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  1. From my experience with getting a replacement ECU on my S2, mileage is stored solely in the cluster. WIth a new ECU fitted, the correct mileage was displayed without any 'updating' on the new ECU.
  2. As far as I know @BAS, mileage is stored in the dash module. Hence AiM have confirmed they would have to input mileage into the new dash prior to shipping. Therefore, I believe you would revert to the old mileage if you retro-fitted the original clocks.
  3. They're certainly aware of it from their vehicle protocol file for the Solo2DL. They specifically list ECU Channel 29 (LTC 5 Step) and Channel 30 (LTC 10 Step) as channels that can be displayed on the Solo2DL. Whether this dash will have a readout covering those channels depending on model selection, they'll have to confirm. You'll at least have to select your model to get the correct fuel gauge reading, that's for sure. Regarding gear position, the ECU Channel 2 that outputs Gear position is only applicable to Automatic vehicles, I've not seen any other way in the Solo product for it to display (i.e a user input based on ratio). I'll have to read your notes again, @geartox
  4. AiM have just launched a specific plug-and-play dash and binnacle / GPS logger/laptimer combo for 2011 onwards Lotus (Elise and Exige) I've definitely been impressed with their Solo2DL datalogger in my Cup (which this would render redundant), and was tentatively looking at dashes. This is mighty tempting.
  5. Looking chilly tomorrow, but dry at least
  6. Silverstone GP on Sat 16th Nov with OpenTrack, myself and @mcx are going. Anyone else?
  7. I think @GFWilliams have provided them with ample opportunity in the past.
  8. I have a feeling it's a 20mm spacer, I might have to check my own build thread 😅
  9. I remember those photos well, Jack, thinking one day maybe I'll upgrade from V6S to Cup myself, maybe even with some R aero!!! I know a lot of people respect your efforts in refining the factory racer into your own, not just myself. Here's to the next 5 years!
  10. Yes, you may recollect mine had the CupR kit fitted a couple year ago. Very happy. I'm still yet to weigh the car, so can't comment on differences, though I think @550superfast can assist here.
  11. A handful of times, yes. Very rarely though, I must say. Not crunched in any other gear. I think I'm on the same fluid as yourself.
  12. My thoughts exactly when i saw George's footage for the first time. I did my first TF lap a couple of months back after about 6 year of stopping and just doing trackdays quickly reminded me why! Shame I didn't know you were there, I was simultaneously visiting the other side of the circuit with the BRSCC race meeting. I didn't know it was Trax weekend, till I got there. Some very entertaining memories from years gone by in my hot hatch days. I think my car would have blended in with the wing, though I don't vape.
  13. For UK owners, note Michelin are running a cashback promotion this month. £20 for a pair or £50 for a full set. You just need proof of purchase and apply via using code AP9
  14. It's just simply not true. Unless you've actively employed a measure to disable the airbags, they will still be deployed if the controller deems the impact sufficient enough to warrant, harnesses or not. Example below is an S2, but I believe the control is carried over.
  15. Yes, AIM provided some really good support when I got my SOLO II DL. They recommended using Clusters 11-19
  16. Not always the case, when I had a cruise control stalk issue, the spanner light was constant. Correct it is not the MIL though, it's for 'minor' issues or similar according to the manual, and wont' be picked up by an OBD reader.
  17. @chumaxa he does mention ARB at the same time as the Nitrons, however I believe the adjustable/different spec ARB was introduced on the 360 Cup. I think ours are the same as the V6S. I don't beleive the clutch plate is different on the V6 Cup. Whilst we're here, the supplementary manual mentions the V6 Cups are fitted with as Mocal oil catch can......they are not, only the CupRs are.
  18. Probably worth adding, after considering a similar route to yourself, albeit already hard tracking a standard V6S, I ended up doing exactly what @NANO has suggested above and switched to a Cup car (albeit there were still improvements to be made)
  19. Got to be a case of 'wrong place, wrong time' and nothing more Paul, that was just rotten luck. Your instinct to preserve the car gave you really no option. I say that from a position of experience, as I also visited the litter in my last race, ticking off a few more of my lifelong racer dreams (Paddock Hill bend gravel trap - DONE. Causing a safety car - DONE. Live recovery from by a telehandler - DONE). Rotten luck but as I'm sure you know by now, it'll just have to go down as 'one of those things'. Best of luck at Snett. One left for me too, actually at Donington. I'll have to get some pointers from your non-gravelly videos as I've not driven there in 12yrs.
  20. My 'must haves' for a regular V6 based track car: Decent driver's seat and harnesses (I favour a Tillett over the standard Cup seats in my car) Large fuel tank Upgraded pads Upgraded suspension Track tyres The other items you've listed I'd put on a lower priority unless you find a specific issue, included baffled sump, which is a sensible option. All the above said, the standard car is capable up to a point, depending on abillity. Dont' forget to invest in yourself (apologies, I don't know your history)
  21. @CRM82 easiest option for the rear is to just buy a new pair of rotors, and keep the original rear bells, since you already have 2 piece discs.
  22. I echo what GF has said above, I use Alcons from Dave and am very happy. Straight swap rotors, retaining your original bells all-round (albeit I upgraded to fully floating on the front). Very convenient.
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