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  1. Far less glamourous, but I spotted a 'camouflaged' Emira out and about near Wellingborough of all places yesterday. In inverted commmas as the camouflage was emblazoned with large Emira logos not disimmilar to other manufacturer's development vehicles after a reveal. No question it was a V6 version as it booted it down a dual carriageway.
  2. A number of people run 285mm width tyres with no additional parts (i.e. no plastic wheel arch spats) without issue. I think the introduction of the spats was more to avoid any type-approval type issues with incremental increase in wheel width (up to 10") and the minor increase in exposed tyre than anything else.
  3. Although possible without, your life would be much easier taking the seat out if you remove the roof first, so by default it'll be out for A-Frame removal.
  4. Cant' say for sure, but you may be lucky enough to get away with just removing the the seats (for the A-frame) I'm very happy I asked for mine to be painted body colour in-build at the factory, the body coloured A-frame was a nice feature on the S2 Cups, so I was disappointed when they went black in the V6 Cup. Personally I wouldn't go further than the A-frame. The roll hoop would definitely be a more involved removal job, and for little benefit, in my view. Photo for illustration:
  5. Sounds an absolute blinder, Nathan, especially with it remaining useable around town. Looking forward to seeing this in person one day, I still can't get my head round what these CC TVS1900 installs feel like.
  6. Love this car. I'll be eagerly awaiting your feedback on the TVS/ SCS work.
  7. I think a bit of contrast works well (as in the clear anodised aluminium), but for the cupholder black is appropriately discreet for me, as it's not something I'd usually look to highlight.
  8. Correct, same on the road car V6 Cup. Single Mocal unit up on the firewall on the left-hand side
  9. Assuming the OP has their own reasons (medical for example), if it means they can get more enjoyment and use out of their car then can only be a good thing.
  10. It all helps I'm sure, but personally I don't think as a % difference you'll notice any performance change. If it's your preference in terms of aesthetics then little harm in giving it a go, though it is worth noting Cup 2 Connect doesn't come in the size you mention. There is a reason I've stuck to 265/35/18 rubber on the back of mine despite moving to 10" wheels, as my visual preference is the opposite of yours (love a chunky sidewall), and thankfully don't find it short on performance.
  11. I've had this in my Exige Cup, just headrest pad. New velcro tape and she's good to go.
  12. Hi Tony, For the sake of an evening session I'd just utilise it as a send-off for the existing rears. Aim for 30psi hot.
  13. I think Dave is suggesting the OE Lotus one is the cheap and poor performing option of the two, unless I've misunderstood.
  14. Sorry, I mean on my car the light comes on at displayed one quarter tank and I believe this is level is accurate. i.e the AiM light comes on very early.
  15. Hi Simon, as always I'd say turn everything off and enjoy learning, but I appreciate that's probably not helpful for your first wet day! Sport can be a useful safety net which allow an appreciable level of slip before coming in like a sledgehammer blow, definitely give it a try, but I think most people find Race quite benign in its operation whilst remaining effective. Probably a good one to start with, but the usual caveat remains that as it 'learns', then expect a couple of bigger slip moments as it finds the limit. If you have the confidence, I do emplore you to try a couple of laps with everything off, you may be surprised how the car behaves.
  16. yes ignore me, senility is creeping in early with me
  17. @Bandit Indeed Paul some bits on the Pewter car I'd prefer were standard, plus it's another one that's had a KT power mod. Not necessarily a bad thing, but it seems examples erring more towards standard are getting hard to find. Not that I can talk, when it comes to mods.
  18. @Adamist apologies, it looks like #20 was the press car, judging by the photo in this article. I'd edit my previous post in reply to you for future accuracy but can't, so will leave this here:
  19. Hey Paul, Link to #6 here: Also I saw a comment suggesting #13 moving on again in a post I saw the FB Exige V6 group but haven't seen an ad.
  20. For me yes, I can definitely rely on it. I've run it down to 1 segment on a trackday an experienced mild fuel surge, so that's a good indicator it's actually near empty!
  21. No the bar just runs down to empty, albeit the segments go turn from white to red when the level is under 1/4 tank
  22. The do not say 'forged'. Depending on which model they came from, the rears may have a bonded spacer to effect a 3mm offset difference, for 285mm width tyre fitment, but they will fit.
  23. Hi Adam and welcome. The Cup is a fantastic choice. I highly suspect 006 was the press car, but I wouldn't let that put you off at all. It only seemed to do a handful of reviews and would have been well looked after at the factory. I came from a couple of V6S before I got my Cup in 2015, I was very surprised by the level of compliance in the standard Nitrons. I'd go so far as to say they're suited to a typical b-road drive more than the normal Bilsteins. The GT4 would arguably be even more suited to majority road usage but the Exige I'm sure is more special, to drive and own. Only you would be able to answer, but I'd go in with open eyes, and if the condition and history of the Cup is to your liking then I don't think you could go wrong.
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