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  1. Spotted Friday late morning
  2. Spotted on Steyning Bypass heading North. I was on 2 wheels so didn't bother waving.
  3. Victor, I'm sorry I don't know the answer to this Yes, I am booked onto this. Apologies for not tagging you, it would be great to see you again. Fingers crossed the car will be ready in time
  4. I did last year with them. Paid for itself and then some with an AC issue i had
  5. Gauging interest in the above event with LoT. Currently, myself @mcx and @alias23. Anyone else? @Mattmahope @550superfast @GFWilliams @[email protected]@Gordon [email protected] @RRSSS
  6. What are you talking about?
  7. The official minimum thickness of friction material before changing is 2.5mm. However, most people make a judgement call based on mileage on the current pads, and projected future mileage / any track activity / MOT etc. Consider the thickness is 12.5mm new on standard pads.
  8. I hate it when captive nuts aren't as captive as you'd like. Nice little modification that will make your life significantly easier. Oh, and happy birthday!!
  9. lies! I beat you to that one by nearly a year While we're here, my B6 went back to the factory in the summer to have the padding panel set added, matched to the rest of the trim in my Cup. What a great job they did too, it only occurred o me now that I hadn't shared a photo....
  10. What exhaust is that? Looks like the tailpipes have been inspired by a Mig-25 Foxbat
  11. It's honestly as simple as just unplugging the bullet connector under the seat, as others have said. No tricks or coding
  12. Calling @Vipers He will definitely be able to help you out with your query.
  13. Recommended ride height on Lotus documentation for Nitrons or Ohlins is 130mm front and 136mm rear, just for your info, measured as below:
  14. Having come from an S2 and owned a couple of V6S, with an without carpet, and then a V6 Cup, in my opinion the V6 platform is an order of magnitude more refined in terms of cabin noise than an S2. I can't imagine at cruising speed in 6th gear, a newer V6 with the fruitier exhaust is much worse.
  15. Eurgh. People need to calm down slapping JPS colours on everything, thinking it would look good. That said, it's not the most elegant car to begin with, in profile. @Gordon S 's 430 Cup though, now that's a looker.
  16. Lovely @eUKenGB. in truth, I find it very hard to make a call between whether I prefer my colour scheme or yours. An Akra is high on the list for me at some point, just need to find one. I've just scored a set of lightly used original front discs for mine this morning, so slowly getting to where I want to be with it. Ah the ThruxtonR. I sat on one at Festival of Speed in 2016 and it spurred me on to getting my licence. 5 months later I had a test ride on one and loved it. In addition to a Speed Triple, I'm also considering something roughly Bonny shaped for my next N+1 purchase. I sold a
  17. Speed Triples are fantastic things. Muscle-bound hot rod of the bike, but comfy and user-friendly at the same time. I'm considering running one as a bit of an all-rounder as my newest purchase is definitely reserved for high-days only
  18. Nothing a brick on the throttle pedal can't sort.
  19. Two-piece brake upgrade would have matching discs all-round (drilled). I'd suggest it's had the fronts replaced. Gearshift suggests it's an S rather than a 350. I agree with Alastair, a link would be handy.
  20. Your wheels are 10" wide and can accept all of your choices. The official Winter tyre is a 235mm Pirelli, but that is for a special 8" wide winter wheel.
  21. Adding final auction price for later reference: A bargain, in my opinion.
  22. To be clear, ALL Exiges have rollover protection. The Cup part is different as it has bosses to accept fitment of the harness A-Frame/cage). Refer to images below:
  23. Some very strange numbers in that readout, even if I compare with my own car (with heavily biased usage on track). Personally, I'd be shifting focus onto another vehicle. You'd kick yourself if you have any issues down the line after doing the due diligence at this stage.
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