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  1. Mike,


    Could you tell me please what was your final HP and TQ of your GT1 replica?




    1. mike_sekinger


      Hi John,

      The GT1 replica is built around a completely standard engine/internals and fitted with hybrid turbos - last mapping with the Motec yielded 485bhp / 420lb/ft.

      The ex-5th gear car engine was built with forged pistons, ported cylinder head, special BE bearings and hybrid turbos. With a custom EFI calibration it made 508bhp / 436lb/ft.

      The asking price for the GT1 replica is excessive.  I sold the car in 2009 for 30K€ - he is asking 65K GBP.  It is a lovely car with some really nice features, but not worth 65K !

      Kind regards,

      Mike Sekinger

    2. MrDangerUS


      Thank you Mike. By "standard" internals, I hope, you don't mean OE cast pistons?

    3. mike_sekinger


      That is exactly what I mean.  When I had the car, we had the engine producing 430bhp with 0.8 bar boost - the chargecooling was just to create dependable power, not a big outpuit. After I sold the car, they remapped the M800 and squeezed 485 but made no further enhancement to the engine itself.  The engine has done very low miles  - less than 4000 since the engine refresh.

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