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  1. Since some people are thowing up some models, might as well do the same
  2. I wonder does the phrase "white elephant" come into Bugatti's mind when they think about the Veyron.
  3. that poor guy..but still.... funniest thread EVER!!!! awwwwhhoooooooooo!!!!!
  4. not bad, not exactly a fan of the massive wells under the rear lights tho.....
  5. Evidently, fast food isn't as fast as a Porsche...
  6. I think its mainly due to that fact that there are very few speed cameras in Ireland. This leads to the more 'portable' way of catching speed (ie hair dyers, tri-stands) And since it would be pointless if people always knew where these were prior to passing them, detecting them is illegal. Just so they can catch you doing 85 on the straighest part of the motorway. Jerks.
  7. yes, road angel, laser dectector, scrambler are all illegal here. as stated before, i havent heard of anyone getting persecuted but i wouldnt exactly have it in full view on the dash if i was coming up to a check point! They just have a thing for pulling over black beemers here. they hate the thought of you not paying VRT (vehicle reg. tax), cause they're afraid the revenue might miss the money....
  8. Yes Robin, I'd like to think we are more friendly, unless you really go into the sticks. ie people whose parents were probably related Detection - ware is illegal here, but people still use it a lot. Havent heard of anyone getting caught with it. but if you are over here with foreign plates you will get more attention, especially the british yellow! and god help ya if its a black BMW
  9. you guys should come over to ireland! Due to our backwardness we have relativily few speed camera. And also, if you are foregin and get caught speeding in the republic, you cant get points( British and Irish points system not compatible) went from Cork to dublin last week averaging just over 85. Only shame is that there isnt more motorway outside of Dublin....
  10. This is what I'm thinking on most now. Im heading away for a year to OZ, so this project will wait (which is why im doing the research now) for about another 2 years, so hopefully there will still some floating around (also, this will put the older models over the magic '10 year old' mark.) when i get back and have the guts to carry it through..
  11. I'll have to take you up on that offer IslandBloke (apt name) . Funny, ive always wanted to visit...
  12. ill have a sconse around on ebay. Thanks for all the help Robin. Making the dream that bit closer!
  13. swell going robin. Also, is there anywhere i could purchase the vehicle technical/maintanence book for the esprit. A friend who owns the 4motion Bora has it for his car, and its basicaly anything you need to know (servicing/mods/repairs)
  14. cheers for the info guys, The GT3 is beginning to look appealing. Price range is acceptable, and it is a more than capable entry. More than likely, I would keep this one car.Ireland is a very impractical place to be wheeling and dealing in cars. jonathan, question: Whats the most likely thing to go bang in the car? And (other then the obvious) whats to look out for when buying second hand?
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