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  1. Great news, Tony! In pre-V6 days, wishbones were the main culprit for this sort of thing, but now the Exige sports rather sweet looking alloy wishbones as per the Evora, this shouldn't be an issue. I guess you can still give a liberal coating of Waxoyl or similar to damper bodies and other gubbins in the arches if you are concerned.
  2. Not aware of anyone who has done so, I don't think there is a specific need, certainly not for aircraft grade.
  3. Congrats on the purchase. I've seen your LF1 a good few times in the last few months in the process of buying my V6 and latterly completing the running in service over the weekend just gone. Stunning car. As Neal says, get used to the car for the first couple thousand miles and see how you get on. There is nothing that is screaming for an upgrade from the factory, unless you do a lot of night driving and find the standard dipped beams as infuriating as I do. Specific wording regarding the running-in procedure is as follows: " For the first 600 miles use no more than moderate throttle openings (about half of the available accelerator pedal travel) and do not run the engine continuously at engine speeds over 4000 rpm. Occasional short bursts at wider throttle and higher engine speed will be beneficial, as will a constantly changing cruising speed and making full use of the gearbox. Do not allow the engine to labour in too high a gear ratio. After 600 miles have been covered, full throttle and or maximum engine speed may be used for short periods, but do not attempt to exploit full vehicle performance until the After sales service has been carried out. The aftersales service can be carried out between 1000 and 1500 miles." As said, this is really not difficult to adhere to as the performance is accessible from low down in the rev range. Again with the fuel tank, see how you get on with your usage. The one time I've tried getting maximum mileage from a full standard tank, it lasted 217 miles from mixed use (not track though!)
  4. Any videos still appreciated when you find some time, Steve.
  5. The valve strategy is in the handbook, next time you fancy some bedtime reading, but I think the wording for Touring is 'EPV opens from high throttle/rpm' versus 'EPV opens from medium throttle/rpm' for Sport.
  6. Goodwood limits are 105dB static, 101dB driveby on a 'loud' day, and 98dB static and 96dB on a standard 'Cat 3' day And yes, exhaust valve opens in all modes and in override 'shut' mode to prevent engine damage, but I like your thinking Neal
  7. Thanks Bibs, was that on a loud day? I can't imagine my standard V6 S will be louder than my S2 with 2bular was, and I had no problems pinning it past the meters on loud days there. Will let you know how I get on.
  8. Well hopefully I'll be able to hear one at a LOT day this year (starting with Goodwood on the 28th), and make the comparison for myself, as we seem to have conflicting opinions!
  9. Nice. Looking forward to the video. I'd be sorely tempted but it really does sound like it would give issues with respect to track noise limits.
  10. Yes that is a shame, and a surprise if I am honest. Although I much prefer plain gloss black myself, clearly I am in the minority, judging by the percentage of V6s I see with the option finish.
  11. I share your sentiments on all of your points on the V6 . It's a deserving wearing of the Lotus roundel, but has some minor foibles. Running-in service for mine tomorrow, including sorting the squeaky roof seal! Had to spray some WD40 in the fuel cap lock mechanism yesterday, as they key has always been very difficult to get in and out, but that did the trick.
  12. Sorry to hear your woes. Sounds very similar to the clutch failure I had on my first Exige V6, which was 1yr old and had 2000miles on the clock. Only occurred two weeks after I bought it at 1800miles! Friction plate centre had come apart from the outer section. There was no warning at all until it let go, the clutch felt as you would expect for a new car up until the failure. Hope you're back on the road asap.
  13. Well put, Jonny. The two specific S2 variants you mention were what I had convinced myself as the only options for me to go to after my 220 S, even after driving the V6 a couple of times, but I eventually warmed to the same logic you described at the end of your post, and went for the new car after much deliberation. No actual regret, and I'm very much looking forward to taking the V6 on its first trackday with LOT at the end of the month, but I do miss my S2 an awful lot. Special cars.
  14. Thanks Chris for the detailed response. Yes, I have had concerns as well that I had maybe made the wrong decision, as I loved my S2 so much, and thought the Cup car would be the only choice for me, but I am sure with more miles in the V6 on the road and once I start doing trackdays with it (something my S2 Exige did a lot of) then I will see how much of a step on the new car is.
  15. Very nice V6, congratulations. I'd be interested to hear how you find it compares to your Cup 260 when you have had some more time driving it, as I was certain I was going to upgrade to a 260 from my 220 S2, but the pull of that V6 engine was too strong.
  16. At first it'll seem cavernous compared to what you're used to in the Sprint, Tony. To be fair, the opening aperture in the S2 gave the impression the space was smaller than it actually was, as it extended all the way back to the inner wall of the rear transom, but the V6 luggage compartment doesn't do this.
  17. Mine is on 980 miles now, so by the time I get to the dealership for the aftersales service, will be well into the window for the oil change. Since I've been putting multiple tanks through the car in a relatively short amount of time to get the mileage up, I've been using 95RON to minimise the hit to the wallet, but will be moving up to 97+ when I get back to my normal usage.
  18. I believe it's LOTAC05504. I'd also be keen to hear one of these for myself, actually.
  19. Best of luck. Hope the MG is everything you expect, as I'd love to see it next to mine.
  20. The car that is the subject of the thread is now mine, as I collected today! The combination of grey with the red interior is marvellous. The only difference is the car now has gloss black alloys, which I prefer to the diamond cut wheels.
  21. Turns out my first post on here is a useful one..... I have an email from DN organisers confirming the following: "Single day tickets will be available to book nearer each event if there's any availability left" Hopefully see you there with my V6.
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