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  1. Sory Bibs, I know the flyer says 10am start time, but what time do you recommend we get there to park up? Happy to get there earlier to make things easier for you guys doing the hard graft.
  2. Part of me did recall that stuff on the orange car when I was posting, but wasn't sure you were getting exactly the same. That'll definitely do the trick. Carry on! I do miss the premium sport interior on my last V6 as I do like a bit of alcantara and loved the yellow stitching. Oh well, venom red leather is pretty funky against the grey on my 'keeper' V6.
  3. Really looking forward to seeing this. LY is such a great colour, I really enjoyed taking care of the paintwork on my R26. Interior will be great too, my only hesitation would be the sills covered in alcantara. With the amount of slight brushes and knocks they can get from heels from entry or egress, they might need a bit extra care and attention than the standard plastic or premium leather covered sills. However you already know this from previous motors so will have already factored this into your decision!
  4. Very similar but not quite the same. Those being the 16/17" for S2
  5. You're quite right, all it shows on a car for some reason is part of a rear wheel on their white V6 at a silly obtuse angle.
  6. They look really good. Appears to be the forged Elise S Cup optional alloy design but sized up for the V6.
  7. Yes, I noticed after the website revamp it stated this for the regular coupe. It still does today. However, In the engine, transmissions and dimensions specification table it does somewhat clarify this by stating 'BOSCH Electronic Differential Lock [EDL]', so refers to the DPM modes. I think I used the website feedback option back then to offer the opinion that the simple 'locking differential' term could be misleading, along with some other points which contradicted eachother on the new website.
  8. Think Tom (T3Jn) mentioned to me yesterday he had the geo looked at by Hoffmans on Saturday, so most likely it was him.
  9. i know you've got it right in your head, but to clarify you're talking about adding more negative camber, where the centreline of the wheel at the top is inboard of the centreline at the bottom. Increasing negative camber brings the top of the wheel further in. Reducing negative camber past the vertical and over the other way is going into positive camber. In your case I would say in theory you would want additional negative camber to reduce the roll onto the outer shoulder under load.
  10. As per my post in your thread on on t'other site, for other people's benefit, I have had this occur twice on my V6. B&C diagnosed as a fault with the steering wheel position sensor, which they recalibrated.
  11. I'll be there, rain or shine. Coming from the Brighton direction so will see you lot there.
  12. I didn't think you could top the black wheels, but the gold ones truly finish off the look. Superb. Enjoy your new car!
  13. Be good to catch up, Tom.
  14. Come look at my V6 instead. Not on the runway, but got accepted with a pass for the general paddock area.
  15. Are the standard pads on the regular V6S really DS2500? Surprised, as I thought I would have experienced the usual DS2500 woes by now (typically really bad pad transfer). FWIW mine have been great after 3 trackdays, and only minor grumbling when they get really warm on a long session. Plenty of life left, though one of those days was wet. Don't think you will need replacements quite yet.
  16. Looks great, Chris. We're in the process of buying a place, and I'm already thinking how I'm going to kit the garage. Probably not too disimilar to yours, in terms of the detailing products storage and pressure washer at least. Going from rented jobbie with no power or hose to a brand new 2015 built garage with power and access from the garden etc. Can't wait!
  17. Great stuff, Tom. I have to get to Spa this year! Mine's prepped and ready for trackday no3 this weekend at Goodwood. It's nice to see how the Carbon Grey looks in the sun recently, it has a real depth and lustre to it. Here's one from the weekend.
  18. I took the V6 out yesterday in dry but fairly grey weather. Today's plan was to just wash the car and prep it for the next trackday this coming Saturday... ....yeah, that didn't happen. Couldn't resist an extra drive in the sunshine this afternoon. Well it is there to be enjoyed!
  19. Lol, that made me laugh on a Friday.
  20. We pay the second highest rate, so a supercar with over 255 g/km CO2 pays only pays £15 more for 12months on top of our £485
  21. I had the Bosch 24" on my S2 and that was great. Still a job I need to do on the V6.
  22. Good chance you may do if it's a Swiss car that clearly likes the private trackdays there, judging from the photos.
  23. Target pressure of 30psi (hot) is quoted quite often. I have only played with pressures once once so far on track and dropped only about 5 psi all round from the book figures, and even this showed a dramatic (+ve) difference.
  24. I'd say it's Ardent as well. I've seen it in person at Destination Nurburgring 10 last year and it looked mint. However, Having also seen Formula Red Elise S Cup in person there's not much in it, it looks just as stunning as that Exige.
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