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  1. Do you have the Service Notes Section EMM (for ECM and Fuel Injection? It seems that your fuel pressure after initial pump priming is low (should be closer to 50psi). The pressure drop after the pump stops after priming is typically between 6 ->12psi. If you don't have the Notes, I can let you have image copies. You may want to check your fuel pressure regulator..
  2. I'm sure that the engine is not running in Closed Loop at WOT. The o2 sensors are not wideband in nature and you would not want the fuelling to be adapted under full load.
  3. What is a dump valve? PH Explains | PistonHeads UK It is possible that your valve can open, if the manifold reference is not correct but this would only happen when the boost pressure overwhelms the spring. The principle purpose of the BOV is to remove/reduce any stalling of the compressor when the throttle closes between shifts. There is a theoretical chance that the turbo response is also better as it is still spinning. In practice with fast gearchanges, the turbine is being driven again very quickly, especially with small turbos.
  4. Did you take them apart and check the seals? They do not sound like they are working. Where are you taking the manifold reference from?
  5. Engine finally installed and ready for plumbing of chargecoolers
  6. Could it be from the oil pump itself? That would probably transit to the oil lines.
  7. Hi Alan, There is a top bleed on the main coolant rad. The chargecooler rad is a twin-pass feeding from the bottom, but there is no other bleed on that unit.
  8. Is the buzzing associated with a particular rev band or also present at idle?
  9. Sorting out the decals for GT1 #22. Looking forward to getting the paintwork done and matching up the new cf bodywork
  10. There are different BOV designs from Forge. Is it a piston or diaphragm version? They can be fitted with difference strength springs. I would recommend that you have them apart to check the seals and also which colour springs are fitted.
  11. Hmmmm sounds like those BOVs are not working. In comparison, this is a chargecooled car running 1.2 bar boost. IMG_0773.MOV
  12. I don't hear any BOVs.....😇
  13. As it has been said before, peak boost of 0.75 bar not high and the T25s are really small and responsive. Unless you are somehow addicted to the noise, you can probably remove the BOVs and still observe no detrimental effect on in-gear acceleration.
  14. Merry Christmas John. My membership had lapsed - back again now. The moulds are for the genuine GT1 arch set. This is the first part produced with the moulds in cf. More to follow:
  15. Moulds for the genuine GT1 bodykit are now produced and the first part has been taken. In the past, some folks expressed interest in the arch kits. If anyone is still interested in getting a set, please PM me and I will create a list and get some pricing. The parts would by default be in GRP. In carbon would of course be at extra cost. Thanks, Mike S
  16. Sorry for the misunderstanding. I would try to match the rod ends -> wastegate lever to ensure good response to capsule pressure changes.
  17. It should not make any practical difference, although it will allow moisture and potential muck into the spring housing.
  18. If anyone else would like the S350 high torque or any other standard or custom flash, please PM me.
  19. Nice to hear that you are satisfied
  20. Do you have access to another ECU so that you can discount that as an issue?
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