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  1. @Barrykearley Yes. They have the ABS sensor positions for the V8 and also the VSS sensor position for the later 4-cylinder cars. The VSS position is absent on this first set as they are for me.
  2. Update on CNC rear uprights: The first customer pair are completed and heading off for anodising. On the topic of anodising, after examining the finished parts the guys at Aira have changed the anodising specification from 'Hard Anodising' to 'Sulphuric Anodising'. This decision was made as they deemed the trade-off in fatigue life of the uprights for the harder-wearing surface that comes with hard anodising is not necessary for this component. Switching to the sulpuric anodising reduces the impact on fatigue life, while providing a harder-wearing surface than the conventional chromic anodising, and still maintains anti-corrosion properties. Production of the remaining units is underway with roughing of the billets already started. The eagle-eyed will notice that this pair do not have the provision for the VSS sensor. All remaining pair do have that design feature incorporated. Enjoy the images of the finished parts and a big well done to Aira for their work turning this project into a reality. video-e74f1b26-cdbd-4bbb-957a-b7c4d9bb28fa-1664363586.mp4
  3. The figues I had on file: V8-GT: F260 R250 Sport 350: F350 R314 Final Edition V8: F327 R316 Doc Bundy X180R: F382 R365
  4. The V8 spring rates are different for selected models. Interestingly, the front springs are typically higher rates than the rears. This is consistent with the racing versions of the 4-cylinder. e.g. Sport 350: F350 R314
  5. Thanks @tomcattom Exactly what I was looking for. @fjmuurling If you could also give some dimensions to the loom side connector, the would help.
  6. I`m looking for a favour from the 4-cylinder crew. Does anyone have an image of the RH rear upright VSS connector installed? I`m looking to establish the clearance from the ribs either side This is for the CNC rear upright project, where we have thicker ribs and just want to check clearance.
  7. I had the same V8-GT colour combination. Lovely car and fond, fond memories
  8. Plumbed-in with the pump and cooler circuit between the drain and fill points.
  9. Slowly finishing off open topics. Collected the transmission oil cooler pump bracket and it`s a perfect fit.
  10. Removal of the cast rear uprights in preparation for the arrival and installation of the CNC versions.
  11. Mention it as many times as you like David. We are not in competition. The entire CNC rear upright project was aimed at offering an attractive option that would escape all of the inherent weaknesses of the cast item whilst being 100% true to the critical dimensions of the Lotus OEM spec.
  12. @tmusc Hi Tony, There was sufficient billet for 12 pairs. 10 are allocated. The first pair will be retained as prototypes, so assuming no further attrition there is still one pair from the first production run available. Of course, further production runs can be scheduled, but if you want to jump then please PM me your details and we will get a Pro-forma invoice out to you. Mike S
  13. Finally got around to fitting the carbon rear deck. Only weights just over 3Kg so could be accomplished alone. The integral central rod allows for increasing the angle of opening.
  14. Decision time for the project on whether or not to go for the BPR #22 GT1 optic or not... This was one of the original project objectives, but as the car may be sold next year it`s time to decide if that is warranted. The decal set is all prepared, so it is extremely tempting to go that way.
  15. Although not an excuse, I beleive that Alex is struggling with some health issues. Just for info.
  16. Major milestone ! Aira Technology have completed the first LH upright. The part comes in at close to 4.8Kg. The RH upright is currently in progress but this first pair will be retired as prototypes as there are some improvements for the machining process and operations that will be incorporated into the first customer pair. Enjoy the images, also of the bespoke packaging for those who will be having their parts shipped. Big well done to all involved at Aira
  17. There could be a number of things that might be causing that. If the car has done 800 miles since coming back into service and the symtoms are stil there, then chances are you are going to need an proper inspection to determine the actual root cause. That will necessitate removal of the gearbox. I know how powerful those vibrations can feel in the most exteme cases. I bought a V8 once where the flywheel side friction disc had completely disintegrated. Drove the car back from the UK to Germany like that and gearchanges were absolutely horrible, especially from standstill. You could bleed the slave cylinder to make sure that you are getting full movement prior to taking the plunge. Are you going to do the investigation/remedial work yourself?
  18. For how long have the symtoms been present and roughly how many miles have you driven since bringing the car out of hibernation?
  19. Finally able to install the wastegate actuators, due to needing a longer turnbuckle. Running with a higher preload due to the stronger springs and piston type actuator. Now waiting on exhaust wrap for then final part of heat management in the engine compartment for this stage. This will all be replaced in any case when the tubular manifolds arrives and I switch across to the BorgWarner EFR 6758s.
  20. The adaptor for the gearbox drain arrived today and fits perfectly. Looking forward to the arrival of the pump bracket so that I can finalise that part of the installation.
  21. Adjustable wastegate capsules arrived. Fitting grey springs (1.0 - 1.4 bar)
  22. Hi Filip, No, I only received a single set. Alex explained that he would be returning the ducts to the respective planned recipients. It`s all a bit of a shit-show to be honest. You should email Alex directly at [email protected]
  23. This morning, I received the return shipment of my compressor ducts from ProAlloy. I hope that the other participants also received their hardware.
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