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  1. I beg to differ on the upgrade size. The housings are the very same as the standard T25s (A/R.48) and have at best been machined to accept the large trim wheels. You can force them to produce the flow necessary for higher BHP, but they are running outside of their optimium efficiency. You can get the standard T25 to produce much higher BHP, but then you have the big problem with controlling the IAT. This upgrade is the best compromise for the V8, but the 280 BHP per turbo, is quoted based on the compressor operating in an efficient range and is more than enough for a power output of up-to 500BHP
  2. This upgrade sounds/looks identical to the solution that TurboTechnics prepared for me. They machine out both the turbine and compressor housings to allow for the install of the optimal trims (55 compressor and 78 exhaust) without totally screwing the compressor efficiency. The TurboTechnics upgrade also includes the 360 deg bearing and upgraded (18psi) actuator. I can dig out the customer build part number if anyone is interested. These hybrids are the best compromise using the existing housings - but I don
  3. Hey Dave, Due to the position and limited clearance, if you made them from clear plastic you
  4. Great idea apart from the fact that it is a non-road legal race car, and a 4-cylinder, and in Australia, and 65K pounds..... yep, aprt from that it
  5. I had also had some thoughts to making a kit commercially available without killing the boot space. The difficulty is that the charge-cooler capacity needs to be quite high due the the volume and velocity of the air. Go too small and you don
  6. Now THAT is a success story !! Fantastic.
  7. Hello Tony, Did you get me my email requesting to reserve the Publishers Edition? Regards, Mike S
  8. Now in Telecommunications, specialising in Operation interconnection billing implementations. Basically, wholesale billing for traffic between operators. Before that, I worked for some large UK based Aerospace & Defence company. Interesting projects included: EFA RH Glareshield and reversionary instruments + ambient light sensor EFA Missile Approach Warner Aircraft Airborne Identification Systems (IFF) Tornado Multi Purpose Colour Display mid-life update EHI01 Helicopter Electronic Instrument System Airbus A300 Flight Control Computer .... telecoms is so damn boring by comparison B)
  9. Reading the advert again, it is clear that this is not one of the two Le Mans cars. It is a factory build car for GT racing, but has a slightly different specification to the Le Mans version. The car was shipped brand new to Australia in Jan 1993. Still a cracking piece of Esprit, but not an ex-Le Mans car.
  10. That is a typo - it should read 1100KG as it is a GT2 spec car. These cars ran well, but couldn
  11. Even the description has been lifted from the original listing; It looks like a bogus auction. Even if he had won the auction, I doubt that he would have even collected that car yet......
  12. Yes - they were fantstic designs and amazing machines. I think that there are only 5 of the CLK GTR Roadster. One is for same here if you
  13. Actually, the CLK GTR is not the same as the CLK DTM car. The GTR was entered and raced at Le Mans and other endurance series in 1998. The road equivalent cost in excess of 1 million pounds and looks like this: CLK GTR
  14. The parts are all for the European 918 V8 hence the part number. They will be fine for your 2000 V8. If the source is
  15. 1) Lotus Esprit GT1 (racer) 2) Lotus Esprit GT2 (racer) 3) Lotus Elise GT1 (racer) 3) Porsche 962 (racer) 5) Ferrari F40 6) Pagini Zonda C12
  16. ..... yes, it was in the GT2 class - 1100Kg minimum weight. Still an amazing piece of Lotus racing history. I
  17. In December, I managed to arrange a few days with my Project car. The December weather was cold and dry(ish...) and I managed to do about 400 miles the two days. After such a long break, it is good to be reminded just how phenominal our cars are. We
  18. Your age: 37 Car: Lotus Esprit Sport350 Location: Worcestershire and Germany Insurer: AON Points: 0 Mods declared: All mods listed and declared!!! Milage allowance: 5000 p.a. Previous claims: None NCB: Full & protected Agreed Value:
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