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  1. Waiting on parts for progress with the engine, but decided on positioning and plumbing for the chargecooler pump & header tank.
  2. The o-rings at the base of the axles are redundant with the Quaife ATB diff. There are different options and ideas for effective sealing of the driveshafts. Some suggest using several outer seals where others experienced no issues with the absense of the o-ring. I experienced an issue with Simon`s V8 which was overcome by using 2x thinner oil seals with the inner having a slightly shortened lip sealing spring.
  3. Getting ever closer to installation. The fresh engine will initially be started-up and run-in with the old plenum arrangement. The new flywheel for the 140mm carbon clutch is also pending, but should arrive shortly. Re-mapping of the Motec for the motorsport plenums, bigger turbos and larger injectors will be a task for later this year.
  4. Porting and matching of the RH bank injector manifold to cylinder head. Blanked off the crank breather to cam covers. Will have a ctach tank instead.
  5. Hi Achim, I have the manual if there are specific parts that you are interested in. Where are you located? I could post it out to you if convenient? Mike S
  6. Hi Alan, I`m pretty sure those injectors are not going to be big enough to run as your only source of fuelling. They are only marginally higher flow than the stock injectors at 267cc/min and are typically used as replacements for the stock injectors when keeping the secondaries in place (secondaries are 550cc/min) Of course it all depends on your power target but even at 400bhp, you would need something up around 8x 360cc/min. There is a rough injector size calculator on the RC Engineering website RC Fuel Injection > Technical
  7. Sorting the throttle linkage and playing with the position of the cable bracket. Will need to make some changes to the cable length.
  8. Small jobs.... low profile plug for the thermostat housing coolant bypass. PAS low pressure pipe installed to ensure clearnace from the new aux belt run.
  9. Matching the porting of the cylinder heads to the injection housings. Both are being taken out to the extremes of the metal gaskets. 3 hrs in and only one bank done. Takes time and care...
  10. Just be aware if they are re-manufactured.
  11. PNM offer a flywheel refurbishment service. Yes, the clutch mounting needs to be machined to retain the correct step. PNMFLY918 Lotus Esprit V8 Flywheel Re-surface & Grind Service (
  12. There is a linkage between the throttles and also a balance pipe across the plenums. The arrangement will be different with the tubular manifolds and BorgWarner EFR turbos. Andrä managed to get some GT2871s installed by changing the compressor housing orientation and adaption of the wastegate flap on one side. I`ve seen this done on other 918s before.
  13. Motorsport plenums arrived. Excellent work from SMD Racing in Kent. Measurements for fuel rails and the throttle cable bracket to follow.
  14. I used 8mm thick high density polyethylene, which can be supplied black. There is no electronic template as it needed to be crafted together with adaptions to the arches. I have the other half of the polyethylene sheet and plan to made a spare.
  15. It was bitterly cold in the workshop today (-8 deg C), but I really wanted to get the new front splitter finished and installed. This is allow me to have the car run at a more desireable height on the road.
  16. These images represent a massive amount of work and pioneering developments. Great things yet to break cover.
  17. Considering some additional engine oil cooling up-front between the two existing coolers. Options for either 6 or 10 row slimline unit. Will be able to minimise the airflow impact on the chargecooler and main coolant rads.
  18. Maybe Father Christmas will bring us a small update.... doesn`t seem like too much to ask for.
  19. Those are connections for the remote damper reservoirs for the Penske 3-way dampers
  20. Rear cross-member re-designed and fabricated using 40mm x3mm tube. This is to provide clearance for the gearbox and greater strength in the rear.
  21. Got the machined eccentric tensioner and it`s looking good. Simplifies the aux. belt run and looses some weight. Very happy with that.
  22. The inlet/injector manifolds are bolted to the cylinder heads with the aide of an alignment plate. The plenum(s) are then bolted to the injector manifold.
  23. The bellmouths will be welded on the underside, although I don`t have an image of that
  24. @ProAlloy-Alex please can you confirm that you have received the compressor ducts.
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