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  1. MSAR also sell the kit that allows you to use the harnesses whilst the standard belts remain installed.
  2. A journey into track days

    My birthday as well, @Colin67! I'm also planning that July LoT date at Spa.
  3. In Race the e-diff function is still very active. You need to turn it to 'off' mode for it to be completely disabled.
  4. alias23 aka Magpie - My Lotus Journey

    Indeed that is correct (I double checked myself in the same way earlier today!)
  5. Canyon Red Exige V6 Cup

    Yes there is still usable space for luggage, but the boot is not 100% water tight anymore No, the boot is not lockable. It is just the two aerocatches to open, but if I was really bothered (I am not) then apparantly you can get lockable versions.
  6. Makes my CupR wing and engine cover look cheap
  7. Exige 380 ecu remap

    That's it, it's the sessioned nature of Goodwood I was getting at, can make things challenging. When I used to still do tourist sessions at the Nordschliefe and had come come off after each lap, I used to do a run down to the Industry Park and back immediately after! That said, even with my V6 and unlimited lapping there on trackdays, I usually have to drive straight to the fuel station after each outing so plenty of cooling.
  8. Exige 380 ecu remap

    That's a good point, reading it again they havn't advised it cool down laps at all, definitely a must!! I'm super sensitive as well to this after a bad experiences on previous Meganes even with cool down laps. Thankfully the Lotus seems a bit more resilient after I've been forced to come in a couple of times at short notice (mostly at Goodwood due to how they run the days)
  9. Exige 380 ecu remap

    The emails sounds sensible to me. Don't track until the running in mineral oil is replaced with the proper rated stuff and the engine has it's bedding-in miles complete, and exercise mechanical sympathy on your pride and joy. The only thing extra bit I don't many of us would do is the idling for up to two minutes once back in the pits to prmote a more gentle cool down and avoid high 'hot soak' temperatures that may occur if you just key-off. I certainly don't.
  10. V6 CupR gathering ......

    Mangnificent. Your wing endplates are monumental, Jack. In fact the whole car has come along so much from when you first got it.
  11. Exige Cup

    It is B141, I double checked on @mcx 's car on Saturday.
  12. Canyon Red Exige V6 Cup

    No problem seeing the instruments at all. I sit so low in my Tillett the top of the wheel is above the instrument cowling.
  13. A journey into track days

    Sounds like a rewarding and worthwhile day. I think we all would benefit from the likes of Mr P, it's definitely something I'm considering. By the way, I'm booked up on the Hethel LoT day in April @Colin67 mentioned.