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  1. First you will need to drain the tanks.   This you need to be careful with as you really don`t want fuel all over the floor.  With the car jacked and a suitably large container at hand, you can undo one side of the tank balance pipe.  The balance pipe is the lowest point.

    Once they are drained, you will need to take the side walls out and then remove the tank cover panels and all associated wiring and plumbing.

    Once the tank is exposed and all connections removed, you can lift them out with some wiggling.  Be careful of the rear hatch release cable on the right hand side.









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  2. 13 hours ago, Jacques said:

    - Finally I want to ask regarding the o-ring on the diff axles. On the original, there's a recess for the o-rings. On the Quaife, there's nothing. So, is the consensus to install two new o-rings on the Quaife anyway, or are they redundant?

    The o-rings at the base of the axles are redundant with the Quaife ATB diff.

    There are different options and ideas for effective sealing of the driveshafts.  Some suggest using several outer seals where others experienced no issues with the absense of the o-ring.

    I experienced an issue with Simon`s V8 which was overcome by using 2x thinner oil seals with the inner having a slightly shortened lip sealing spring.


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  3. 17 hours ago, alanlambert said:

    I will get my Emerald ECU to run just on these new Bosch 0280 156 211 's and delete the use of the secondary injectors.

    Hi Alan,

    I`m pretty sure those injectors are not going to be big enough to run as your only source of fuelling.  They are only marginally higher flow than the stock injectors at 267cc/min  and are typically used as replacements for the stock injectors when keeping the secondaries in place (secondaries are 550cc/min)

    Of course it all depends on your power target but even at 400bhp, you would need something up around 8x 360cc/min.

    There is a rough injector size calculator on the RC Engineering website

    RC Fuel Injection > Technical


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