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  1. mike_sekinger

    Stevens wind deflector and roof bag

    I have one for sale - it's currently in Silver.
  2. mike_sekinger

    Ceramic coating exhaust manifold - worth it

    I used Zircotec for a number of exhaust manifolds on V8 projects. It's good stuff and not hugely expensive.
  3. mike_sekinger

    How smooth is your v8 tickover?

    Tickover is usually a little lower at 900rpm. Should be nice and smooth and stable. At the slightly higher tickover rpm, it should definitely not feel rough. Are you sure that you do not have a vacuum leak somewhere on the plenum?
  4. mike_sekinger

  5. mike_sekinger

    Stevens wind deflector and roof bag

    Indeed this does look like Midnight Blue metallic - paint code B42. Same as my previous V8
  6. Wow. That's some serious level of expenditure. If you're not wanting more power, then I don't fully understand the upgraded internals. But, in the end it is your money and the result will be a very nice and fully refreshed Esprit.
  7. mike_sekinger

    emmisions too high

    I have a pair of OEM cats that I can sell you. PM me if you are interested.
  8. Mike I have a question on the Cobra Alarm.

    Last time you taught me how to bypass & to start my Cobra alarm by putting pins at the end of the cobra alarm plug. I was able to start it, my question is -- by leaving the jumper is there a battery drain when the car is off?

    My other question, I had  time to check the Alarm fuses under the dash (yellow plugs) and the fuses are not blown. Why my  car won't start? Do you think I need the reset procedure using my emergency touch key?  Do you think my cobra alarm is dead?

    Thank you CHE

    1. mike_sekinger


      Sorry for being so bad in answering.  There should be no drain because of the bypass.  I think that your immobiliser is dead

  9. mike_sekinger

    97 v8 starts good then dies.

    Good job Chris. The tool is Kent Moore J-35731
  10. mike_sekinger

    Tips how to remove the oil switch

    I'm surprised that you can't get a socket on it - is it an original OEM switch? If you remove the engine mount, you could come over the top of the housing
  11. mike_sekinger

    97 v8 starts good then dies.

    If your engine is starting, then both crank and cam sensors are going to be good. Problems with either of those will result in a non-start.
  12. There are two small screws to undo on the switch panel in the armrest/central tunnel. Remove the cover and then you will see the two retaining nuts beneath. Remove those and disconnect the electrics. You will also need to press out one of the switches. Once those are free, you can withdraw the panel upwards over the two captive studs and backwards - there are two locating tongues at the front. Remember to undo the elastic straps one the gear gator, so that it can come over the gear level assy. What you will be left with looks like this. On yours the two tongues will hopefully still be attached :
  13. I`m going to have to withdraw - but for the best of reasons. Instead of the S4s, I managed to get my old Project GT1 back. Without the S4s, I have no need for the manifold although it would make an exceptional piece of expensive desk art..... Sorry to bow out.
  14. mike_sekinger

    600bhp Esprit Se

    Hahhahaa… you little bugger 🙂 There are a couple out there with dyno results as well.
  15. mike_sekinger

    Fuel pumps not working

    We're on it for Wayne.