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  1. Got mine today. Great fit and product. Thanks to Bibs for sorting out.
  2. Thanks Matt, it's good to hear your experience so far. DS2500 is understood to be equivalent to the standard pad, isn't it?
  3. That's just naughty. These posts need a warning. To me it looks so much better with this colour scheme (wasn't a fan of the launch car stripes)
  4. Had a good nose and a sit in the 360 Cup today. It's worth noting, although the base price is the same as the current cup, the deeper carbon Cup seats, 4-point harnesses + A-Frame, removable wheel, extinguiser and electrical cutoffs are now optional items.
  5. Tom, the current pricelist has the Cup as £62,995 inc VAT. I'm sure we've got much more to come.
  6. It's a nice minor refresh. No revelation, but still a performance bargain compared to other 'obvious' rivals. I like he rear cover, that will be a significant weight saving. Ohlin dampers stated as optional, but then they were before anyway. Hey one day, we might see some forged wheels on an Exige...I was hoping this would feature them! Where's the fire extinguisher and electrical cuttoffs gone? Not standard anymore?
  7. I've been told any previous colour is possible, though wasn't furnished with how much this would cost. Thankfully, Crouchy has provided.
  8. I assume it's because of the submarining risk from 4-pointers, more and more the standard is 6-point in motorsport. Anyway, yes, thread diversion. As per Ad's post,....Bibs, what's the latest on a potential new announcement before the Festival?!!
  9. For me, the only real solution (but appreciate this may not be possible or deemed necessary) is to have inertia reel belts alongside for road usage. Otherwise, there will always be a time or situation where you won't be able to easily check your blindspot when changing lanes or at awkwardly angled junctions, without some form of compromise with the harness fitment. Granted on some cars, it's less of an issue. On my R26.R, it was relatively easy as it has long doors and windows meaning you had good vision with a just glance over your shoulder. On the Elise, you're effectively presented with a view of the bulkhead. In the S2 I had inertia reels as standard and fitted harnesses with the MSAR fitting kit that allows both to be fitted at the same time. I assume you've just got harnesses in the Cup, so this is a bit more of a work-up to achieve? In which case, what you may find yourself getting the habit of, and this will only come with more time in the car, is being able to quickly slacken off a shoulder strap to allow you make the necessary safety checks, before tightening it again. I think this is pretty much the only option at present, though not ideal.
  10. My first lemon of a V6 was towed enough times by the front factory strut, which the Cup tow Shares its mounting fixings with. No problem. Any advances on the pad query?
  11. Oops, just seen the other thread on fluid in the brakes/handling section. Still, any more on pads?
  12. Thread bump! What's the recommendation on upgraded fluid, Imran? Usually Castrol SRF is the standard answer. After getting back in the V6 for the first time after the Destination Nurburgring event, it's evident my fluid is past it's best, and although a simple bleed would probably do the trick, I may as well upgrade at the same time to reduce the likelihood of repetition on future trackdays (though accept fluids like SRF need to be renewed more often). Pedal is very spongey and needs a fair shove now!! Whilst I am here, are there any more thoughts on pads, or are we still happy with standards? I can't really fault them, it's just I've nearly run out of meat all-round. I left the UK with the rears needing changing (see other threads on sport mode munching rears) , and came back after the event with the fronts severely depleted as well!
  13. It's as Paul has said, normally labour is free but materials (oil etc) chargeable for the running-in service, but I would have thought it would be included in your 3yr plan. This strikes me as odd.
  14. ^^ One thing that does bug me is the absurdness of the gearing for road use. Circa 75mph in second and if I recall correctly, 110mph in third. I'd still love to experience one, however.
  15. Congrats finally! Looking forward to hearing the spec' and seeing it in person.
  16. No, all current Lotus have an open differential, apart from the new Evora 400 and 311. The Exige has an approximation to a locking function managed by the ABS controller which applies the brakes to the inside wheel when slip is detected.
  17. Not heard of the throttle management on the Club Racer. Cant' find a reference to it. The 370Z system is seamless. I fondly remember test driving one but immediately turning the manual blipping off for my initial driving, upon which the salesmen proceeded to comment on clearly how effective the system is....except it was me doing the heel and toe downshifts! I then turned it back on to try it, and it was so good, it will make anyone look like a downshift hero. Very clever. Shame the rest of the car was terrible.
  18. Club Racer sounds like it is well suited to you, if you're doing a healthy proportion of driving on the road, rather than track. I'm the other way around with mine, so currently looking at some options (Bib's previous post definitely not helping this!)
  19. Tom won't look like MILF to me, no matter what he drives.
  20. 1. No airbags. On the streets, airbags are great, but only in conjunction with 3-point inertia reel seatbelts. 2. There is a place to rest your foot, certainly on RHD cars at least, where you use a platform on the central divider. Think LHD cars may have a separate rest, but can't confirm. 3. No, it is a conventional manual car. Blipping is done by the driver and is very satisfying when done right. 4. There's never a 'right' time to buy a car, otherwise you'll be forever be waiting for the next big thing. Depends how long you are willing to wait.
  21. Looks truly special amongst the German metal. Is that a DC2 Integra Type-R I spy as well?
  22. Reminds me of this Cup car being wrapped for Autosport show this year. As per above, go with a reputable specialist and the end result should be great, with very little to worry about.
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