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  1. hey Mike, v8 Camshaft question. I'm reassembling the engine and after a year I may have mixed up the Left side cams. 

    Mine dont have color markings white,blue,tan,green.   They are stamped B,A,C,D   

    I want to say that I mixed up B & A and should be A,B,C,D from Left exhaust to right Exhaust?

    1. mike_sekinger



      Easy one:

      A - LH IN

      B- LH EX

      C- RH IN

      D- RH EX

      Good luck with the rebuild and ask if you have any other questions.


      Mike S

    2. v8GTmac1


      this is a big help. I spent all last night searching google for pics of camshaft locking pins installed onto cams without valve covers to see where the cam lobes are supposed to be pointed 😁 could not find a pic of the left side head anywhere 🙄.   Thank you. 

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