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  1. Great to see your initial work progressing on the project, Jonathan. Thanks for sharing!
  2. Great thread, thanks for sharing! Really excellent progress getting the car tested and back on the road. Hope all is going well and you're managing to get some drives in despite the covid situation that's prevailed this year.
  3. Looking great Neil, hope you manage to locate a sunroof panel soon!
  4. Hi Pete, Not located a suitable car yet. Regards. Dave.
  5. Looking very clean Neil, you've done an amazing job there. Any issues found with the engine that required attention?
  6. Great to see this car being resurrected! Saw the advert and very tempted by this car however being realistic it was beyond my capabilities and garage space to take on such a project. Really pleased to see the car in good hands and look forward to seeing progress on it. Please let me know if you decide to part with it once she's on the road !!!
  7. Looks stunning. Just read the thread from beginning and very impressed. The S1 will certainly look the part in Paris!
  8. Thanks Michael, that's much appreciated. Will keep an eye on the ads and also will PM John.
  9. Private enthusiast seeking a running / driving and MOT'd RHD Esprit S3. NA or Turbo considered. An S2 also considered. Must be usable and driving however work not objected to within reason! Would prefer to buy privately form another enthusiast and I can promise a good home for the right car. Prefer Monaco White with dark interior however anything considered. Happy to travel for viewing and cash waiting / no nonsense transaction for the right car. Please PM via the forum or call Dave on 07834 287973. Regards. Dave.
  10. Agree with that Chris, very strange! I suspect that may have been nothing wrong with the car at the time of MOT expiry, just that the owner had other car/s that he then focussed attention on and the Esprit was just left sat there.
  11. Interesting! It does seem a real shame to have left the car just standing since the last MOT in 2013 outside and open to the elements.
  12. Thanks Pete, the spec is perfect for me along with interior / exterior colour. Only snag for me is the level of work required to get the car up and running again. Anyone know of the car or been to view ?
  13. Hi Jon Dont know the car and putting the number into DVLA website doesn't bring back any record. Could have been transferred onto another car. Do you know the original reg number as it may have been returned to that and could show on DVLA? Further to that, putting LTS 383 through google suggests that the number was auctioned in 2016 in Knaresborough hence may be on renention. Worth trying a post on social media -Lotus Esprit pages as that would get a fairly wide viewing and someone may know. Do you have any details of the purchaser you could try and recontact for details? O
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