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  1. Arun_D

    Sooty water dripping from under the exhaust

    Yup, it's as Dave said. Mine was doing this quite prominently earlier in the year at the slip joint. The sooty condensate from the exhaust drips down the undertray and through the vent for the bypass valve onto the ground and looks quite disconcerting on a nicely painted garage floor. It will continue to do so until the joint is hot, upon which the gap closes up. Since my car's been getting a more regular spanking (or ambient temp has increased) the joint seems to be sealing a bit better when cold.
  2. Arun_D

    380 sport noise test

    Martin, as you know we're a matter of 15minutes from eachother. It is a bit of a trek but for me it's peace of mind my car is in capable and knowledgeable hands. For various reasons my car is making me somewhat of a regular to the area so I've started ticking off various cultural attractions recently. Sutton Hoo was a pretty strong opener. Maybe this could be a new blog of mine. But anyway, for a one-off visit like an exhaust it's a no brainer as you can make a day of it. Dave, that endoresement must be worth a quid off the next invoice. Actually, have you thought about a loyalty card?
  3. Arun_D

    TLF Trackday?

    I'm there this weekend, but booked onto the CircuitDays trackday on Sunday. Enjoy!
  4. Arun_D

    A journey into track days

    Those are normal ZZR sizes, so no issues there.
  5. Arun_D

    A journey into track days

    @BatMobile Spa on the 30th with LoT, otherwise the rest of the month is looking quiet for me. Yes, safe to say @gfwilliams is ok with Photoshop. I don't have forged wheels on my car...
  6. haha, hand your membership card in on your way out 😂😁
  7. @RS4 Ah not I'm on the LoT day there at the end of July
  8. You both going? I'm going to be seriously outgunned!
  9. Yes I think they're due a change. Is it 2x the price of OE even if you're just changing the rotor?
  10. I believe I'm running the same brackets as Imran is, I certainly didn't have different ones fitted. My rears are getting the 10mm shorter stems as part of the remedial work following the issue documented on my thread. Hopefully they are still compatible.
  11. It's surprisingly difficult to bash it seems, I was at 122mm before my Cup2s were fitted and didn't even touch scrape at Karussell recently, though when my car was decked on the Nitrons I would scrape the standard splitter on everything. I've only managed to clonk it twice, and that's on stuff infront of it rather than below whilst parking at service stations (idiot)
  12. H111 got my TTX to 122mm at the front, keeping the rear set to the original 136mm, the act of the front coming down naturally brought the rear measurement point down to 133mm. This is with the front platforms wound out all the way on the fronts. With this comes the same issues as Imran describes above.
  13. Get that diff on the upgrade list, Imran. I'm really happy I pushed the boat out when the clam was off for my CupR kit and got it installed, certainly it will allow me to really exploit any future power related upgrades should I decide to go this route. Same for you, I suspect.
  14. Arun_D

    A journey into track days

    Ah yes, I forgot the noise issue, all my days were with Harwoods dealership group, which are 'loud'. Regarding ZZRs, be mindful of my recent discovery that they are clearly marked 'For Competition Use' and no longer are E-marked.
  15. Arun_D

    A journey into track days

    Goodwood is just great, my local. I'll have to get on an LoT day there as my usual TDO's prices have skyrocketed this year, no doubt passing on a significant hike that Goodwood are asking to rent the track. As for tyre, I wouldnt' worry about it, looks quit normal and the patchiness could be a factor of it resting on a different surface. Looks like similar has happened futher down but the melted bits have been squashed or already flailed off. It's normal when a tyre is working hard, but I will say I dont' really rate Corsas as they do tend to wilt very easily. Oh and I don't hate Porsches, I love the GT cars.