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  1. Oops - excuse my ignorance. I'll stick to comments on the V8
  2. Hmm... it's a dual tank set-up with two separate pressure cap.
  3. I would expect that the heater circuit contains a reasonable amount.
  4. I'm struggling on this thread - you want the "ultimate in reliability" and go to the trouble of balancing and purchasing nice forged pistons, but you are having your mechanic re-use your old liners and without any glaze busting/re-surfacing? Why is that? What piston->cylinder clearance do you have across those liners? Has that been measured? As previously highlighted, the OEM pistons/liners are provided in two size grades, you could end up with wrong clearance when installing the piston. Same with the ring gapping that would have been necessary. I don't want to come across as being a critical old fart, but some of these decisions make no sense to me.
  5. Sorry to make the observation, but why has the engine builder elected not to install the cylinder heads when sealing the liners? That is not an appropriate way to clamp the liners in place.....
  6. Both the block and cylinder heads are made aluminium alloy LM25TF (fully heat treated LM25) A lot of the pitting is coming from cases where either incorrect coolant is used or that the coolant has not been replaced at the correct intervals.
  7. Nice to see some progress. Do you know what ring gaps your builder set for the Carrillo pistons?
  8. Most modern systems have the option for triggering off the MAP
  9. Why not install the jets in the compressor ducts between the turbo and throttle body? It would still be upstream of the IAT sensor.
  10. It's great to see other peoples ideas being brought to life. One query: how will you measure the true IAT if the jets are directly in the plenum? Looks like you are using the standard compressor duct IAT location.
  11. In my experience not. It is necessary to remove both the engine and sidewall trim panels.
  12. It's good that your engine builder is taking such care - that's a very good sign and you should feel the benefits of it in the smoothness of the power unit in the end. Please keep us all posted on the build.
  13. I'm assuming that he is also matching/balancing the rods/pistons as well as the crankshaft?
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