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  1. Adding final auction price for later reference: A bargain, in my opinion.
  2. To be clear, ALL Exiges have rollover protection. The Cup part is different as it has bosses to accept fitment of the harness A-Frame/cage). Refer to images below:
  3. Some very strange numbers in that readout, even if I compare with my own car (with heavily biased usage on track). Personally, I'd be shifting focus onto another vehicle. You'd kick yourself if you have any issues down the line after doing the due diligence at this stage.
  4. Around 14.00 on A283 Steyning bypass. Blue Esprit with numberplate ** ESP
  5. If you're serious about adding front downforce, you'll need to revisit a deep front splitter. If it's jut for the odd blast up the autobahn, I can see why you weren't keen on the idea, but unfortunately the canards won't help you. Might be worth dropping the nose to make sure what you already have is as effective it can be.
  6. I haven't moved on my AiM Solo 2 yet after getting the MX2E dash. It can do performance stuff in addition to track datalogging.
  7. They were dropped for the Sport 350, certainly in Euro market. Previous to that, they only came without on the V6 Cup
  8. You've reached 'peak youtuber' now. it always goes something like this: "I can't believe I'm buying my dream car".. Next video: "I'm selling my dream car" Seriously though, it sounds like a worthwhile change in priorities, shame as I was really looking forward to seeing the respray. I agree though, track use is the absolute killer on these in terms of running cost. Ok, it's a drop in ocean compared to tracking other marques, but with pure road use, a Lotus costs next to nothing. It's actually been really nice having cash available during this lockdown period to get on with other things. I know you've been enjoying the road bike, so any opportunity to use that more can only be a goo thing.
  9. I don't regret adding the Quaife to my car, as GF said, any negative effect can be improved upon my tweaking my TTX dampers or geometry. I've had it a couple of years now and the car is either superbly stuck in the dry or immense fun in the wet. In damp conditions it can push on at the front but i'm not convinced it's all from the diff.
  10. I did not. My shift lights have always behaved so I didn't even think to.
  11. I updated mine this afternoon, The process was very simple, and once applied I found the option to choose vehice very easily in the menu (as Mark says above, only 2011-2020 is listed as an option) After the dash rebooted I gave it a quick trial, confirming the useful additions of cruise control telltale, exhaust flap status and clearer DPM mode readout. I had to change the speed / Odo readout back to miles and get dash to learn the gears again, but that was about it. Thanks Dave and AiM for getting the update out.
  12. Off everywhere, as the car has a huge amount of mechanical grip to exploit. Ditto with @The Pits, it also makes wet driving a lot of fun, the car is ultra-communicative and quite predictable with an LSD, in my case. Extremely challenging, but ultimately rewarding. A very very wet Goodwood in February was probably the most fun I've had in my Cup. The Bosch DPM is well set up, and I'm sure Race mode is impressive, but it's not for everyone.
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