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  1. I would expect them to be different given the pressure ranges that each need to cover.

    In the parts list they have different numbers assigned with different prices.


    SJ actually list the 918 baro sensor when searching on the 910 baro.

    On the V8, the baro is definately a different GM part to the 2 bar MAP sensor

  2. Reading the title again.... just to clarify - if your engine is turning over and your cam belts are not moving then you do indeed have a problem and most likely have some bent valves on one or both banks.

    If that is case, then you`re most likely going to need to strip the top-end to determine the damage.  That is best done with the engine out.

    If you want to talk about it, you can call me on +49 17621699472

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  3. Are you mechanically minded and familiar with engines in general?

    If not, then you should probably stop and get the car to a shop familiar with Lotus V8s. 

    If so, then as Barry says, there are basis fundamentals to check - fuel priming and pressure is easy.  Battery voltage would be another.  Does the engine crank as before speed-wise.    If the engine was turning over, then your cam belts are most probably fine.   If the timing was out, the engine would not turn over once you had piston/valve contact.

    Is the CEL light illuminated and if yes, what are the stored codes.


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  4. Think of it this way - with intercooling, your engine is going to make more power and torque than it ever has without.  Not just peak power, but throughout the whole rev range.

    Will it feel quicker and more responsive with more power and torque?...   What do you think?  For giggles, here is a short video of a chargecooled V8 running higher boost.


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  5. You`re overthinking this.   If you have inlet temperature control then the engine power output will not drop off in the same way.

    As the turbos make full boost, the intercooling will stop the inlet temperature from rising to the point that the ECU is triggered to take action being retarding the ignition advance and enriching the fuelling.

    The intercooling doesn`t make more boost or change your boost profile.

    There is no real magic here.

  6. I don`t think that many people will have empirical data for you.

    If you are after dyno data I can share that for a water-air chargecooled set-up at different boost levels:

    - stock boost      405bhp     330lb/ft

    - 1 bar boost       469bhp     384lb/ft

    - 1.2 bar boost    508bhp     437lb/ft

    Of course, not all systems are going to be identical but it give you an indication.  This will also be affected by ambient temperature conditions.   The key in my opinion is being able to produce more dependable power with some form of inlet temperature control, over the stock non-intercooled set-up.

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