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  1. I've just had the head rebuild on my NA s2 exige (2zz). It was in at a garage but unfortunately it has returned with a good few problems. The work done was for a dropped valve but ended up being a head refurb including valves and cam replacement I've been working through the issues but among the remaining major problems is a particularly nasty oil leak that appears to be coming from where the head meets the block (HG area). Obviously I'd rather not return the car to the same garage so I will be investigating myself or taking to another garage depending on the outcome. What I'd like to know is the following:- 1) Any other potential oil leak causes in this area other than the HG? 2) Can the head bolts be torqued/checked without removing the cams? Any advice extremely appreciated, I'm hoping it's not a head off job but will just have to see. Cheers, Dunc.
  2. Other cars have taken priority recently but back to take a look at this now, I've checked the spark plugs and it's sparking fine. I've also checked the throttle position sensor, but now I'm thinking I should drain the tank and put fresh fuel in before trying anything else. Looking for pointers on draining the tank Thanks in advance, Dunc.
  3. I've removed the old seals (inner o-ring and seal on the castellated nut) and gave Lotus a phone to get replacements which while amusing was a no go. Where do I get these from? For clarity it's the two seals from the (UK) drivers side of a turbo se, where the drive shaft joins the gearbox output shaft. Apologies if this is a commonly asked question but I'm new to this. Cheers, Dunc.
  4. Cheers Ian, had a look at your thread and yes it's the charcoal canister. Shame it's not just a case of chucking it, but never mind
  5. Thanks for the description Vulcan, I've also discovered another strange thing, see the photos below. This vac pipe from one of the sensors is blanked off. This can't be the problem because the car was fine before but I'm still interested what this is about. Also there's a large cylinder container under the two coolant header tanks, any suggestions to what this is? Thanks in advance :-)
  6. Cheers, being a total newbie don't suppose there's a diagram showing the location of sensors etc? Cheers, Dunc.
  7. Thanks for the responses, it starts eventually (no throttle) and runs for 10-30secs at extremely low revs, don't think the rev counter reads much below 500rpm so couldn't guarantee the exact revs, it's way too low though. I've reset the ecu using the battery, and replaced the plugs. The one's I removed were drenched in fuel and the new one's ran the car fine for about 3secs before they were fouled as well then back to the low idle/struggling to run. Massive smell of fuel but don't have the scan stuff for Abby further details. Thanks, Dunc.
  8. The car was running fine but after sitting for only a week now barely starts and when it does it idles between 200 and 400rpm, reeks of fuel and stalls. Any throttle input stalls the engine and the plugs are coated with fuel. Any assistance is greatly appreciated Cheers, Dunc.
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