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  1. Excellent. Common sense approach to finding the fault. Well done.
  2. More part arrivals. Chassis is booked in for blasting/cleaning prior to re-galvanising. Will be interesting to see how it looks when I collect it. More parts post-plating to be collected tomorrow.
  3. Busy with other stuff, but added some further supports for the radiator stack. The main coolant rad is mounted with anti-vibration rubber buffers 2x each side. The are additional rubber supports between it and the chargecooler rad to fix the width between them. The chargecooler rad is on anti-vibration bobbins and there is a further rubber bobbin at the top fixing the width between the rads.
  4. Check that the spade is connected soundly. If it persists, then change the oil pressure switch.
  5. I think that my failure was to choose POR-15 in the first place. My chassis was really not bad and in many areas the zinc surface was perfect. The surface was basically smooth with very few rough areas. The adhesion is reasonable to good on those areas that were rough. Anyway, painting of any kind in now off the table and the chassis will be re-galvanised.
  6. My son sent me some footage of my breakdown.... amusing to watch, but at the time I was super-pi##ed. Apologies for the foul language but you can see that there is simply no adhesion. video-1589993062.mp4 video-1589993089.mp4 video-1589993089.mp4 video-1589993089.mp4
  7. The coefficient of expansion for the ductile liner is less than the cast liners and the LM25TF alloy of the block/heads. There is potential for a greater gasket clamp for higher boost applications. You are running stock boost, so I would go for the standard design.
  8. L5188 was used in Sacha and Simons engines. That will be the version that Westwood have on stock. Go for that. Stand-in is a nip below the block face.
  9. Time for the radiator pack, now that the rubber mounting bobbins and washers have arrived.
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