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  1. @tmusc  Hi Tony,

    There was sufficient billet for 12 pairs.  10 are allocated.

    The first pair will be retained as prototypes, so assuming no further attrition there is still one pair from the first production run available.

    Of course, further production runs can be scheduled, but if you want to jump then please PM me your details and we will get a Pro-forma invoice out to you.

    Mike S

  2. There could be a number of things that might be causing that.  If the car has done 800 miles since coming back into service and the symtoms are stil there, then chances are you are going to need an proper inspection to determine the actual root cause.  That will necessitate removal of the gearbox.

    I know how powerful those vibrations can feel in the most exteme cases.  I bought a V8 once where the flywheel side friction disc had completely disintegrated.  Drove the car back from the UK to Germany like that and gearchanges were absolutely horrible, especially from standstill.

    You could bleed the slave cylinder to make sure that you are getting full movement prior to taking the plunge.

    Are you going to do the investigation/remedial work yourself?

  3. Hi Chris,

    Of course it`s all detailed in the depths of the thread, but to summarise:

    - Forged pistons (incl. wrist pins and clips) are 4.5g heavier than a stock Grade A piston

    - Saenz rods are also marginally heavier, but I do not have the figure to hand. The Saenz rods are designed to cope with the stressed associated with much higher power levels.

    - Main weight savings are coming from the flywheel and clutch assy, where all together I am 5Kg lighter (500g on the flywheel and 4.5Kg on the clutch)

    The manifolds are currently ported cast ones mated to a pair of hybrid billet compressor turbos, which will be used for the first stage of the engine running.

    A pair of tubular manifolds are in fabrication for use with the BorgWarner EFR 6258 turbos, but that is a future enhancement that will require changes to the chargecoolers and induction routing.  Those turbos can support sufficient flow for between 450 - 800bhp.


    Mike S


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