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  1. Thanks Spanky.. That’s excellent. I’ll get on and order the required parts.. Anyone recommendations for the best place to get the parts from? OK, So next question. Any recommendations please for the best place to buy the parts?
  2. I bought my Evora S Sport Racer new in 2015 from Hexagon..I was their very first Lotus customer!! I did think about changing it for a 400, but I really didn’t like the interior of the 400 or the seats. It felt like sitting on the car rather than in the car and I got the impression that the Add Lightness mantra actually meant add cheapness to maximise profits. The Last of the Sports Racers were fully fitted, with every extra included as standard. Sure the interior has some eccentricities, but I got used to them and it adds to the charm of a hand built car. Eventually, I just decided to keep it. I had the TVS 1900 Supercharger fitted like Tims car, and am very, very happy with the result. Now we have the new Lotus Enima or whatever its called.. It’s quite pretty..maybe looks a bit generic, undoubtably it will be better made and better equipped. A great shame it no longer has the Lotus Visor windscreen which I’ve always loved..I guess it’s too expensive!, and the same diameter wheels front and back don’t work for me..but again I guess it’s just cheaper to do like that… So, I’m always stuck with the same problem, I love my Evora but can’t think of anything else I’d rather have.
  3. I wonder if anyone can give me an answer. My 2015 Evora S IPS has a very stiff change-up paddle on the steering wheel. It has now got to the point where its doesn’t work, it feels completely different to the other paddle which works fine, so I guess there’s something broken with the mechanism. Can the paddles and associated mechanism be replaced, or do you have to change the entire steering wheel. So far I have been unable to have any definitive, help wanted please!
  4. Breeze

    EVORA Weight

    Each to their own I guess. I’m more than happy with my lardy old 2015 S1 Sport racer. Even if it is heavier, I much prefer having all the options and the Recaro heated seats. I gave a good look to the 400, but in my opinion the car, in adding lightness, also ended up looking cheaper, particularly the interior, and I disliked the higher driving position with the Spark seats. Mine is for road use only, I drive between the UK and Italy a couple of time a year and find the car perfect for my requirements. It’s quick ( TVS 1900 …Thanks Hoffmanns! ), quiet and comfortable, the interior is a really nice place to be. Equally, I can see that there is a lot of weight to be taken out of the car, as with all modern cars, if that’s your thing. I can see it would be possible to drop the weight to the mid 1200kgs, but you’d end up with a quick bet rather basic and crude car. I think a lot of weight could be lost by building the subframes of something lighter and stronger, light weight wheels and carbon brakes…but it all costs!
  5. Thanks, I’ll have a look and see what he thinks.
  6. Just wondering if anyone has had any experience of the BOE Fabrication IPS Enhancement Kit? Having upgraded the car with a TVS1900, I’m wondering it this might be a good upgrade to make. Anyone???
  7. I think you’ll find the difference in time is due to the gear ratios and more relevantly the fact that you can drop the clutch on a manual from much higher revs, the auto has to spool up from engine idle, so the initial launch is quicker on the manual. Having driven both, the auto, when in sport manual, shifts are much, much quicker than you ever can with the manual. ( however, this does depend on the gearbox software which was hugely improved over the life of the Evora, an early IPS is very different to the later ones ). Also, with the IPS, the more load it’s under, the quicker the shift. Regarding the DSG boxes. There was no DSG available for a transverse install that would take the torque of the blown V6, and the other consideration was that a DSG box weighs very much more than a TC auto box. As for it being old technology, a lot of manufacturers, BMW for one, are going back to the TC box because there have been so many improvement to the epicyclic gear boxes recently.
  8. One of the IPS shift paddles on my car has started to become a bit stiff to operate. Can they be changed?
  9. What about fitting a battery isolation switch? Or is having the alarm a necessity?
  10. What would be the recommended product to clean the leather on the dash and seats. It’s still in good condition but I was thinking I should use something to nourish the leather as I don’t want it to dry out too much as I live in a warm climate. Any suggestions?
  11. I guess the higher seats were to make the ingress / egress a bit easier. I much prefer the lower Ricaros of the S1.
  12. Sadly it seems like the guys in the USA do seem to suffer from bad to non existent dealer support on occasion. I really can’t say the same here in the UK and Europe, where I have always been very happy with the attitude and service that I’ve received.
  13. I can’t say I’ve got any problem with the IPS. When I bought my S sport racer, I went with the absolute intention of buying a manual. I was talked into trying the IPS and much prefer it as a road car. Each to their own I guess. Mine is one of the last S1’s, so presumably they had sorted the IPS box by then. I have to say I enjoy driving it and have no complaints about the operation of the gearbox in manual or auto settings, it’s as good or better as any other torque converter box that I’ve tried. Sure it’s not as quick from paddle pull to change as a DSG, but you get used to it, and it changes much faster than you ever could with a manual shift. One other thing, the difference in character of the car between Normal and Sport mode is much more noticeably on the ISP than the manual shift cars. Try Both!
  14. The all new, all electric lotus EVage has these type of doors, doesn’t it? I guess if the hinges were made of a light weight material, Aluminium or Carbon sandwich, so they didn’t weigh as much as the doors, then they might be worth considering. I agree that love them or loath them, the scissor doors do shout supercar to many people. The down side is that your wife / girlfriend can’t slam them in your face when you p1ss her off!
  15. That’s a really lovely colour you’ve got there…Like it!
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