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  1. Hi @Stuart Monument, it was very enjoyable thanks. If anything just nice to be back out on track for a few laps at a sunny Brands indy. A couple of other chaps today will be driving C1s, I'm definitely going to look into it. TIme to buy some gear, now, having sold most my sprint stuff a while back (helmet outdated and without HANS anyway), then look for a drive. Maybe see you out there!
  2. Oh well done, that should be brill. I've been looking at these too (ARDS test tomorrow 😎)
  3. No problems on road and track. Mine are on the standard cast wheels. 215/45/17 front 265/35/18 rear
  4. People actually use the groove to tighten them? I used to just gently nip them up by hand using the outer diameter and never had an issue.
  5. Well I'm at the bike show opposite on Saturday. I know that helps 0%.
  6. That is a bit pants, Mark. No issues with mine so far. For the record though, the sidebar LEDs can be set up either for shift lights or corner laptime delta throughout the lap.
  7. Mine is still rock solid, Jack, so not sure it's purely thermal. It must be said I never clean my engine bay/supercharger so it's never been wiped with anything either. It's great to see an attractive alternative to what seem to be a very common issue. From what I've seen, they're understandably flying out the door too. Well done, Imran.
  8. Exactly the same here. I've said it before, but to my eyes the 3-Eleven and Evora 410 etc style wheels are much nicer, whereas the Exige forged design looks a bit more resolved in Elise Cup size. I'm definitely in the minority, though. Happy enough with my y-spoke cast wheels until something suitable comes along (that's not 6k+ HRE wheels), so I'll just have to brake less to make up for the mass delta.
  9. Arun_D

    "S55 FLY"

    I believe this has now been sorted on FB.
  10. I know of people who have gone the other way, the louvered panel is interchangeable with the glass, but a straight swap of the whole tailgate is easy (though requires some paint most likely, depending on the donor)
  11. I must be the only person that doesn't think much of the roof-off experience in the V6. Tried it when I installed my Tillett, it was alright. For me I think it's because it's more of a Targa experience that an out and out convertible. With standard exhaust it was more wind noise than anything else.
  12. Why is it specifically in Race mode that you can feel the difference?
  13. I'm fairly sure I was checking this area with my hand in one of my recent journeys as I felt the same. Suprised I haven't noticed before, as it's the 4th winter driving this particular V6 so I was wondering if it was something that developed over time.
  14. Naff to the max, in my opinion. Lovely looking 430 Cup in any case 😄
  15. I would give them a go. My original Cup Nitrons were fine on the 550/1100lb/inch spec, surprisingly so. I came from a couple of standard race pack V6S and the jump felt quite subtle to me. My current Ohlins TTX on 900/1250 lb/inch are as firm as I would like to go, but bearable for the many road miles I do on pan-euro track jaunts.
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