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  1. And me. So glad I bought a late model SSr rather than the 400.
  2. The New Owner video is interesting though as it gives an idea of what the non enthusiast, potential Lotus owner is looking for in a car. I fully agree that none of his points would be of any issue at all to me, but were clearly of issue to him. He seemed to be the sort of guy who wants to make an impression with his car, not actually enjoy driving it. That said, if Lotus want to have a wider appeal, they really should have a less performance, more luxury model in their range. The Add lightness thing can also look a lot like add cheapness in some cases. For the US market, and many others, lotus need a proper GT version of the Evora, not everyone wants to be fast and furious or a track day king.
  3. Phil, I’m interested in your post above. I’m thinking of having a TVS1900 ( not charge cooled ) fitted to my 2015 Evora S. I was thinking of fitting either the AEM or Snow Performance water injection system at the same time. Do you think the water injection would be of value on the TVS 1900 installation?
  4. This is interesting, all the various opinions. Without Bahar basically disowning the Evora, it might have done better. It was a car he really didn’t like or support. I also think that the Lotus range got ‘confused’. When the Evora came out, it was presented as a comfortable, sporting GT. It had a comfortable, stylish interior and good sound proofing. Since, it has morphed into Exige territory, and become a light weight track focused car…just like the Exige. The adding lightness thing has simply made the interior of the car look cheap and stripped out, fine in a track car not so good in a daily driver. In a daily driver, or even a weekend car, it. makes more sense not to have the boy racer exhaust noise, no sound proofing or air con and rock hard suspension. It’s might be fine for the enthusiastic Lotus owner, but has little appeal in the wider market. People buy Porsche’s because they are a comfortable, well equipped, practical and usable car, the GT2/£/$’s represent a very small percent of their sales. Lotus crap on about the fantastic downforce numbers the 410 and 430 produce at 190mph…but what is the point if it’s a road car? Lotus really need to define their range much better. An affordable sports car like of the Elise type. Something hardcore for the enthusiastic driver/ track day guy and a GT, something comfortable, sporting and usable. ..Then of corse they need to actually market themselves..which Barha was very good at. As Tim Marra says above, I live in Italy, my Evora gets loads of positive attention whenever I go anywhere. People always think it to be a much, much more expensive car than it actually is.
  5. Had anyone yet tried running the non charge cooled Harrop TVS 1900 with the AEM water injection system? It seems like it could be quittance way to go for a road car.
  6. I think the TVS 1900 produces quite a bit more torque that the 1320. Also, the inlet temperatures are claimed to be substantially lower due to the larger volume, slower turning blower.
  7. Some time back I bought an ELM327 WiFi ODB 11 reader, to work with an iPhone. I plugged it into the Evoras ODP port but could never make the thing work. I tried many times but could never make the WiFi link work. Anyone know of one that does work? I understand that they have to be WiFi not bluetooth to work with an iPhone.
  8. A question…Does the water injection system only inject when the supercharge is boosting, or does it inject all the time. I’d presume that the controller would be connected to the MAP sensor and only inject when a positive boost pressure is detected.
  9. Has anyone found a way to make the power fold driving mirrors fold when the central locking is activated to lock the car? I always find it a bit of a PITA to have to fold them with the toggle before getting out of the car.
  10. The better feeling on the 400 is due to the charge cooler. Non charge cooled supercharged engines are slightly over fuelled to aid cooling.
  11. It always seems a bit strange this. I’d have thought an Evora Roadster would have been quite a good seller. all other sports cars in the same price range are available as a roadster, BMW, Mercedes etc. Hopefully it will arrive eventually. As an aside. What engine did the Spyker graft onto the Evora tub?
  12. 2015 Evora S Sr. IPS. 27,000kms, no problems. love the car. I also have heard of Italian Evoras blowing their engines up. Interestingly, I’ve never heard of it happening anywhere else though, so it must be caused by something ‘local’. I really like the fact it uses a standard(ish) Toyota engine from a Camry. They have always had a good reliability record.
  13. I was the first Lotus customer of Hexagon of Highgate. I bought my S. Sport Racer in June 2015. Nightfall blue, IPS and LHD ...I live in Italy. Love the car. I did at one point think about moving on to a 400, but I was just never convinced by the interior. In building in lightness, it somehow looks a bit cheap compared to the late model Sr's, I also prefer the looks of the series 1 Evora, All personal taste though. ........ So, can I join the Sport Race club then?
  14. I only have good things to say about Lotus warranty. My 2015 old, slow, heavy and tortoise like Evora S Sr had a blister problem on the rear clam when I bought it. It was reported at pick up, but I was unable to get back to the UK for 18 month. B&C attended to the rectification work, and did a very good job of it. Unfortunately, the blisters came back again 5 months later. Photos were sent off. Lotus agreed to replace the rear clam at the factory. The job took less than 10 days, and I'm very happy with the work carried out and with the helpfulness of all involved. Carbon is a different matter though because of the very visible nature of it. Personally, I don't like the look of carbon, and dislike the fact that it really does go off badly after a few years in bright sun / hot climates. I think in time, all those with carbon panels will probably have to paint them over in any event. I'm sorry you've had all these problems though, and hope you will be able to resolve them in time with the guys at lotus.
  15. Breeze


    Very true, but it would have been better to have something much more flexible, rather than a one trick pony!... I notice that the only other combat jet that could operate with the ski jump would be the SU-33, but I don't think Putin would sell any to the UK!
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