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  1. Hi Harry I'm having the same problem (confirmed is not the brake light switch), Can you let me know who resolved the problem for you? Thanks Edwin
  2. Welcome and congrats, I can't agree with you more, I had the lotus since late 2014 and earlier this year I went to try out the new M3 thinking of having just one car rather than two (lotus + daily). Could not agree with you more, the feel and driving can not be compared, ended up getting myself a new daily instead and keeping the lotus. Cheers,
  3. Hi Simon, I have a roadster as well, was wondering if you needed to purchase any additional mounting component to fit the roof on? Also if the removal/installation process takes long at all... Cheers great roof I have seen it installed on an Elise before, the owner loved it.
  4. Though the bearing/clutch issue is recognised amongst owners and dealers from Evora till now the Exige as a common problem there is still no solution from Lotus to rectify this problem, even for cars under warranty.
  5. My 2014 Exige also rattles at idle when engaged, I can hear the noise from the outside of the engine bay at times. Spoken to the local dealer apparently is likely to be common clutch bearing issue (torlarence issue) but said if I get them to open the box up and found the clutch is burnt then I risk the replacement cost will not be covered by warranty. They did confirm that it will not cause major failure and even after replacement the noise will come back anyway.(in other words live with it). If the system fail one day I might try an after market clutch system.
  6. Thanks for the advice, it has only done 5500km 2014 vehicle. it is interesting (hearing from other drivers including evora) that this is a continuous issue even if the parts get replaced. I wonder if any after market performance clutch/ bearing system will eliminate this continuing problem. I will consider contacting Lotus Australia if the official dealership service mechanics refuse to replace the parts under warranty.... Hope this is not be the case but from phone conversation they tend to think is a wearing issue and hence not applicable for warranty claim.
  7. I have experience some minor rattling noise from the clutch when the transmission is in neutral and clutch engaged (not pressing on pedal). When clutch pedal is pressed the noise goes away. After some research and talking to the mechanics, it appears to be a wore out throwout bearing (common issue for tracked cars). I have to say though I have only been to a single track day and a couple of mountain drive days. I would like to ask if any of you have experienced this issue and if there is any particularly better solutions rather than direct replacement of the part (factory part) eg performance brand clutches etc. Thanks in advance Ed
  8. Not sure if any one using the soft top feels that the front of the soft top catches the air on freeway 100+ abit annoying/concerning at higher speed. My cables have been tighten but there is still wind catching in the mid section
  10. That's really poor, I better pass this message to my mate who is going to send his car up for upgrade later this year.
  11. Really keen to know how the full 2ublar system sounds like on the v6, appreciate some video footage after install! Cheers
  12. Dasar7, Steve Type 085, Aussie Kid, Lex Templar, PS Robinson, rlc, s4simon, cazna52, danR, Dave Everett, benjamincalleja, ramjet, Clive59, Ewcha
  13. Same here, would like to know if it can be fitted without compromising safety and performance.
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