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  1. I got my last one from JAE but it was sacrificed for the X-Shift transmission swap. Maybe Joe Sulka has another. It was very reasonably priced.
  2. This is one of my old cars, previously owned by Walter Geerinckx. I built the engine for Walter and refreshed the car prior to selling on to the current vendor. I know exactly what the car contains and there are some errors on that listing. We can switch to PM for details
  3. The original twin-plate upgrade kit consisted of the bellhousing, flywheel, clutch, release bearing and an ECU update. In your case, you should be able to simply replace the bellhousing and move across the pivot to the alloy version, as you already have the working twin-plate clutch. The old sytle fork and slave arrangement can be used with the newer bellhousing.
  4. Yeah. Tons of stuff, but I will help out where I can.
  5. I also have a std crank if you would prefer to get back to a standard size..
  6. I have an engine set of 0.50mm shells which were adapted from the King Race shell of the same dimensions.
  7. I can help you with reflashing the ECU. What software/calibration are you looking for?
  8. Making use of waiting time to sort out some interior topics. New stalks and steering cowl arrangement
  9. Covid has been/continues to be such a pain. Simons car was finally collected today, so making its way back home to the UK
  10. What is Galling in Metals? - Pipingmart Blog
  11. Honestly, I`d get the correct nuts and not spend time thinking about saving 20 quid.
  12. More small jobs - gearbox mount preparation, courtesy of templates from Andrä. Also radius arm and engine mount heat shields.
  13. First you will need to drain the tanks. This you need to be careful with as you really don`t want fuel all over the floor. With the car jacked and a suitably large container at hand, you can undo one side of the tank balance pipe. The balance pipe is the lowest point. Once they are drained, you will need to take the side walls out and then remove the tank cover panels and all associated wiring and plumbing. Once the tank is exposed and all connections removed, you can lift them out with some wiggling. Be careful of the rear hatch release cable on the right hand side.
  14. PNME3158 Lotus Esprit Turbo To Manifold Kaylock Nut (
  15. Test fitting of motorsport plenums and chargecoolers. Will need to fabricate a support bracket, but they will sit nicely above the gearbox for phase 1 or the engine run-in.
  16. Turbo Dynamics also offer several upgrade levels for those who are planning to run a little more boost.
  17. Not too bad, but a lot of work to make it onto a really nice model of the car.
  18. Clearly it is not a race part. It is just the "Track us only" notation on the Sports muffler.
  19. More small stuff. Looking are routing to and from the twin-pass chargecooler rad. using tubes within the backbone.
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