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  1. Yes, Johan Hybinette's legendary SuperBee. Johan really went balls-out with chargecooling, increased boost, Nitrous and Propane for additional intake cooling There is also a Drag Racing Esprit in Greece which is extremely fast, but it is not running the 918 engine.
  2. Nice work. I would be interested in a set of stainless brackets for the front bumper.
  3. Yes, agreed turning the engine from underneath is easier. Popping up and down is a bit tedious. I've experienced dependable readings with changes but manually playing with the belt will affect the frequency reading. The tensioning positions and values for new belts were re-specified in a Service Bulletin in mid-1999.
  4. Good stuff. It's definately not a job to rush. I dug out the images showing the comparison between the Clavis and the software app. I remember that I did source a decent low frequency microphone for this.
  5. It would certainly help in getting the engine oil up to a decent operating temperature quickly. I don't have any empirical data on how long it typically takes. Based on observations, the oil temps come up pretty quickly even with the coolers in place.
  6. Hi Alan, The filter housing does not contain any thermostatic flow control. I've not heard of anyone fitting one. I always bypass the oil coolers when starting-up a fresh engine, but that's just for speeding up establishment of the oil pressure and not normal running of the engine.
  7. Then you have your answer 🙂 Now you know the reference point, make your crank position pointer and you are on your way.
  8. Yes. The camshaft drillings are all made with that one reference to 10deg BTDC #2 cylinder (firing). The TV Damper should have a marking on the side corresondining to that. It may have been missing on very early cars, but I can#t say that I've seen one without it. Note: that the crank needs to be turned twice for one complete revolution of the engine (half-speed idler)
  9. Absolutely. I did a back to back comparison between a genuine Clavis and a smart phone app back in 2008. There was only a couple of Hz difference.
  10. SJ came through with some more details on the Helix upgraded clutch. There are two upgrade options: Torque capacity Cost (GBP) 524Nm / 385 lb ft 1210.64 625Nm / 460 lb ft 1290.45 I believe that SJ stock only the lower of the two.
  11. Hi Tim, Seems that there are no specific increased clamp or release load figures for the upgraded Helix option. Just a statement of it being `30% stronger` If you are running standard power, then I would be leaning towards sticking with AP. Mike S
  12. In the past, the HD Gates blue belts were only available from JAE in USA. Maybe they bought in some stock and are currently out. You can always get them from JAE.
  13. Hi Andy, If you can get the heavy duty Gates belts, I would go for them. I've found that they retain their tensioning settings extremely well over time. Mike S
  14. Hey Ruud, did you make any progress with your issue?
  15. M16 - a thin wall crow foot will be your friend.
  16. Order value for import purposes has always included the shipping costs. I agree that Brexit is real pain. I've been waiting for weeks for shipments of parts out of the UK.
  17. It is certainly not the same part as the ECT sensor located in the block. Is would be easy enough to map the temp and resistance values if that is required.
  18. We are introducing the later style gearchange mechanism into this MY97 car. The main coolant hard-pipes that run through the backbone where adapted for the later style changer in order to provide clearance for the wider mechanism. As a result of keeping the early coolant hard-pipes, the gear master unit needed to be modified to provide the clearance between them. Luckily, Andrä (SMG Racing) was able to come up with a nice solution of cutting the bolt/nut heads and TIG welding them accurately in place. The result are pretty smart:
  19. Just for clarity on these arches and body-parts, these are being prepared by my "partner in crime" Andrä Schroers (SMG Racing on TLF). As many of you know, Andrä purchased a previous Sport350 project car of mine and turned it into a hill climb racecar. Although we are on an Esprit GT1 journey together, Andrä is very much the driving force behind this current work.
  20. Looking at ECU pinout, I can see that pin 10 was reserved for Oil temperature. You could buzz that back to the oil temp connector to check if that is the case on your loom. I've just checked the oil temp sensor here and it's definitely a thermistor. Even with a crude test: - 5.1KΩ at ambient, dropping to less than 1kΩ at 95deg.
  21. I would agree and fit the softer green springs. You are running stock boost, so don't need the stronger BOV springs.
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