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  1. Hey Michael, What are the two ports running to the front of the plenums? Mike S
  2. Hi Andy, The inner seal is wet, meaning that the lip is lubricated. The outer seal is essentially dry, so the lip could get burnt if the spring was retained and applied pressure to the surface. That was my thinking 🙂
  3. There are two options: Road: F 350 R 375 Track: F 550 R 575 In the end the spring rates and valving of the dampers are adaptable for purpose.
  4. Bit of an odd post, but I think it makes some sense at this stage. The gearbox is not far from completion and I`m soon to start with the engine build for this project. As already stated, the car will be for sale soon after project completion and there is an opportunity for anyone who is genuinely interested in buying the finalised car to influence the specification. The current intended spec is as follows (with options where relevant) - Target weight: close to 1000Kg - Target power: >520bhp - Top speed: 186mph @ 7400rpm - Upgraded 918 with ductile iron liners, Saenz forged rods, CP Carrillo forged pistons, special BE shells, ported cylinder heads, stainless 316 tubular manifolds with BorgWarner EFR 6758AL turbos. Engine is running Motec M800 ECU and ADL. Twin Motec wideband lambda enabled. Exhaust is twin centre exit. Option to leave existing polished plenum arrangement or move to a motorsport plenum with 8-primary injectors instead of the OEM 8 + 2 secondaries. Option also to re-paint the polished plenum and cam covers in any colour desired. - Engine will be twin chargecooled, with two options for the system: 1) Motorsport set-up with twin Spearco chargecoolers fitted in the boot area 2) Pro Alloy system that preserves the boot space coupled with stock ex. manifolds and full T28 60mm compressor based hybrid turbos. - Will retain PAS, but water pump has been moved to Davies Craig EWP 150 electric pump and fan controller. Custom Aux belt to reflect removal of water pump and A/C compressor Option to retain the OEM mechanical water pump. - Pro Alloy main coolant and twin-pass chargecooler radiator. There is no A/C fitted from the factory on this car. - X-Shift 6-speed sequential straight cut dog engagement gearbox with 140mm AP Racing multi-plate carbon clutch pack and slave cylinder. Option available for steering wheel paddle shift or traditional gear level. Automatic throttle blip for downshift. - Penske 3-way dampers, with option on road or track springs - AP Racing 6-pot front and 4-pot rear with AP Racing grooved fixed discs with alloy bells (front: 356mm and 320mm rear). Mechanical handbrake - Wheels: Rota GTR 18x10 e35 and 18x12 e20, with Yokohama Advan A052 in 255x35 and 315x30. Spacer/Adaptor to 5 x 114.3 - Aluminium fuel tanks will be fitted. Option to install a foam bag tank - Interior will be fitted with lightweight black carpet with full Sport350 carbon interior parts still installed. Option to leave interior completely stripped and painted in a desired colour - Option available to include or remove the heater - Seats will be Corbeau carbon race seats, with Willans 6-point harness - GT1 arches will be visible super-lightweight carbon - GT1 carbon rear deck - GT1 carbon front splitter - Although the exterior colour is currently in the standard New Aluminium, it is planned to re-spray to Black to match the GT1 cars that ran in `96 BPR. It is also planned to install the full #22 car decal set from the same BPR series. Option would exist to do something different with the colour - Rear wing is planned to be a high downforce motorsport version, but option would exist to install whatever was desired. Rough price guide (dependant on final spec) not less than 90K€. I would invite people who are interested to contact me via PM, but please only if you are serious about becoming the potential owner and want to discuss personalising the car. Mike S
  5. When does it make sense to send the compressor ducts to you Alex. I will sending a number of sets for usage on specific members kits.
  6. The part# is TC42X58X7 TTO I sourced mine from Netherlands - Company called ABF Bearings Original hint came from Gary Sharville, how faced the very same issues. Good job Gary !
  7. Well that seems to have worked nicely. It`s still dry after a short road test.
  8. Ordered and received some alternative oil seals to attempt the "Double seal" approach for the weeping RH driveshaft. Although these are slimmer in width, the inner will need to be installed a bit deeper but the measurements look promising. Slightly tightened the inner seal spring and remove the outer. Hopeful for a good outcome later today.
  9. I can help there. The US spec cars have EGR and SAI fitted for strict emissions control. This hardware will interfere with the compact installation of the chargecoolers and routing of pipework. For US owners in States where the emissions are less strenuous, they can remove both EGR and SAI and should be able to install the ProAlloy chargecooler kits.
  10. The tensioners are static so should not affected by lack of use. I don`t really have any empircal data on the belts, but I would not be comfortable with a belt that had sat for 3+ years without use.
  11. That interval is consistent with the updated Service Bulletin sent out on belt tensioning. During the service, you might want to have the tensioning checked. As an aside, I have found that the Gates HD blue belts hold their tension better than the standard belts, so if you felt inclined you could use this service to swap across to those and then have a solid datum for your ownership moving forward.
  12. Hi Alex, Are you able to share the images you mentioned in your last update?
  13. Hi Alex, How about the first of those weekly updates? That was the intention almost a month ago now. Please can you provide us with some information and perhaps even an outlook as to when the kits may be available. I understand it's a big project and will take time to execute, but that is an even better reason to provide regular info on the current status. Kind regards, Mike S
  14. Having retrofitted the later changer onto the Simon Francis 97 V8, it is not only a case of getting the parts - although that alone is a challenge. Depending on which chassis coolant pipes you have running through the backbone, it may also be necessary to customise the master unit to make it fit. As others have already suggested, your best bet would be to overhaul the existing mechanism.
  15. Yes, the early cars had translators. The change came in MY98. This involved are totally different gearshift master, cables and rear cover and shaft arrangement.
  16. I think it's time for the first of those weekly updates. It would be really welcome to receive a regular status update.
  17. The RC Injector flow check is performed at 43.5PSI, so that 320cc/min relates to that reference pressure. What fuel pressure does the 4-cylinder car run?
  18. It is very rare to get your money back on a full restoration. I will be amazed if they find the "special buyer" that they are looking for.
  19. This was from 2001/2. It was given the 2002 rear light and V8 style wheel arch treament later on. At least it has been returned to look like the S300.
  20. Following the trail blazed by Andrä and after saving my pennies for a while, the X-Shift 6-speed sequential gearbox is ordered. These are the chosen ratios for my unit based in 7400 limit - will be close to 200mph in 6th at 8000rpm
  21. It has looked a lot worst in the past...
  22. The crank sensor wires runs as part of the main engine loom back to the ECU connector (pin 79 SigGND, 73 RefHI). You probably won't want to unpack the entire loom, but could run a replacement pair externally if needed. I would buzz the pair and see if you have a weak connection first.
  23. Been held back on some parts, but we have the chargecoolers all plumped-in and functional. Some road testing today although the revs are held back due to the run-in. I do admit that the system does not have the elegance of the ProAlloy set-up, but this system was created many years ago and functions very well.
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