hour
  12. I recall you mentioning somewhere you have or planning to get a sequential 6 speed that bolted up to the un1 bellhousing?


    1. mike_sekinger


      Indeed.  That is still the route, but it will take a while.   My engine will not be built before mid- to late next year.

  13. The cast bellhousing has a nasty resonance at around 3500prm. It is worth replacing if you can find an allow one cheaply.
  14. That's the standard V8 alloy bellhousing. The early cast ones were mostly replaced under warranty as part of the 'free' twin-plate clutch upgrade.
  15. How is the performance of the car? Does it feel completely flat or electric ? If you have no boost control, the car will spin off down the road like a greased weasel..... if you have no boost, then the engine will feel really quite flat by comparison. If there has been no notable change in performance, then I would be checking your gauge connection. If it is reading 0 at idle, then I doubt that it is connected or receiving any real pressure from the manifold.
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