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  1. Been on the back burner, bought a '01 996TT which is more then eaten into my time as it seems to run without much effort, unlike the esprit Seriously though, not much time so the car is just sitting. I hope to get working on it again for the xmas break. Need to get it back together and running for the summer, may look at selling once its all completed and buying a gallardo. Look for some updates soon enough. Got a nice deal on a set of kinesis F110 wheels for the 996TT, looking to fit them on the LEV8. Found a place that will make up hubcentric spacers that change the bolt pattern from 5x108 to 5x130 for these wheels. Needs to be ~40mm wide, really the biggest thing i don't like about these cars is the lack of modern tire choices. Paul
  2. I have a friend that's looking at taking a few cars in on trade for a new Bentley, one of the cars is a Ferrari 360 and the other is described by the owner as a 2001 Esprit V8 SEC which he claims is a special edition build by cosworth where only 7 were made. I've never heard about this before, maybe someone on here can shed some light. I personally think its just a standard Esprit V8 since the list of special parts I've heard so far is just standard (AP racing brakes, twin disc clutch...) Paul
  3. Mike, Looks great, glad you finally got those arms I sent you and now have them fitted. They are pretty obvious how to install and I doubt you had much trouble sorting them out. I finally got my pistons back for my car fitted to the cylinders and all ready to assemble (I'm back in the game), so I have a set of hc pistons if your still interested Paul Ps love the black crinkle finish on the manifold and valve covers, I'm getting ready to DIY on mine.
  4. turbo has a built in oil restricter in the CHRA I believe it's a GT2560R cartridge
  5. Well long time no update... New turbos are finally done, here's some pictures. Hard to see much difference, the CHRA's are GT2560RS ball bearing units, the compressor housing needed to be machined to fit the larger wheels and the turbine housing needed major work to fit the CHRA. Still waiting on my new pistons...ones I got were standard size after being told they never needed to be larger...I now have 10 overs coming and the high compression units might just end up in a really cool engine build Paul
  6. Intake port ported Exhaust port ported - large increase through to manifold Combustion chamber view Hard to tell from the photos really, mostly just cleaned up the obvious areas - around the exhaust valve guide being a major one. Transitions from the machined valve seat area to the port and the actual valve seat. Most of the work was done in the exhaust port to improve the flow ratio. With the larger turbocharger, increased flow requirements will show some good gains. Once the engine is finished and broken in I will do some dyno testing to see the results.
  7. Went to the turbo shop today as my GT25 turbocharger ball bearing cartridge finally arrived. After looking it over we determined we can make it work. Should be a nice improvement with a higher capacity modern design. Each turbo should be good to 330hp or so, with as good or better response then stock. Sorry no pictures, didn't have my camera.
  8. Yes I didn't feel the coatings would be worth the extra expense personally. I've never had a head flow benched as I feel it's not a representation of actual conditions. Making improvements to flow based on a bench doesn't make much sense. The majority of improvement comes from the valve job and port pocket area, having those done by someone with the correct equipment and experience is key. I try to avoid major opening up on the intake side and focus most of the work in the exhaust port. I agree lots of effort for minimal gains, but they all add up. A bit more compression, bit better flow and larger capacity modern turbochargers, free flowing exhaust system with race cats. I'm pretty confident that this setup will make north of 500rwhp quite easily. I'll be much more interested in doing that with the minimal amount of boost pressure. Paul
  9. Some more updates, been working away and not posting much. Mostly finished porting on one of the cylinder heads. Pushing 8 hours so far, I'll post up some pictures once it's cleaned up. Here are some picture of my new JE pistons from JAE. I opted for 9.0:1 Static Compression Ratio pistons and they happily made me some up. New pistons are 4.4 grams heavier, but their pins are 1.5 grams lighter. So I have a bit of balancing to do to bring them back to factory weight. Just need to get the block off to the machine shop to get the pistons fitted so I can begin the reassembly.
  10. Sounds like a TPS, Mike you should change your signature to read: More spare Lotus parts then sense...and generally a great guy!
  11. Interesting, that is some serious ignition timing retard. Mucho power on the table, what was the IAT?
  12. Might want to try contacting GTO, got a quote for a LSD and the main shaft, 1st & 2nd gear upgrade. Very reasonable at the moment. GTO
  13. Kylie, P02## (01-10) is for fuel injector issue (9 and 10 being secondary injectors) So you have an issue with #8 fuel injector. Could be loose connection or corrosion. Sometime the injector wiring plug gets removed and the rubber seal falls out, then the plug can wiggle and loosen the terminals and corrode. Have a look, hard to get at in the car as you will probably need to pull the intake manifold. This code is also related to the inertia switch, so that could be why it was set when you had to reset the switch. Try clearing it then see if it comes back. Paul
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