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  1. Highly unlikely your friend's chassis is deteriorating, as with every car that's used regularly on track, inspection of the condition of the parts attached to the chassis is key: Dampers Bushes Suspension links wheel bearings CV joints Engine mounts, Exhaust system By no means is that a complete list but a good start.
  2. Does your car have cruise control? If not it could be the spare connector for the cruise stalk.
  3. Not 'bright' as such but gives you a feel.
  4. Depending on what article you're reading, a Cup 430 produces either 171kg or 220kg (speed tbc), and CupR aero can be read to be 240kg (total at 170mph) if you find any articles on the stillborn 'Race 380'. When I upgraded mine with the CupR aero, there weren't any road-legal Exiges with a big wing from factory so the choices were far more limited, but I was absolutely sure that chassis mounted CupR was for me (even at the time of speccing my car, but couldn't stretch for factory build at the time). Obvsiously implementing this (and living with) brings a few challenges, which you know from my 'build' thread.
  5. The cast rear carriers, certainly. I do agree I don't recall reading as many complains of failed links on the V6 as with S2.
  6. I agonised for a long time trying to settle on colour choice (this was back in June when I originally ordered them!). You don't want to see my research! As Brushed Dark Black is a clear tint, it looks different in varying light (which I love) but it made it difficult to gauge true appearance on photos as it can look quite grey in bright light. I needn't have bothered as it suits the car perfectly, despite everything being satin black. I had the standard steel valves and BC branded metal hex cap changed out during tyre fitting, as I can't stand 'bling'. Short rubber valves and black plastic caps are all I need.
  7. RZ05 in Brushed Dark Black Front: 8x17" ET24 with centre-drop - 8.3kg Rear: 10x18" ET30 non centre-drop - 9.4kg
  8. @Glynnsport Sorry Steve when I said 'front' I meant as in the subject of conversation sense. That said, I could do with renewing the PPF on the front half of the clam at some point! I ended up doing Cadwell, where previously I was entered for Snetterton and Donington before the championship got rearranged after lockdown. A weekend to forget really - Despite me knocking on the door of the top ten with a P11 when I was there previously in '19 (actually my first ever race weekend), I couldn't find the same pace through testing and quali this time round. Culminated in me making some satisfying progress to the middle of the pack (8 overtakes in the first half of the second race) before I over egged it on an overtake, taking myself and a competitor spinning onto the grass. Both recovered to finish but way down. It was a just a case of the universe realigning itself after I was in the receiving end of a similar lunge in race 3 during my previous visit there. Unfortunately the weekend was only run in a two race format so couldn't redeem myself. Nothing like going to headmaster's office to round off a race weekend! I'll have to share you the footage offline to keep this thread on-topic. Take it easy!
  9. It took me a couple of moments for me to twig when I was asked this from a Euro based Exige owner recently. The effort to ask in English should be appreciated, though However, it did make me smile.
  10. Good to hear from you, Steve. Hope you're well. I managed to get out on track a couple of times in the Lotus, and one race weekend with the Mazdas. Bits and pieces on the Cup front, I've been quite awful at updating my car's 'build' thread on here but posted in more part specific topics. Had my Tillett trim by B6 seat to match the rest of the interior, and got a set of BC forged wheels stacked in the house ready to go on the car this weekend. I had Silverstone GP day rolled over to the end of this year, but I need to get a couple more trackdays booked, hopefully one being a return to Spa. Other than that, it's service and MOT time now, after which I have a few 'refresh' items on the list for the car, including getting the Ohlins serviced. Stay safe!
  11. I'd expect the new one will come with a cage, which you will have to swap out with your curent one.
  12. It depends on what specification TTX you get, but there's no question the Ohlins hands-down is a superior damper. I changed from the Nitrons to 'almost' CupR spec TTX in 2017 (slightly less stiff spring rate on the fronts) and haven't looked back, though I am considering making it slightly more road friendly in the future.
  13. Understood. As far as I can see I don't think it is an approved option for 350, but my reference could be out-dated.
  14. Not sure on factory ordering, but 215/45/17 Cup2s fit fine on the standard 350 cast wheels and of course Lotus forged wheels.
  15. Unless I've missed something, the photo shows your front tyres as 225mm width, JPR?
  16. Hi JPR, The later Cup wings, though still mounted on the rear hatch, have additional supports fitted on the rear clam side, the theory being the larger wing exerts more force on the clamshell and tailgate in use. Therefore it's more for protecting the bodywork than the wing itself. See parts below However, I suspect your thinking is correct, and that the cracks on your rear spoiler is from abuse or other means. The V6 Cup spoiler is the same as the original V6S spoiler, and I have not heard of this being an issue before.
  17. All, LoT has offered a straight swap onto their event in November 2021. I have accepted this
  18. Shall we compare notes? My very first V6S (2013) which i bought lightly used had a complete clutch failure, with the same failure mechanism. Consider this happened at 1800miles and the car already had one clutch change before my ownership! I rejected it after a complete hash of a repair job and funnily enough heard it had a subsequent failure with the next owner. No idea why that car was such a lemon (well it was yellow!) That being said, we were all told early clutches were improved, so I'm certainly surprised to see a similar mechanism on a later car at 8k. Count yourself lucky it didn't go completely!
  19. Is there some literature that backs that up? I don't believe that was the case. Back when I had a standard diff, the car would spin its inside wheel at will with everything off and general behave as if there was no intervention. Brake wear backs that up too.
  20. I've had the same problem on my last V6S. The solenoid for exhaust flap actuation was replaced under warranty.
  21. Spotted on Steyning Bypass heading North. I was on 2 wheels so didn't bother waving.
  22. Victor, I'm sorry I don't know the answer to this Yes, I am booked onto this. Apologies for not tagging you, it would be great to see you again. Fingers crossed the car will be ready in time
  23. I did last year with them. Paid for itself and then some with an AC issue i had
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