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  1. One of the IPS shift paddles on my car has started to become a bit stiff to operate. Can they be changed?
  2. What about fitting a battery isolation switch? Or is having the alarm a necessity?
  3. What would be the recommended product to clean the leather on the dash and seats. It’s still in good condition but I was thinking I should use something to nourish the leather as I don’t want it to dry out too much as I live in a warm climate. Any suggestions?
  4. I guess the higher seats were to make the ingress / egress a bit easier. I much prefer the lower Ricaros of the S1.
  5. Sadly it seems like the guys in the USA do seem to suffer from bad to non existent dealer support on occasion. I really can’t say the same here in the UK and Europe, where I have always been very happy with the attitude and service that I’ve received.
  6. I can’t say I’ve got any problem with the IPS. When I bought my S sport racer, I went with the absolute intention of buying a manual. I was talked into trying the IPS and much prefer it as a road car. Each to their own I guess. Mine is one of the last S1’s, so presumably they had sorted the IPS box by then. I have to say I enjoy driving it and have no complaints about the operation of the gearbox in manual or auto settings, it’s as good or better as any other torque converter box that I’ve tried. Sure it’s not as quick from paddle pull to change as a DSG, but you get used to it, and it changes much faster than you ever could with a manual shift. One other thing, the difference in character of the car between Normal and Sport mode is much more noticeably on the ISP than the manual shift cars. Try Both!
  7. The all new, all electric lotus EVage has these type of doors, doesn’t it? I guess if the hinges were made of a light weight material, Aluminium or Carbon sandwich, so they didn’t weigh as much as the doors, then they might be worth considering. I agree that love them or loath them, the scissor doors do shout supercar to many people. The down side is that your wife / girlfriend can’t slam them in your face when you p1ss her off!
  8. That’s a really lovely colour you’ve got there…Like it!
  9. Has any thing been found out yet as to what has caused these problems? I feel very sorry for the guys who have suffered this in Italy, but so far, I still haven’t heard that it’s a problem in other countries. Any updates would be useful for all of us..
  10. Yes, I think that’s probably the way to go, there are a few here in the area that do the yachts.
  11. I don’t think there are many DSG boxes available for 400+ bhp and a transversals installation. Lotus were developing their own back in the Bahar days. The development costs wouldn’t make it economically viable unless they could sell it to someone else as well.
  12. Does anyone know if headrest cushions are available for the Ricaros in the S1 Evora? I was thinking of a padded cushion type arrangement that slips over the head restraint to bring the head rest nearer the head. I’m sure I’ve seen them somewhere, but not sure where it was.
  13. I bought one new……..I really wish I hadn’t!
  14. I should think the smart aspect of this is also a way in which electric vehicles can be taxed to make up for the shortfall in fuel tax. When I read all this I have to say I’m glad I’m an old bugger, I’ll probably be in my box before the worst of this becomes mandatory. The future doesn’t really look a very inspiring place with constant surveillance and control of the population. Amazing how we’ve all collectively walked into 1984 without a murmur.
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