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  1. TLF GT430 Club

    @The Pits certainly a wise move on the PPF. The downside to this was your car wasn't around at the weekend when I dropped in at B&C, as it was away getting the work done. Looking forward to seeing it!
  2. Silverstone GP - 26th November 17

    I can always rely on your predictability. Brill, can you also bring your service stamp and an ink pad for my maintenance book please? I forgot to check before I left yours last week :-P
  3. Evora Sport 410

    I spent an hour or so in a 410 over the weekend and it didn't disappoint. A lovely thing that would make a fine weekend tourer.
  4. Silverstone GP - 26th November 17

    I'm likely to turn up before you lot so I'll find a garage and do a human starfish on the garage floor till others arrive.
  5. alias23 aka Magpie - My Lotus Journey

    Looking good Imran, I can definitely seeing the addition of the extra straps being of benefit for my B6 too. I'd done it before in other cars and it helps so much. For the purpose of spreading knowledge, the B&G steering spacers work a treat too. Interesting you still had to ditch the centre console. My B6 is rolled edge too but I was ok, and I thought we were similar in midget status.
  6. That sounds ok. My car locks manually only (no alarm) and I have the pins removed. There is zero tension when I turn the key to lock. I think in your case you are just locking the door but not necessarily setting the alarm. This has to be done via the fob button, iirc.
  7. Evora GT430

    Jonny, thanks for the further pics, it's gorgeous. As per Neal, that Kawasaki is another notable weapon! A friend of mine works for Prodrive and more than likely literally had a hand in making the carbon bits you're loving so much (you'll notice the sticker on the inside of the tailgate, a lot of the carbon stuff across the board is now done by them, and not by Polar anymore). I shall pass the message that his work is appreciated.
  8. I've heard this happen countless times. On my last V6 it was initially very difficult to get the key in and out (it was effectively a new car due to be run as a demonstrator that I got via rejecting my first V6, so had sub-1000miles on the clock). Some liberal WD-40 spraying sorted that.
  9. Canyon Red Exige V6 Cup

    @550superfastOriginally it was a combination of wanting to add a bit more rake on advice from Nitron (confirming an opinion of my own), then getting carried away with the (albeit subjective) aesthetic improvement, and finally not being bothered to get under the car again to raise it when I realised I got over-zealous. Once I had the new splitter on and realise it was grounding out in some braking zones, I knew I'd either have to increase ride height and/or consider upping the front spring rate on the Nitrons as recommended by a few folk. In the end I happened across these Öhlins for sale and fixed the issue by spending just under £3k on new dampers!! Now they're on the car, I want to maintain having the car slightly lower than standard but in no way as much as before. I think it looks just right now, you can tell me what you think when you see it.
  10. Canyon Red Exige V6 Cup was too low! Now a smidge under 120mm up front (10mm lower than standard spec) and the rear are left as is, though naturally the measurement point at the rear of sill has come down as the front was lowered. Between 130-135mm.
  11. Canyon Red Exige V6 Cup

    I'm wary there may be limited value in sharing my experience so far on my TTX36 dampers, given they are very much track spec, and all I have completed so far are road miles, but I now a lot of you are keen to hear how I get on, so here we go. I picked the car up from H111 last weekend after they had to keep it for a few days due to a parts mix-up (not theirs), but actually it was a blessing having to leave the car with them as they were able to find and rectify a couple of fluid leaks I didn't know I had (one from the baffled sump joint - Not uncommon), service the car and stick on a new pair of rear ZZRs. Thank you to David, Marianne and Greg for taking care of my Exige and getting things sorted. The dampers and geo was setup mostly according to the Lotus Motorsport supplementary bulletin for CupR cars with TTX36 and Avon ZZR, albeit we couldn't achieve the -2.1deg camber on the front without some modification of parts (to be sorted later, for now it's at around -1.4), and I asked them lower the front ride height from the spec sheet. In the end we maxed out the platforms on the fronts before I got to where I wanted (my target was slightly higher than how I had my Nitrons) but I'm happy I won't be having any issues grounding my CupR splitter in braking zones anymore (more a product of the 'soft' Lotus specced Nitron spring rate than ride height). Having the bump and rebound as per the CupR setup had me slightly nervous for the drive home, also not least the fact spring rate up-front has risen nearly 65% over my Cup Nitrons, but actually there was no need to worry. I had over 100miles to complete on the drive home, of mostly dual-carriageway, and although decidedly firm, for the most part I so far prefer the ride quality over that of the Nitrons. Now, that comment has to be taken as a very broad statement as both products offer a range of adjustability that can vastly changes their character. I have no doubt either can be made extremely pliant on the road, but my initial assumption of getting home and imminently wanted to reduce the damping to something more comfortable really was unfounded. On the subject of adjusting, all damping adjustment is located on the bottom of the damper bodies, so there is a knack to it. Fronts are easy-peasy, just needing the wheels to be turned, but the rears will need a technique developed (as my TTX wearing buddies on here will attest). The Öhlins for the most part seem extremely well controlled but didn't provide a bone shaking ride, and only the worst of our drain covers provided some uncomfortable moments, most notably when I was negotiating a right turn in to a side junction with such a cover mid- corner at about 10mph, which had my throttle foot jumping off the pedal and myself coming out of my seat. Speaking of which, don't forget my seat is a carbon Tillett B6 with zero padding, so maybe I'm glutton for punishment. I would say with the Öhlins, things improve significantly with speed and secondary ride quality is very well behaved. Unfortunately, by the time I got to my favourite B-roads near my home in Sussex, the roads were decidedly wet, so no chance to explore, but the car is as flat as you'd expect and it's clear grip will in abundance. As I said at the outset, these are motorsport items and their benefit over my previous setup will only be evident on circuit. So on the 26th of this month, I'll really get to see what the fuss is all about, as the car joins a few other TLFers at Silverstone GP. I'm really looking forward the day.
  12. Great feedback, Maxi. It's good to start getting more people's real-world feedback on the LSDs. I never ever bought the 'this guy with a Lotus salary doesn't like them, therefore the cars definitely don't need them' argument. For a rounded proposition suiting the majority of customers, then fine, the Bosch DPM system is adequate enough. As above, some more details on your camber setup would be appreciated. We were targeting -2.1deg when my car had its TTX dampers fitted last week, but of course we culd only get to just under 1.5deg without more major mods being made.
  13. TLF GT430 Club

    Congratulations, that is a great looking motor. Drive in good health and hopefully see you out on track.
  14. ^ This in spades. In the context of the potential alternatives, or even as a standalone product, there is no doubt that the 430 Cup is a stunning bit of kit. To think you can get such performance from a factory warranted item is a thing to be applauded. My only gripe is as you have said, the 380 Cup looks a bit redundant and I do feel bad for those with orders in. To me the Exige line up makes sense as Sport 350 > Sport 380 > 430 Cup
  15. Great, let us know how you get on with it, as I will more than likely follow suit next year.