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  1. The brake cylinders are from Ford Capri and there are indeed 2 different diameters. You should measure the diameter of the old Piston and talk to your dealer what type he had sold to you.
  2. Don't worry , the complete diff with drums on fits easy into its place there is enough space.
  3. There are some other possible Risks: Oil dropping on the exhaust manifold. Neopren sealing on the camshaft cover do a better job then the original. Fuel tank higher than the carbs can flood the intake manifold. (Fuel cut of Valve). And as I'm from Germany, the risk with the walkie talkie in London is not very high for me and my car.
  4. As I have a 1974 Elite I do not now anything About differences between Elite and Erclat. But for the handbrake linkage: do not worry. It is not more tricky than working on the drum without removing the diff. But you have the chance to see clearly whether erverything is mounted right.especial the levers vor the automatic handbrake adjustment. With 1 or better 2 hydraulic jacks the refit of the diff works fine. And fore the re-assembly of the handbrake cables just be in a relaxed condition and remember the only enemy will be the gravitation force. Look at the Picture . It is a fun to work this complete view on the breaks.
  5. Dear Robbie, don't mind there is nothing important hidden on the picture. If you look precise you will see everything you need. For me I take the diff out for working on the breaks. At the end it cost less time. But it is possible to manage with diff inside. The break pistons can be removed easy if you dissconnect the tubes and bleeding screws. Then you need a hook to remove the retaining plates. And it is easy to fit this plate (best new) again. Don't mind about the knurled wheel it will adjust it self while using the Hand brake. As long as you mounted the corresponding lever correct. Don't use new pistons in the old housing ! You will do the work twice.
  6. I started this thread with: It looks like that my Lotus cars are all a bit non standard. Here is the next difference: The aluminium tube does not have the diversion for the thermo switch. See Picture pos 10, 8 and 7. Where else could I find the thermo switch for the fan ? Elite Kuehler.pdf
  7. Does someone has an air box for SU carbs for me ?
  8. Dear Jason, I agree. But the carbs where tuned. Days before the motor does start better an did run better. Nothing changed in between. So at this unhappy day something went wrong but did lead to fire. So I'm looking for reducing the Risk even when something is not at best condition. And does someone know what is special on a spec 3 Motor that id should have this strange timing.
  9. OK I have understand, you all trust the air box so will I. But did anyone tried to use some metal sieve inside as a flame barrier? And I will build in an fire extinguisher. But this thread is about preventing. So are there more adjustments on the motor possible to reduce the risk. For example should I use a 123Ignition and reduce the static timing but end up with the 32° for this motor ? Or should I use vacuum to reduce the timing? My observation is that at idling the motor runs with this 16° absolute fine and smooth. The most of the backfiring comes while starting and above idling until 2000 rpm.
  10. Dear Richard, yes I see he backfireing while starting and in the warm up period when I try to rev up. When the Motor is warm I have a good iddle behaviour. But the Motor behavious like a race Motor. Very different to my Jensen Healeys. I have allready tried different positions of the distributor but then the motor feels like sluggish and tired far away from ist promising power. And yes Thomas it will end up in an electronic injection system as I already have this mad Convertible Esprit Turbo injection car. And the hint of mike will also be followed. But first I will have to get the TÜV / MOT and need 1 year experience with the car in original behaviour. There is allready an accu spark ignition in the distributorand a good new coil. The intendtion of this thread is generaly to help all owners not to sacrifice their car to the Flames.
  11. About the timing specs: I use Spec 3 which is 16° static. You mean I should reduce this and would automaticaly have less stress with fire ? Lutus spec.pdf
  12. Yes fuel pipes should be regarded very sensitive and in any doubt change them ! I have seen theses alfa trumpets but I think I could produce the fire preventing effect with smaler ones. Another thing I did is to change the plastic oil pipe to the oil pressure gauge to a Copper one (with some coils to keep it flexible enough). When melting and burning, this is an enormous fire accelerator. It can spray burning oil anywhere.
  13. I have the Distributor without vaccum so static timing is" hard on the Edge". You mean I should use a bit less than Lotus specs ? And are there not also burnd 907 with original airbox ? I'm thinking of some short trumpets curved up inside the air box
  14. I like to start a thread which might help us all. After 2 times being in need of the fire extinguisher because of fire from the carburetors and actual an other Elite completely burned down in Germany I decided to construct something to reduce potential fire risk because of backfire of the Motor. Remember I still have not mounted the bonnet yet and have the fire extinguisher always nearby while starting. Otherwise I would not have the need to work further on for this Lotus because it would be lying melted in my garage. My actual plan is to make trumpets curved up so that exceeding fuel does not drop out but runs into the carburetor again. These trumpets will have a two stage stainless steel sieve as a fire barrier. But I'm sure there are a lot of Lotus enthusiast which have ideas or solutions. So please join this thread to stop the decrease of existing Lotus 907 cars
  15. Dear Johnpwalsh, do you have some more Information ? Can you keep running the motor with a second person constantly feeding with break cleaner? Is it only a cold start problem or a more comprehensive Problem?
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