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  1. Just be aware that the ECU is flashed with a calibration that is optimised for a chargecooled V8. You do not want to run that ECU on a stock V8.
  2. So frustrated with the AP Racing German distributor. 2 months waiting for the ordered (and paid for) clutch slave. Today, they cancelled the order because they cannot confirm a delivery date. A call into the UK distribution network and presto ! The item will be available in 1 week. Continuing on with other small jobs. The problem with custom work is that you end up having to prepare other bespoke parts to fit them... here brackets for the gearchange and cable
  3. I see some influence from Tim Neely`s Esprit V8 there. Very nice.
  4. Time for another update on recent progress: The work to correct the previous CAD design and bring it dimensionally in-line with the Lotus drawing is complete. Based on earlier observations by Derek you can find an updated comparison between the v1.4 CAD, Lotus drawing and the new Aira CAD model. In addition to the dimensional corrections, both the upper and lower lug ribs have been increased and additional material added to those known areas of weakness. Various other design changes were made based on the CAM process and blending of the design. Visual comparions can be seen below highlighting the major changes (Aira design is copper colour): The 6082-T6 billets have been dispatched from the supplier and are on their way to Aira. This equates to 750Kg of raw material for the 1st production run. Each billet is around 30Kg and the CAD model is calculating that each finalised upright will weight approx. 4.4Kg. A 3D model of the LH upright has now been prepared and will be printed over the next week in order to enable a further physical checks. Each of the sections will be printed independantly to maximise on printer orientation accuracy and also enable any sector specific re-work if necessary. Lastly: In order to secure the full initial run of 10 pairs of uprights, additional billet was ordered. If there are no hiccups during production, there could be a further 2 pairs available from this 1st run. If anyone is interested and wishes to get their names against the potential over-supply, please PM me. If there are other questions, please direct them via email for PM
  5. Good to see you are getting there. Looking forward to the "we have warp speed" post next week 🙂
  6. You can reset your IAC once your adjustments have been made to the throttle and you are seeing 0% TPS at rest. The procedure for IAC reset relies on being able to depress the throttle to 100% multiple times within in a short period, so that needs to be fixed first. Reset procedure: - Ignition to pos II - Depress throttle to 100% 4x (holding for 2 seconds each) within 20 second period - Leave ignition in pos II for 60 seconds You are right about the Pressure Regulator. The pressure signal from the plenum acts together with the spring to effectively increase the rail pressure as boost rises. If your regulator is defective, then that`s another candidate to be replaced....
  7. Ok. Make sure that the bellcrank of the throttle is also free of any obstructions and can travel freely through its full movement.
  8. You should be able to see the TPS reading with the ignition on pos II. It is important that it goes all was to 100%. There is an adjustment on the pedal just in case you need to increase the available travel.
  9. Your comment regarding the TPS is important. You should be able to observe a solid TPS reading from 0-through to 100% and all value between. If you cannot observe a reliable and progressive reading, the it would a candidate for replacement. Check first that the connections are clean and free of any corrosion. Corrosion can of course affect the resistance and readings. If all looks good and you are still not observing a reliable reading over OBDII, then I would replace the TPS.
  10. Your static fuel pressure should be close to 45-50psi and should not drop-off completely immediately after the priming of the rail. If you have a cheap gauge, it could be that your 40-ish is actually enough in terms of static pressure. Did you check your plenum source to the fuel pressure regulator? As mentioned before, it could be the case that if your plenum source is not firmly connected, you are not seeing the rising rate in pressure as your boost builds.
  11. Great project. I actually prefer the look of the earlier V8 in terms of wheels and rear wing. Looking forward to seeing the journey.
  12. 1-5. JAE Parts 6. Mike Sekinger 7. John Clark 8. Greg Dollimore 9. David Harris 10. Freek Muurling All 10 slots for the 1st run of production are filled. Thanks Gents ! Once the design is complete a list of corrections and enhancements will be shared. Once the 3D printed model has been fitted and confirmed, then the design will be "signed-off" and production will be ready. At that point, the balance of the pro-forma invoice will be due. More info to follow.
  13. 1-5. JAE Parts 6. Mike Sekinger 7. John Clark 8. Greg Dollimore 9. David Harris 10. .. Only one space left on the first run of 10-off pairs.
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