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  1. Okay. My honest opinion:

    I think that the paintwork, wheels and exhaust make it looks like a Hotwheels car.

    I´m not a fan of 19" on the front.  18" is nice, but considering the original front were 17" the 19" looks too big. 

    I`m not sure where the inspiration for the exhaust outlets came from or if it was just to look different. It doesn`t work for me.  They look awkward and crudely oversized.

    The paintwork is just strange.   I mean the last thing you want is flames, unless you wanted to emulate a Hotwheels racer.

    It is however your ride and if you like it looking like that there that is just fine.

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  2. 23 minutes ago, EXCEL V8 said:

    Is there not enough material on the distribution block to bore for a 24 x 1.5 banjo bolt?


    Thanks Pete, but there is not enough material in the distribution block for that.

    21 minutes ago, djgaloot said:

    is there a location on the gearbox to drill and tap for the banjo fitting and keep the oil cooler and drain plug separate?

    The gearbox is assembled and I do not want to perforate the case to create another feed for for the cooler circuit.

  3. Slight challenge and looking for a sanity check.

    My new gearbox has a 24mmx1.5 drain plug.  My gearbox oil cooler set-up from the UN1-027 has a 3/8BSP banjo with a distribution block containing the thermostat and feed union.



    I have been unable to find a suitable adaptor between the twp threads, so was considering having the new drain plug drilled and tapped to accept the 3/8 BSP banjo.  Looking at the depths, I think it would work but looking for some other ideas or feedback.




  4. Short update on the status of the roughing.  It`s great to see material being cut and the uprights starting to take shape.  Enjoy:

     More details to follow.

    I`ll be sending out the final invoice for the balance of the order now that the production is underway.

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  5. @MD355  If your main coolant radiator is free of debris and in good operating condition, then in practice you will not notice any difference.  Of course there is a theoretical increase in the temperature of the air that is reaching the main coolant radiator, but this is not going to bring your main coolant radiator anywhere near the point where it cannot cope.   Think of how the main coolant radiator is able to keep the main coolant under control in different ambiant temperatures.   On the very hottest of days in Summer, you will notice that you coolant fans may be triggered more often, but the radiator is still able to contol the temperature.

    In addition, remember that a chargecooled engine will generally place less stress on the engine coolant system anyway(main coolant and oil).

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