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  1. Mine's the same, though I'm sure it's louder now than when my car was new.
  2. @Vipers That's right, turns out he only lives a couple minutes from where I am in the South Downs! His son debuted as well at Cadwell, but didn't have luck on his side, finishing only the last of the 3 races. Next round all 3 of us will be driving, but Peter is comfortably on A-grid pace, whereas I expect to be in the B-group a while longer. That said, my 2nd race saw me start p20 and finish P11, but fate conspired against me in race 3 and I was punted off, denyng me of my top10 finish. Still got her to the flag though, so I'm happy! Don't tell anyone, but the MX5 was a lot more fun than my bewinged Lotus , so I think your point on non-aero cars is valid! I totally agree, seat time is key. I know Snett very well so that plus now having experience in the car should put me in good stead. I'm coming back for that top10 finish!!
  3. Very cool, Paul. I actually did my first ever race weekend, at Cadwell earlier this month in the BRSCC MX5 championship. Talk about a baptism of fire, having last driven there in my S2 Exige 5 years ago! The front-runners are a good 12 seconds or so down the road from you, based on the video. However the laps are hectic, with the Mazdas flat in a lot of places (turn1 for example), and dancing all over the shop with no aero and on road tyres. I'm actually racing with an ex Radical racer, but I believe he was in the series down from the SR1s. Next stop Snetterton for me Best of luck!
  4. Struggling to picture what this unit is/does, but from what you've described I doubt I'd want another one in my car.
  5. I did like that video actually. Lovely car and a great noise. I need me some supercharger whine.
  6. Yet you still haven't bought one!
  7. I've experience 'ice effect' in my V6 Cup under hard braking when gradient is involved, I've adjusted to this behaviour by changing braking point or amount of applied pressure but sometimes it still catches me out. Some locations where I expect it to happen are T13 and the bottom of Pflantzgarten on the nordschleife, and Druids at Brands Hatch.
  8. Funnily enough my car has just started exhibiting the same symptom, Mario. Recently recharged but I suspect there's a leak somewhere, as I don't beleive the compressor is running, as per Phil's post above.
  9. Maxi, depending on which circuit / corner i'm braking into, I experience this in my original V6 Cup, both on ZZR and Cup2 tyres. Not sure I'd want to or can switch to the Bosch motorsport system as per Jack et al, but I will keep an eye on this thread with interest, especially if there is an update to the 380 cars that improved this.
  10. Arun_D

    Bye bye V6

    Should be #051
  11. Arun_D

    Bye bye V6

    A wise choice
  12. 4 years with an Optimate here, no issues.
  13. Can't go wrong with some grain (as an past owner of a couple of old Jags). Dare I ask how much from Lotus (just curious, it really wouldn't work with my car)? Personally I think those painted ones look naff to varying degreees, depending on colour choice.
  14. Hi Mike, Yes, the car was on Ohlins TTX when I had the Quaife fitted. Although I had only one session under my belt on this suspension before the diff was fitted, I believe there is a slight push-on that the diff brings on, but nothing a couple clicks can't sort.
  15. Not uncommon at all. I've probably got a couple still in there, because track car and all that.
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