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  1. "Mellow Yellow" (Gordon Davies) and "SuperBee" (Johan Hybinette) are two different cars. It is Johans car that has been involved in high speed runs.
  2. hah haha ahahahahahaaaaaa cracking!
  3. The T25 flange is used widely, but the Esprit has a bespoke round three bolt exhaust flange. This makes it a special
  4. Fishy has it summed up..... honestly, don
  5. Another bun-fight in the making..... overrated.... humpf....
  6. New Question.. "What kind of person tries to have sex in a Lotus?"...... Just looking at that cabin makes me wince.....
  7. When considering harnesses on my car, it was decided to place some anchor points (steel eye) directly through the bulkhead for the shoulder straps. These have strengthening plates on the back (engine side) that ensure that they are secure. There is a fitting guide from Johan Hybinette for his set-up: One point that I have found with harnesses, is that once secured in place, it is almost impossible to reach the handbrake..... to reach it, you must loosten the harnesses, which in turn defeats the point in having them..... Great for the track, but not so good for real world road driving. Mike S
  8. What I want.... what the car is worth..... and what someone will be willing to pay - are very different things. I
  9. ... all comments taken in the right spirit..... " I
  10. .... nothing planned.... likely to be heading out to the Middle East, so exotic cars will be off the menu for a while.... got to get used to riding a Camel!.. All energy will be thrown into getting the race car out on the occassional track day. Mike S
  11. Sorry, my spare rear wing was sold many months ago. Give PNM a call or email - I think that they supply wings etc
  12. ... I expected something from you Karl...... nothing if not predicatable
  13. Due to work and travel plans, I have decided to consider selling my Project car: It is not in the bargain basement, but if anyone is genuinely interested in aquiring this car, please contact me at Hotmail. There is a full spec list available on request. [email protected]
  14. .... sounds like someone needs some help.......
  15. read back through the thread man.... The original question was what is the NA power of the V8...... then it moved onto why T25s and not T3s or T4s etc.... We could hi-jack the thread completely and talk about the V8 turbos in more detail and what is possible to improve performance?
  16. wot no BOVs?..... hopefully you get a couple of BOVs as well?....
  17. If the thread was about real world road performance, then I would agree.... but the topic was engine power output and the choice of turbos. That has everything to do with crank power
  18. I also replaced the door mirrors with racing versions - I think that it is a nice mod, but be sure that you still have sufficient vision. Mike S
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