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  1. I think it unlikely that there is an issue with your car (congratulations, by the way). One thing that Tour mode possesses that the other modes do not, is understeer detection and correction. I can well imagine it was this that was being triggered in the instance you describe. Over ownership of 3 separate V6 Exiges, I have explored the extent of Tour mode once, and having experienced its super-aggressive response in both the understeer detection/control and the lazy throttle response (that is also unique to this mode), it was enough for me never to use it again. Personally I found it very disconcerting.
  2. @Seriouslylotus Exactly that, I'm still running 265mm on my forged wheels (albeit Cup2) and seem to get on just fine. In my opinion it shouldn't be a limiting factor.
  3. A very helpful and confidence inspiring post for the OP as a budding new biker to read 🤔
  4. Both to be expected, I wouldn't be overly concerned. Enjoy your new car!
  5. I think you'll be fine...great characterful engine in those despite its humble origins. A 1999 OW-02 R7 might have been more of an insurance challenge however... 😅 Best of luck with the licence!!
  6. That's a shame, Mitch. if it's any consolation, the same thing happened to my V6 Cup when it was the same age. Can't comment on root cause as I added it to the job list for dealership to sort during the running-in service, but it sounds like you don't have the luxury of support from yours, which is a great shame.
  7. Sad news, Steve. That's just me as the sole original UK Cup car owner (if you do go down the for-sale route). Gary @550superfast paint colour and interior spec mostly (the latter I used as inspiration for mine, which was next to be built)
  8. Definitely, Russ! I can send you over my setups if you'd like but I'd almost be certain the valving/rates on mine are different from yours.
  9. @Glynnsport Steve It's only you and I as far I know, certainly in the UK. @Jack is still enjoying his CupR over the other side of the Atlantic.
  10. Agreed! Glad to see it's not just me as the only original owner of one of these!
  11. Far less glamourous, but I spotted a 'camouflaged' Emira out and about near Wellingborough of all places yesterday. In inverted commmas as the camouflage was emblazoned with large Emira logos not disimmilar to other manufacturer's development vehicles after a reveal. No question it was a V6 version as it booted it down a dual carriageway.
  12. A number of people run 285mm width tyres with no additional parts (i.e. no plastic wheel arch spats) without issue. I think the introduction of the spats was more to avoid any type-approval type issues with incremental increase in wheel width (up to 10") and the minor increase in exposed tyre than anything else.
  13. Although possible without, your life would be much easier taking the seat out if you remove the roof first, so by default it'll be out for A-Frame removal.
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