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  1. These CP Carrillo forged pistons have the optional thermal crown coating and anti-friction coating on the skirts.
  2. Always šŸ™‚ Loctite 5910 for sealing of all castings where oil is present. Hylomar 3400 for the liners
  3. After some minor adaptions for clearance on the lower wishbones, it's all fitting together. Managed to fit the tunnel foam as well.
  4. Sadly I can't help with any information on car, but what a great buy. Well done for taking the plunge and getting the car back to Europe.
  5. A bit slow going with so many other things going on. Checking optimal torque based on the ARP2000 rod bolt spec.
  6. No takers from here then. If anyone decides that they are interested, you'll find details on the High Performance Esprit fb page: High Performance Esprit fb page
  7. @Glyn Harper Sorry - I've checked and cannot find those switched. They may have been included in the stuff that went with the damaged MY02 chassis.
  8. A bit more today. Some minor fettling of the lower wishbone necessary to get clearance on the Penske damper.
  9. As Dave mentioned, once you have a little clearance between the backbone and tunnel you will need to move the chassis forward to clear the rear wishbone pivot bolt. Mine lifted off very easily, as should yours being the very same model.
  10. You don't have those fixings on the top of the backbone.
  11. A little more today - main coolant, fuel balance, brake vacuum and oil cooler pipes in
  12. These are the original lines. They were in great shape without any corrosion. Some of the unions are being re-plated, but the lines were fine.
  13. Feels good starting to slowly build up the chassis - hydraulics and ABS hardness
  14. P1301 is a misfire code related to increased emissions. When were your O2 sensors replaced last? Faulty or failing sensors will result in those codes. If they have been replaced recently, I would check for connections or part compatibility. If they are older, then I would consider replacing them and resetting the ECU.
  15. Iā€™m just putting this out as a feeler for interest. Planning on a production run of billet aluminium rear hub carriers based around the C082D4141/2K castings. The design work is now complete and production of the first prototypes is underway. These will be made from 6061-T6 aluminium and calculations indicate they will be approx. 4x stronger than the OEM/aftermarket castings. The billet alone is in the region of Ā£300 per hub, so the pair post-machining and finishing are going to be significantly more expensive than the cast equivalents. The billet version will also be a little heavier due to the material density and are designed for superior strengthening required for competition/track/fast road use. With modern tyre technology, poly bushes, upgraded suspension and modified engines additional strength in the rear upright gives greater safety margin. These should be lifetime items. Final pricing will be based on the production run numbers, but you can assume they will be at least 3x the cost of the cast units. The hubs would be supplied with Oilite bushes and stainless lower pin. Anyone seriously interesting in a pair please PM me.
  16. If you don't have any other carbon in the cabin, I would just take a satin black panel/enclosure. Carbon can look great when it's done properly, but a single item would look a bit out of place.
  17. Good progress. Once the pinch bolt is removed, it will just slide out as you start to lift the body. It's just left to rest against the chassis. Getting it back in is less straight-forward šŸ™‚
  18. All pistons installed in liners. RH bank sealed and torqued up. Clearance between cams and ARP washers confirmed.
  19. You don't have any EGR or SAI fitted. The EGR manifold is blocked, but the temperature sensor should still be connected electrically. Since you are also experiencing modest boost, I would focus on the signal ground and resistance in the loom itself. Are you sure that the new sensor has the same characteristics as the stock sensor? I know that you also had the problem with the old sensor, but 83 deg seems awfully high for such modest boost.
  20. At that price, they are certainly not genuine Garrett.
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