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  1. That’s a shame as they are excellent ambassadors. They told us they still sell new cars and had quite a few in stock. I do hope they are supported by Lotus. We need great dealers.
  2. I have to share with all the great fans of Lotus a short tale of a trip to France a couple of weeks ago. My Evora was shipped to Toulouse but was dead on arrival as the shippers had left the passenger door slightly open and the 5 day trip killed the battery. Having got her jump started I was troubled to see the MIL light on the dash and a quick read of the manual said I needed to get the car seen to ASAP. Fortunately Marcassus Sport in Toulouse is a Lotus dealer and boy did they do our brand proud! The moment I arrived there they greeted us with a fantastic welcome and immediately took the
  3. It could have been mine that was spotted in St A. I know another orange Evora owner in St A. An S1. We should arrange a convoy!
  4. Like you I was fascinated by the 570s, but being an Evora 400 owner thought the 570s can’t be that much different / better. After attending 2 funerals in a week I went to see a 570s spider and fell in love at first sight - so I bought it. Life is short it seems. What a car! It’s got a Lotus like feel, but the powertrain is awesome. In sport mode the turbo lag is minimal and the gear change fast and smooth, which gives super linear power delivery. Handling is on a par with the Evora and the dihedral doors are a spectacle every time you open them. It’s fantastic. I’ve only got 1000 miles on it
  5. On tour in Europe. Evora looks the part in these surroundings. Can you guess the other 4 cars?
  6. I should be able to come. Keen to meet a few members. Evorasteve
  7. Evorasteve


  8. Final few images from my European tour. The 400 was perfect. Sadly I cracked my windscreen and am having trouble getting a replacement. The Evora looks pretty sharp even in such esteemed company. Now to plan next years trip....
  9. Fast trip back to France today from Austria, via Germany. 820km in just over 6 hours, including 2 fuel stops and lunch. You've got to love the autobahn. The Germans know how to make things work. I squeezed out 160mph desperately chasing the others but at 201mph the Aventador won the prize. He swept past me and the dirty air was alarming. Still, my Evora was sensational. Seats truly remarkable- no ounce of discomfort and I was sad to arrive. Gentlemen (and ladies) we have a rare and very special car. I'm already counting down the days until I'm having fun in Europe again. Tell you'
  10. Fantastic couple of days driving the alpine passes in Austria and Italy. Plenty of great straights, chicanes and gut wrenching mountain passes. The 400 has been simply sensational. It's given the Turbo S a good run for its money and made the Lambo look a bit feeble on the twisty stuff. A couple of minor irkes will be sorted when I'm back (together with fresh oil after all the 2nd & 3rd gear stuff at 6500 rpm) but I have to say it's been better than I could have hoped. We spent 45 mins trying to get a personal best on the last mile before the Italian border, turning round and trying again.
  11. Porsche factory and museum are a must. The attention to detail is startling. You can see why they are so successful. Great day out if you get the chance. I'll post some pics of the museum if anyone is interested. No factory pics as they don't permit cameras Then Stuttgart to Stelvio. 600km. First 200 on the autobahn. Managed 150mph with plenty to spare (but notable wind noise) but nothing fell off! Then the Evora came into its own. Fantastic switch back passes in Austria and Switzerland. The Evora was almost on a par on the autobahn with the Turbo, Aventador and 918 but real
  12. First stop on our European tour - showing the Evora to the home of Porsche with a 918, an Aventador and a Turbo S. Stelvio tomorrow.
  13. Evorasteve


    My 1997 911 4s had a fuel pump relay failure whilst I was on the M1 in the outside lane. Engine stopped, loss of power steering and no brakes. A common fault apparently. Sold it pdq. My 4 Lotuses have never missed a beat. LOTUS = Loads Of Thrills Usually Scintillating!
  14. Superb choice. I'm really pleased I went for orange. You certainly get papped a lot. You're going to love it. Trouble is when you pop out for a bottle of milk it's always a 50 mile round trip! Bet you can't wait to get back to play with it.
  15. Sounds like you better be careful...
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