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  1. The upgrade kit is complete and shipping. 6 kits in 3 countries. Send me a PM if you want more information. Craig
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  3. Happy New Year to all Does anyone have a spare UN1 rear casing assembly cover for a V8 Esprit? It is identified as part A082F6570S for 1998 and prior - I'm not sure of the post-1998 part number. Thanks in advance for any help. Craig
  4. 2001 Esprit V8 Titanium Metallic SCCDC08251HA10204 Craig Stephens Minnetonka, Minnesota USA
  5. Yes - EMCO is based in Chicago and they sponsor a Mid-Ohio Lemans race in the summer; this might be how you have heard of them. They do have a dyno but I do not plan on investing in the test at this point. This project is costing me a small fortune (and as a hobby; call me crazy!). EMCO has confidence that the design and strength of the shaft will cause the axle to break before the primary shaft goes....not that anyone wants a broken half shaft/axle. I am now expecting availability in mid-late May. Good news for those that want to take it to the track! Craig
  6. Tony I have not yet released the Holloway Performance UN1 kit so no one has it installed. The delay: upon completion of heat treating the primary shafts, we had them magnafluxed and they did not pass QA standards. All primary shafts are being cut again from new alloy. Bottom line, the manufacturer (EMCO) knows how the parts should be machined, QA'd and assembled. I am sure the GTO kit is first rate and I am confident that the Holloway Performance kit will also be the highest quality. The manufacturer, EMCO Gears in the US, is a race only supplier that I have formed a relationship wit
  7. Great progress is being made on the Holloway Performance UN1 gearbox upgrade. For those of you that took advantage of the introductory offer, thank you. You will not be disappointed. 6 of the kits are purchased, as of today (Sept. 30, 2007) only 9 remain. You can view an actual photo of the primary shaft on the website. The primary shafts are awaiting gear and spline cutting. I will be adding more photos of the upgrade components so check in often. Best wishes, Craig
  8. Hi Travis, Sorry we did not meet in CO but I have checked your website pictures. Great photos. My car is the 2001 Titantium V8. Regarding your question, the alignment to the pilot bearing is important, and the installation process contains direction on confirming the proper alignment. The tolerances (and stack) of multiple UN1 parts and cases have been measured to get the proper fit based on slight production variances in the OEM configuration. I have complete confidence in the US manufacturer to machine to the tolerances needed and special tooling is being developed to accommodate
  9. Contact Jeff at JAE in California. The price varies based on availability, but he will get you the real deal.
  10. As long as the gearbox is open, I would recommend inspecting the synchros very close. A trained eye is needed as the teeth may look fine to a non-professional. It would not be unusual to see 2nd synchro wear as a steep ratio change exists in the OEM configuration (3.36 to 2.05). The upgrade replaces 1st and 2nd (not 5th) with 3.00 and 1.94 ratios, making the transition work on the 2nd synchro "easier". Regarding the 5th gear comment, the kit uses the OEM 5th gear but includes a new 5th synchro hub that fits on the larger new primary shaft. Warranty - I understand your comments, however
  11. Per the original post, the upgrade kit is not available until November 2007. It is in production at this time. There is no intention to purposefully "break" a shaft to determine the load capacity. With the design and materials being used, estimates are near 500 ft lb. I would expect something else to give (half shaft, CV joint) before it fails. Derek and I were both at LOG 27 in Colorado last weekend. Derek had an excellent technical session on the UN1 upgrade. Derek's design is not a straight cut, only first gear is straight cut. For longevity of gearbox life, synchromesh is the bes
  12. This is to inform all members of the group that the Holloway Performance website has been updated with pricing and ordering information on the UN1 gearbox upgrade. Availability will be late November 2007, with an introductory price on pre-purchases placed prior to September 30, 2007. Best wishes, Craig Stephens, Owner
  13. White smoke in the exhaust under load is a strong indication of burning coolant. Is the coolant level normal or is it low? Considering the "pop" you describe I would agree it is a head gasket. Worse case is a cracked head itself, but let's keep positive as gaskets are less costly! Good luck. Craig
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