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  1. Hi, which is your experience V6S / CR vs. 350 Sport Exige ? How much difference price wise on the used market ? Thanks. Bye
  2. Hi guys, I am offering 2 connected tickets of the category 1 (middle section of the stadium with perfect view) for the Champions League Final 2018 in Kyiv. (FC Liverpool vs. Real Madrid) Best Seats available - Kat.1 - halfway line !! For more, please contact me Bye
  3. no critisicim to you! But not a very good time for a lightweight tracktool. A 991 RS can lap 2:00 in Monza.
  4. Why Lotus sell a 380hp Exige with real life ~340 hp....thats the problem and frustrating!! sorry but this, the fact its a kit car and the higher new prices, i would always buy a GT Porsche for that money. Exige 430 + 130k€ gaga.:) better buy a cheap 350 and modify it!
  5. Nice car, but sorry Lotus i would never ever pay 130k€! Funny price imho.
  6. No good news, i feel sorry for you! Perhaps better get a GT3.;-)
  7. Lotus numbers are only fake imho. 3-11 i drove was same. Felt like 340-350 bhp. Very dissapointing!!
  8. 997 gt3 3.6, 3.6 RS, mk2 3.8 are reliable. mk2 3.8 RS, 4.0 RS more issues known
  9. Drive a gt3, gt4 and decide your own. Advice from other people will not the best for you. imho 997 gt3 have sublime Engine/gearbox and sound. And is miles more rewarding when you master it. Gt4 and exige go fast is easier and you dont need the driving finesse as with the gt3.
  10. Go out and drive a GT3 as hard as you can and you know it.;-)
  11. I sold my v6 exige for a 997.2 GT3 CS best decision ever. I wish i had bought the gt3 earlier!
  12. I think its a good question why the Exige 380 isnt much faster on track or straight line. (Exige 380 -380hp/1130Kg- vs. 981 GT4 -385hp/1380kg or 718 -350hp/1420 kg) Where`s the beef??
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