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  1. Hi Simon, as always I'd say turn everything off and enjoy learning, but I appreciate that's probably not helpful for your first wet day! Sport can be a useful safety net which allow an appreciable level of slip before coming in like a sledgehammer blow, definitely give it a try, but I think most people find Race quite benign in its operation whilst remaining effective. Probably a good one to start with, but the usual caveat remains that as it 'learns', then expect a couple of bigger slip moments as it finds the limit. If you have the confidence, I do emplore you to try a couple of la
  2. yes ignore me, senility is creeping in early with me
  3. @Bandit Indeed Paul some bits on the Pewter car I'd prefer were standard, plus it's another one that's had a KT power mod. Not necessarily a bad thing, but it seems examples erring more towards standard are getting hard to find. Not that I can talk, when it comes to mods.
  4. @Adamist apologies, it looks like #20 was the press car, judging by the photo in this article. I'd edit my previous post in reply to you for future accuracy but can't, so will leave this here:
  5. Hey Paul, Link to #6 here: Also I saw a comment suggesting #13 moving on again in a post I saw the FB Exige V6 group but haven't seen an ad.
  6. For me yes, I can definitely rely on it. I've run it down to 1 segment on a trackday an experienced mild fuel surge, so that's a good indicator it's actually near empty!
  7. No the bar just runs down to empty, albeit the segments go turn from white to red when the level is under 1/4 tank
  8. The do not say 'forged'. Depending on which model they came from, the rears may have a bonded spacer to effect a 3mm offset difference, for 285mm width tyre fitment, but they will fit.
  9. Hi Adam and welcome. The Cup is a fantastic choice. I highly suspect 006 was the press car, but I wouldn't let that put you off at all. It only seemed to do a handful of reviews and would have been well looked after at the factory. I came from a couple of V6S before I got my Cup in 2015, I was very surprised by the level of compliance in the standard Nitrons. I'd go so far as to say they're suited to a typical b-road drive more than the normal Bilsteins. The GT4 would arguably be even more suited to majority road usage but the Exige I'm sure is more special, to drive and own. Only yo
  10. Correct county, but not mine unfortunately (unless I need to check the garage!). Most likely Fire Red in that case.
  11. Thanks @Paul_D, that was the next step of feedback I wasn't able to give, which is interesting in itself as there's no LED in the OEM switch! I'm not 100% sure on whether the flap needs to be activated in TechCentre on a V6S after fitting the switch, but worth a try for the sake of a normal switch.
  12. To an extent, but any drilled disc used with any regularity on track will still crack around the holes. The longterm solution is to switch to grooved. You will still see surface crazing on the disc from heat, but much better to remove the stress raisers altogether.
  13. @Gashead1105 It had the standard Nitrons from the photos from under the access cover, but yes, a lot of the accent stuff wasn't to my taste. Also what made me chuckle was the irony of 'that' quote from Colin Chapman embroidered on sides sills made heavier from the retrim. Anywhoo, a decent buy for someone.
  14. @550superfast Looks like the Black Edition on Collecting Cars went for £40k. I spotted it the other day but was only prompted to look again after your post.
  15. I don't believe there are any hardware differences.
  16. I guess the 'why bother?' bit comes down to the fact if you think the rubber gates have deteriorated or not (or are likely to in the near future), therefore compromising the sump's anti-surge performance. Anyhow, I've learnt something this week which may influence some servicing decisions for me in the future, cheers @MrD
  17. Interesting, I don't know of anyone that has had the Cup 'trapdoor' sump gates renewed. I don't think B&C or H111 did this as part of routine servicing on my Cup.
  18. Congrats @Neal H. I'm really looking to experiencing the latest Speedy, as I said previously in this thread, the last one was right up there as potential 2nd bike for me, especislly after seeing them being bolted together at the Hinckley plant. A real hooligan machine that's also comfy and feature-laden. Roll on April!
  19. Not with a normal code reader, especially if you have no warning lights. Lotus Techcentre can interrogate the ECU and give a report on engine speed history but I believe if there was an issue you'd know about it by now.
  20. I've sure a few AiM owners will be watching this and wondering...'Can I get these screens for my MX2E dash?' Interesting to see the screens tied in with the current DPM mode, changing as the driver changes mode.
  21. Highly unlikely your friend's chassis is deteriorating, as with every car that's used regularly on track, inspection of the condition of the parts attached to the chassis is key: Dampers Bushes Suspension links wheel bearings CV joints Engine mounts, Exhaust system By no means is that a complete list but a good start.
  22. Does your car have cruise control? If not it could be the spare connector for the cruise stalk.
  23. Not 'bright' as such but gives you a feel.
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