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  1. It can only happen if you have a failure in the 4 securing bolts (2x front cover and 2x in the main bearing cap. These are basically at each end of the pipe, so if you lose one end, vibration will eventually take it's toll on the other end. That can sometimes happen if the bolts have been over torqued. Also it is not unheard of for the weld on the oil pickup pipe strainer fails. That does not automatically mean catastrophe, but means that the potential for loss of suction is present.
  2. I have two new geniune A918E0060F turbos available of you need them. I do not think that they are available anymore. If your turbos are no too bad, then you could probably get an aftermarket CHRA. PM me if you are need the new units. Mike S
  3. It is always difficult to tell when you cannot be sure if it is top-end (could be a failed tappet) or bottom-end (a rod bearing). As the others have already mentioned, running the engine further is only going to do potential further damaged. If you believe it's top-end, then you could be lucky and just need to replace one of the hydraulic tappets or one of the valve collets gone astray. That's a good place to start.
  4. I finally got some images of the cf steering cowl that I commissioned back in the Summer. The owner of the company and some of the workforce contracted covid. The parts should be heading back to me very soon.
  5. there is no specific sequence for the plenum - it's only torqued to 20Nm.
  6. V8 heads back from Porting/renovation work by Ultimate Performance in Northamptonshire.
  7. Hi Andy, I will complete this rebuild thread - my biggest to date. We should see the finished car before it goes on sale. Cheers, Mike S
  8. Due to a change of focus in my life, I'm contemplating taking myself out of Esprit work. I've put a lot of time and effort into Esprit projects. Unfortunately, it comes at too high a price for my family. Don't worry Simon and Gary, those in-progress projects will be completed. In the New Year, I'll be looking to find buyers for the following: Sport350 #002 (GT1 replica) Lotus V8 tool wall and additional special tools Spare parts package including raw cast blocks and cylinder heads I would invite interested folks to PM me and we can take enquiries from there. Thanks, Mike S
  9. That's a very sad sight. The images do imply a lack of oil servicing. That sludge in the sump doesn't come from poor oil pressure. Was there any evidence of rework to the engine in the service history file? I hope that you can reclaim the crank.
  10. Yes: Installing chip carriers is bad for the board Yes: you risk inflicting unnecessary damage on your ECU which could render it unusable. Maybe not immediately, but the ECU will see a lot of vibration and downstream failures have been seen. Yes: Marcus offers chips because he does not have the equipment for flashing over CAN I'm trying so hard to help you, but this constant challenging of advise is the reason why I have withdrawn myself.
  11. I believe that efforts are being made to create such a replacement unit, but they are not yet available. In the meantime, support is still available for those wishing to opt for different calibration levels.
  12. The reflash is done over CAN with a special rig. It is old technology now but still works perfectly.
  13. Do NOT install chip carriers. These multi-layer pcbs do not favour being re-worked and in the worst case you will end up having and ECU that does not work anymore. Have the ECU re-flashed with the new calibration over CAN.
  14. The 5th gear boost profile is unchanged between the stock and S350 calibrations. There is a little more target boost at high rpm.
  15. Transient boost was explained pretty well in the Youtube video you posted under the other thread related to boost control and the use of a manual bleed valve. In factory form the boost is controlled by the ECU via a wastegate solenoid. That method of boost control is based on PWM of the manifold reference acting on the wastegate capsules and will result is a certain transient boost response. Typically this is pretty smooth, but even with the boost solenoid you may seem some small deviations from target boost. If you are choosing a different method of boost control, you will see a different transient boost response and in some cases spiking of boost.
  16. If it is rod(s) bearings, then I hope that your crankpins are not marked. Please keep us posting on the findings next week.
  17. That's not a healthy sound. It is difficult to diagnose via a phone clip, but can you determine if that is definitely bottom-end and not top-end? Although unlikely,it could also be a tappet. Was there any noise prior to the Service? What did the service comprise precisely. You have twin-chargecoolers - what boost have you been running?
  18. Okay -that's a very expensive way to get a V8. I've seen pictures of that intercooler installation before, but it looks like he's still running a UN1 gearbox.
  19. How on gods green earth does someone spend over 100K € in upgrades on an Esprit V8? What did he have done to amass that kind of expenditure?
  20. I think that the 6-gear UN1 conversion is straight-cut dog engagement.
  21. I think that would be a wise decision. You will feel the difference.
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