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  1. Evora GT430

  2. Mod the V6S or look for a Cup?

    That's not very exciting is it?! I'll have some Nitrons going spare once I get my Ohlins fitted.
  3. Sport 350 : Best Bang for the Buck ?

    I think the people are generally in agreement. The platform changes that came in with the 350 (gearchange, switch gear etc) plus decent weight saving with the rear hatch (moreso with the Hethel edition, with further reductions) make it a great buy for the price. And you can drive to your heart's content without worrying too much about noise meters. This is all before broaching the subject of the usable power uplift in the 380 (lower rev limit etc) as well.
  4. 380 Sport Insurance..

    Matt @ Henderson Taylor is super. Glad you got it sorted.
  5. You've done alright, the push-button on the driver's side of my Cup seized during the running-in period.
  6. Exige S picture & video thread

    Brilliant, @Malcolm Feth. I hope you had a great morning Thanks for the photo of mine and @mario308's car. It was nice to see a handful of Lotus amongst the plethora of BMWs
  7. V6 Exige forged wheels

    Ah very nice. I was actually looking to treat the car to a set of these last week when I instead stumbled upon my set of refurbished Ohlins TTX. Now I'm broke.
  8. Mod the V6S or look for a Cup?

    Having made the same move, you would expect me to recommend the change without hesitation. However, also having a car from new that was a unique specification, I would try to hang on to your Sprint. You must remember the feeling of getting updates from the factory and then getting that first view of your personalised car in the flesh (plastic). It would be a huge shame to move it on so soon. Equally, a a few of us have deviated our Cups from their original factory spec now, there are a lot of hardware options that I think surpass what the Cups are fitted from the factory, that you can apply to your current car. That said...Man Maths and what you need vs what you want goes loonnnng way.
  9. Canyon Red Exige V6 Cup

    @Jack, many thanks for the detailed response and sharing your findings. I'm really looking forward to exploring the new setup. Quick question, are the dampers installed with the adjuster end at closest to the ground at both front and rear? From photos, I know the rears definitely are installed this way.
  10. Elise 220 --> 250 Cup How?

    Calibration and smaller diameter pulley only, I'm fairly certain.
  11. Canyon Red Exige V6 Cup

    Thanks, I'm still totally smitten with my V6 Cup. We've got a lot more to come. In terms of fitting, I really don't know. My initial plan on Lotus Motorsport supplying and fitting these vaporised in mid-2016 when they closed the workshop. Mick Garder Racing themselves are the next logical choice, however are all the way in Barnsley. They do obviously though have the experience with these bits, having fitted them to a multitude of test Lotus' and customer cars. I'm exploring options in the South currently. I would assume it would be renewing the oil and all seals and o-rings. Inspect the piston and other moving parts for abnormal wear and replace accordingly, and finish with a fresh charge of nitrogen gas at the top of the damper body.
  12. Canyon Red Exige V6 Cup

    Some casual eBay browsing this week caused me to happen upon a freshly serviced set of CupR TTX36 Ohlins dampers that Russ Walton at Mick Gardner Racing (Official UK Distributor and supploer to Lotus) was getting shot of. My Engineer's eye spotted a few signs in the advert photos that they may have been ex-DV test parts, and a quick chat to Russ (who is a supremely friendly and knowledgeable chap from my previous encounters and conversations about my longterm plan of adding the TTX), I seem to recall he said this set were helpful in setting up the GT430 spec for Lotus. After confirming internal valving were as per V6 CupR spec, we added some springs to the deal and the parts were sent my way. For info, after intitially agreeing to the standard CupR spring rates of 950/1250, Russ kindly popped in 900lb/inch front springs after checking what the Track Group boys and girls are fitting to their cars, whilst sticking to the 1250lb/inch rears. I believe @Jack has had a positive experience in reducing front spring rate on his 'R, so this bodes well. For various reasons, the Canyon Red Cup hasn't seen too much track action this year, and probably won't now till 2018, so there is a chance I'll put my sensible hat on (if I can find it) and wait to get these fitted over winter. However, I'm normally an impatient man and that plan may turn out to be b**locks. From speaking to @M4rk and @550superfast, who already run these dampers, these will be very firm on the road, but habitable. However, since the car is predominantly a track toy (as intended) it's a small price to pay. I'm really glad to stumbled across these. I couldn't stretch to getting them spec'd on the car from new and always kicked myself afterwards when comparing the cost of ticking the box compared with buying them on the aftermarket, but always planned on making the move after a good couple years with the standard car. Top eBay kneejerk purchasing....and I wasn't even drunk.
  13. New Member with Ex460

    It is indeed. The for-sale ad documented it all to extreme detail, as you would come to expect from Eric. Welcome Duncan! Hopefully will see you out on track .
  14. Olivier is correct. If I recall correctly, aux belt condition is inspected in yr3 officially, but any servicing provider worth their salt would inspect when your car goes in anyhow.
  15. Evora GT430

    Nice and easy to attach emissions gear or extraction on a dyno, for example