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  1. Yes, I would be interested in a pair. I have a set of Penske light-alloy dampers with spherical top/bottom joints. The top link set would be a nice addition. I spoke to Kirt several years back when he was very first starting with Hypersport. It is great to see some items are starting to become available. Cheers, Mike S
  2. The project was based on building a car for the track, but since then I
  3. The T-25 flange refers to the turbine housing. There are literally hundreds of T-25 type turbos which share a common exhaust flange arrangement for the connection to the manifold. Unfortunately, the Esprit has a bespoke T-25 exhaust housing in that the turbine outlet side is structured for connection to the CAT. Many T-25 have a flat faced 5 stud outlet, where the Esprit has a round three stud version. You could overcome this with some fabrication work, but you might have space constraints if you
  4. Hi Teigan, Yes, I would be interested in a polycarbonate windscreen if you go ahead. I already have polycarb side windows and rear quarters and as you mention, it would be a lot lighter and easier to replace. Cost would be one concern though, as my experience so far is that polycarb is not cheap... Let me know if you plan to go ahead etc. Cheers, Mike S
  5. Hey Dave, I would recommend fitting them, as it saves wear on the turbos. If you
  6. Hi Jeff, There are several ways to do it, but the Lotus way is with transaxle fitted. An outline would be something like: 1) Remove boot floor (cutting through sealant on either side and undoing fixings) 2) Remove top cross-member 3) Commence the nasty job of disconnecting all sensors, fueling, coolant pipes, oil feeds and returns, connectors, linkages, driveshafts, exhaust etc 4) Disconnect rear tailgate telescopic props (to get more clearance) and lift tailgate to max height 5) Fit engine lifting brackets (T000T1342 Front & T000T1343 Rear) & secure chains 6) Lift engine up and out from above - you
  7. Hey Andrew, It would be best to get a kit, as the induction on the V8 is not the simplest to find a good place for BOVs. I would recommend Johan Hybinette
  8. If you find that offensive ... here in another one The doors, rear tailgate, rear wing, lower sill sections, rear diffuser, wheels and of course the arches are all taken from the GT1 car. Like it or hate it, there is a lot to look at Mike S
  9. Thank you all for you kind wishes and words of congratulation. I will be trying my very best to ensure that this is the last addition......
  10. Baby #5 successfully delivered on 1st June: Jason Daniel Sekinger 3.38Kg 53cm Already looking forward to applying for his driving licence in 2023 ;-)) Mike S
  11. Hey BN, Great news that another SuperProject (Red Sonja) is nearing completion. We
  12. Hi KFM, Short version is the the IT folks spelled it incorrectly and can
  13. Very, very nice and a hell of a thank you. Mike S
  14. Ooops, sorry Rob. Only just noticed the original post date...... Glad you got a result though
  15. Hi Rob, Andy Baxter has this very same problem some time ago, drop him an email. I recall that he didn
  16. LEW has a great page on available brake upgrades: Mike S
  17. Hey Bibs , Cars are great, thanks..... may even get to drive them one day soon! Esprit Drivers day sounds too good to miss. I
  18. Hi folks, New to this forum, but have been around. Hope to be coming back to work the UK during the next few months. If so, then I
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