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  1. Thanks for all of the encouraging comments. I`ve got to program the Shift ECU before she turns a wheel inside or out. The Motec engineer will also be coming out for some further optimisations, although there is no firm date for that. Rough plan for a test session at an runway sometime in September. Also hoping that the CNC uprights will arrive in September so that I can fit the final hardware line-up.
  2. It`s been a long journey, but the engine is running !!!! The engine revs so quickly with the lower mass. video-1660561458.mp4 video-1660561515.mp4 video-1660561545.mp4 Pretty happy right now.
  3. Well some progress but no start: - car back-up on stands for 1st start - Coolant filled and with the help of the EWP, system bled without starting of engine. There is no thermostat, so the pump can circulate the coolant and move the air up to the bleed points Gear oil, PAS fluid and engine oil filled. EWP was showing a low battery, so purchased a new battery and charged overnight. Noticed a very small drip from the front chassis coolant pipe connection. Overnight it amounted to very little, but still enough to warrant action. Not so easy to get to but now tightened and dry. When removing B3 fuse and plugs for running-up the oil pressure, the new battery is showing low (crazy coincidence), so will be going back for a replacement. Everything else is ready to proceed but need a good battery to spin the engine on the starter.
  4. Edging closer... Transmission oil cooler plumbing and oil cooler bypass for the establishment of oil pressure and initial start-up.
  5. Put yourself first.... for a change. Good for you.
  6. Slight delay due to supporting my friend Andrä Schrörs at the Osnabrück hillclimb last weekend. He placed 5th overall and 2nd in class, which was a brillant result. The radiator pack and oil coolers are now installed. Just need to check all connections and add fluids
  7. Getting closer: - Hydraulics connected and checked (brake, clutch and PAS) - Fuel plumbing complete and ready to accept fuel - Radiator pack ready; just need to change the OEM connector on the car side
  8. Body is secured on all 12 points. Pedal box is secured. Engine is fully loomed-in. Chargecooler header tank and main coolant header and overflow installed. Checking ride height at the front, prior to installing the radiator pack and front splitter. One air filter done, but I just ran out of time.
  9. @Trevsked I`m wanting to start the engine very soon, so big push required 🙂
  10. Ready to reunite the body. This time tomorrow, I hope it will be resting on its wheels.
  11. I would still wait on JAE, plus you won`t have the obscene import duties that you will incur importing from UK. I would also echo the comments from Erikl, you are not going to be able to use the UN1 at power levels upwards of 550bhp. That is of course ignoring actually getting that power reliably out of the 918, which takes some doing.
  12. More brackets.... lightened version of the cable mount brackets. Measuring up for the chargecooler brackets. Going to be using the pair of threaded bosses on top of the gearbox. Happy that there is so much access clearance once everything is up together.
  13. Looking forward to more updates as you progress. It`s always good to see a project running through the process and getting some much needed love.
  14. Progress today: - Gearbox fitted and changer cable installed and checked - Rear cross member checked for clearance - Initial thoughts on location/installation for gearbox oil cooler pump. Will need another custom bracket, but there is plenty of space back there.
  15. Okay. My honest opinion: I think that the paintwork, wheels and exhaust make it looks like a Hotwheels car. I´m not a fan of 19" on the front. 18" is nice, but considering the original front were 17" the 19" looks too big. I`m not sure where the inspiration for the exhaust outlets came from or if it was just to look different. It doesn`t work for me. They look awkward and crudely oversized. The paintwork is just strange. I mean the last thing you want is flames, unless you wanted to emulate a Hotwheels racer. It is however your ride and if you like it looking like that there that is just fine.
  16. The beauty of their clutch offering is that is consists of one sprung friction disc and one solid. This makes operation smoother and a little less digital.
  17. @Wanderor Cross Post an image of your clutch pack. It should be easy to tell if it`s a stock twin plate or not. Given the choice between a Helix from SJ or the ClutchMasters unit offered by JAE, I would go with ClutchMasters all day long...
  18. Supported bracket for the gearshift cable, so no more flexing - solid as a rock. Angle of the cable bracket is adjustable to optimise the line-up with the pivot.
  19. James Brown found a supplier of a suitable adaptor from M24x1.5 male to and extended female 3/8 BSP. Perfect result. METRIC male 1.5mm pitch x BSP fixed female extended (
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