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  1. 80mm eccetric tensioner arrived and with a little milling of the base will make a perfect companion for my shorter aux. belt run. I`ll add some drillings to allow easy use of the cam belt tensioner tool.
  2. Back out in the cold today. Got the original lower valance back and installed. The front carbon arch section fettled and fitted. I will not be using the original front splitter, as it is forced to sit too high for road car usage. I`ll be coming up with a decent compromise that will allow me to run as the desired height for the road.
  3. Although it`s an interesting idea, I`m going to stick with the Lotus/Saginaw pump. I know that Lotus did a lot of testing with different pumps/calibrations to get the right PAS feel. I don`t want to have that impacted.
  4. Following the work that Andrä has put into different hardware and belt configurations, I received my v-belt in 1330mm length. Need to get more engagement on the crank pulley. By using the original belt tensioner fixing, an eccentric tensioner should do the job nicely. Lots to choose from so going for an equivalent SKF part for a BMW in 80mm diameter. Checking with the standard tensioner pulley for measurement but if I`ve calculated that correctly, then I will have the necessary movement for the tensioning I will need.... 12€, so if I need another then so be it.
  5. As the stock ported manifolds are only a temporary fitting, I decided against the Zircotec coating. The fabricated exhaust manifolds will hopefully be here before Christmas. Manifolds, turbos and plumbing done for now. Now waiting for the top-end parts to be fabricated and the flywheel for my 140mm clutch to be machined.
  6. With the EWP150, the mechanical water pump is rendered unnecessary. There is also no need for the thermostat, but the coolant bypass in the block needs to be closed. 1/2BSP does the job, although a low profile plug will replace the crude plumbing cap used to check the thread. The EWP runs at low volume when on power with coolant flow increasing at the temperature comes up. The fan controller is completely configurable so temperature thresholds can be selected as the user wishes. This is also a reversible mod. since the thermostat sealing face is retained.
  7. Cam timing complete. Personal target for new belts is 130Hz. Cam cover sealed and torqued. Inlet manifolds being ported as part of the motorsport plenum fabrication. Hopefully news on that soon.
  8. Stock camshafts: Inlet Lift: 9mm Duration: 245deg MOP: 116deg ATDC Opens: 6.5deg BTDC Closes: 58.5deg ABDC Exhaust Lift: 8.15mm Duration: 230deg MOP: 104deg BTDC Opens: 39deg BBDC Closes: 11deg ATDC
  9. Well done. Good to have a positive outcome with little outlay. Enjoy yourself.
  10. Opening up and tapping of the SAI port for blocking. Also blanking off the pressure sender on the oil filter housing. Pressing on with the tappets, camshafts, oil seal installation and position setting
  11. Lots of parallel tasks. Just got the chargecooler radiator back following the addition of the 1/8 NPT boss for the burp tube.
  12. Final update this week: Bottom-end all torqued-up. Bolt stetch at the high end of the range 0.011-0.015". Dipstick tube done and sump on so it is all sealed-up.
  13. Hahahha.... rings yes, but there was no need to any adaptions to the pistons. BE shells I did not. 🙂
  14. Special BE shells installed. Liners installed and heads torqued down. Time for a coffee and cake. ARP reduced the size of the head kit washer, so no need to install with the camshafts fitted to ensure clearnance.
  15. Hahahaha. No, that is one of my elder kids. I try and stay out of the photos if possible.
  16. Good days work today. Rings gapped - CP Carrillo supplied rings typically 0.011" top and 0.016" 2nd out of the box. Light work to acheive the target gap but of course time consumming. Finger saving tools for installing the gudgeon retaining clips Rings installed and all rod/piston assy. installed in the liners with the use of the instertion sleeve. Super-easy. All ready for the liner installation tomorrow and fitting of the cylinder heads.
  17. You really need to get a copy of the Service Notes. You should be reading and referencing that before jumping in. There are lifting tools that attach to the cylinder heads. You may also want to employ a balance bar to help keep the load even.
  18. Alex will be sending out a proforma invoice for the deposit once he`s gathered the feedback. So far it seems that 30% is acceptable to all.
  19. Engine is approx 220Kg and the gearbox an additional 65Kg
  20. Rod matching done. After balancing of big (within 0.06g) and small ends (within 0.05g), our overall rod weights are within 0.05g. It`s a lot of chasing around.... the differences in measurement of the rods outside in the cold workshop for material removal and inside in the warm is as much as 0.1g
  21. Chris Weeden: I'm fine with a deposit in the 30% - 40% range and I have a set of pipes I'll be posting to Alex when he's ready to receive them. Mike Sekinger: 30% deposit. OEM Compessor ducts will be shipped separately from the 6 additional sets already on the way. Details of those Group Buy members covered is enclosed within package.
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