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  1. Even the description has been lifted from the original listing; It looks like a bogus auction. Even if he had won the auction, I doubt that he would have even collected that car yet......
  2. Yes - they were fantstic designs and amazing machines. I think that there are only 5 of the CLK GTR Roadster. One is for same here if you
  3. Actually, the CLK GTR is not the same as the CLK DTM car. The GTR was entered and raced at Le Mans and other endurance series in 1998. The road equivalent cost in excess of 1 million pounds and looks like this: CLK GTR
  4. The parts are all for the European 918 V8 hence the part number. They will be fine for your 2000 V8. If the source is
  5. 1) Lotus Esprit GT1 (racer) 2) Lotus Esprit GT2 (racer) 3) Lotus Elise GT1 (racer) 3) Porsche 962 (racer) 5) Ferrari F40 6) Pagini Zonda C12
  6. ..... yes, it was in the GT2 class - 1100Kg minimum weight. Still an amazing piece of Lotus racing history. I
  7. In December, I managed to arrange a few days with my Project car. The December weather was cold and dry(ish...) and I managed to do about 400 miles the two days. After such a long break, it is good to be reminded just how phenominal our cars are. We
  8. Your age: 37 Car: Lotus Esprit Sport350 Location: Worcestershire and Germany Insurer: AON Points: 0 Mods declared: All mods listed and declared!!! Milage allowance: 5000 p.a. Previous claims: None NCB: Full & protected Agreed Value:
  9. Problem solved! The Alarm had a fault which was diagnosed by a Cobra specialist. The unit has been replaced with a non-Cobra system. I was told that Cobra (as was) are no longer trading and that the brand has been aquired by another alarm manufacturer?.... I
  10. Thanks for the swift response - checked it already. It certainly appears to be the immobiliser
  11. The Cobra immobiliser on my 99 V8 has gone down. The engine is immobilised and I can
  12. My 1999 V8 falls into the high risk category. Although the engine is far from standard, so far there have been absolutely no incidents of coolant loss. The system was checked prior to the modifications and is routinely monitored. From my understanding of the service bulletin relating to the use of the Hylomar sealant, the main reason for the change was to allow for removal of the cylinder heads without needing to re-seal the liners. There are clearly indications that the previous sealants were not up to the job, but there have also been failures since the introduction of the Hylomar sealant. I would imagine that a fair amount of the failures are simply due to sub-optimal application and assembly. It is after all, a totally manual procedure with a time critical window for torquing down the cylinder heads. I think that it is very much a
  13. Correct - it is the same as the V8-GT at 7400 rpm. I
  14. Yes, but do you remember the one-make series that the car was design for?.... I remember the coverage and it was pure automotive chaos. I
  15. Try eBay - they always have a selection of new and used. Search on Samco, T-piece, BOV or Dump Valve
  16. "Mellow Yellow" (Gordon Davies) and "SuperBee" (Johan Hybinette) are two different cars. It is Johans car that has been involved in high speed runs.
  17. hah haha ahahahahahaaaaaa cracking!
  18. The T25 flange is used widely, but the Esprit has a bespoke round three bolt exhaust flange. This makes it a special
  19. Fishy has it summed up..... honestly, don
  20. Another bun-fight in the making..... overrated.... humpf....
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