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  1. Slow progress given other priorities. Removed hub/spindle adaptors in readiness for drive shaft removal and extraction of the engine and gearbox. The poor chassis will have to roll around on space-savers.
  2. From Section JG for the KH ABS 415
  3. This is Nic Olsons Esprit. He works for AP Racing. Great guy.
  4. Drained fluids, removed the bumper and dropped the radiator pack. Main coolant radiator is leaking and will be replaced with a unit from Pro Alloy, together with modern SPAL fans. Happy that the oil cooler fixing came apart without any issues (the lines through the chassis were replaced in 2009).
  5. These are the relevant pages from the Service manual. You need to follow the decision tree. The code will clear once the condition is no longer present
  6. Preparation for engine removal - thankful that the exhaust side of the turbos was still in nice condition so the nuts just wound off the studs. How often does that happen on a V8?
  7. I'm budgeting for 15K, including changer mechanism. Still need to come down on a clutch solution, so that the details for the transmission can be confirmed to XShift for a pricing. As I get more details, I'll be happy to share.
  8. Working on ride height today - something that always niggled me. The front splitter will need to be raised a couple of cm, but that will be taken care of when the front bumper comes off.
  9. Just for interest factor - I received my cert. of provenance from Andy Graham today. My #002 was purchased new by me back in early June 1999. The data from Andy confirms what I was told at the time. 1 prototype car produced #002 was the first European S350 to be finished, so first of 42 for Europe and the only S350 registered without A/C. If you don't have a cert. I would recommend contacting Andy Graham, as it's nice to have some additional detail on our cars. Mike S
  10. No. you need to get those from JAE Parts in USA
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