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  1. From what I've seen, the update adds the option to add GPS or ECU readout of speed, and the ability to scale speed to adjust for different wheel diameters. A comment by AiM in the FB chatter suggests a further update is a 'couple weeks' away to enable addition of an extra page to show addition senso readouts live on the dash
  2. I was very lucky with my green (ceramic) Sub. Got it last year after 'only' 5months of waiting, so well and truly after they became unobtainium. Amazing how crazy things have changed, I remember having no problems at all when I first got the same generation sub in black in 2013, and latterly a Sea Dweller 4000 (which I regrettably moved on to make funding the Exige easier).
  3. Oh that PP annual calendar /moonphase is just I'm would absolutely love a Vacheron Fifty-Six Complete Calendar or JLC Master Ultrathin Moon, as I don't have anything 'dressy', but struggle to justify getting another nice watch at the moment (because racing/trackdays/wanting a new motorbike). For now I'll have to 'make do' with two dive watches in the form of a green Sub and Pelagos LHD (albeit the Pelegos is on its rubber strap making it more everyday friendly)
  4. 66946_A702T0002A - Exige V6 Cup Car Supplementary Manual V6 15 11 13.pdf
  5. Hi Vince and welcome. I'm a bit confused as that looks like a V6 Cup, not a Cup 360. The colour looks to be Solar yellow, but if you can get the paint code from the chassis plate (black/white sticker on the inside sill), we can confirm.
  6. Congrats Nathan, Last year was my first season racing and it's an experience like no other. The learning curve is steep beyond belief but I gurantee you'll love it. I tentatively have a seat for the Silverstone 24hr round of the C1's, which should be quite something ! All the best for the ARDS, though it's a complete breeze so don't sweat it to much.
  7. I wimped out on my original plan of something witty and entertaining for a splash screen, so got the camera out instead.
  8. Forgot to follow up with photos. I look forward to hearing the latest dyno feedback, Imran. My car certainly feels peppier.
  9. Exhaust flap status message would be useful too. One of the first things I noticed was that speed seemed higher than I would expect. In one of my photos posted in the other thread it showed me doing 64mph in 2nd gear, with some revs left to go...I don't think this is possible, but would need to check again. I've not changed any settings out the box with RaceStudio, so that's whatever speed signal it gathers as standard (I assume ECU)
  10. Very nice Greg, congrats. I assume that has a full cage, being over on the other side?
  11. I went out for a little run earlier. The gear learning mode is a breeze and seems completely seamless. Set it going via the menu, go for a litle drive and after a couple minutes it's done. I'm trying to work out whether I prefer the analogue or digital (horizontal bar) rpm readout. Digital has a lot of dead space when driving on the road, but the analogue one doesn't look all that great to me, and annoyingly it decides to show you revs in a live number too, which I find a bit distracting. I'll stick to digital for now. Shift lights are nice and bright but I think come on a little early by default at 5200rpm. I need to reset more to what i had on my Solo2DL. Otherwise I'd like to see a cruise control tell-tale light and an exhaust flap message when I hit the button, both of which i believe will be addressed. OMG that plastic!!!111
  12. I'd best get some miles in and running impressions on mine, so we can focus the attention back onto the actual dash. Seems wherever the discussion is, it's regarding the sodding binnacle!
  13. Fitted. Installation is as easy as has been claimed by others. Cowl finish not nearly as offensive as it looks in the photos, but not perfect. The product itself looks as robust and well thought out as I'd expect from AiM, and I'm looking forward to having a proper play with it.
  14. I usually attend this, and see no reason currently why I wouldn't next year.
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