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  1. Looking forward to seeing photos of this one. Can't be many Toxic with yellow calipers!
  2. Tom, I was pretty happy with how the standard pads fared on Tuesday. I was expecting they would start grumbling towards the end of each session (as I thought I could feel in the wet at Goodwood the other week), but they were fine. Good, as I thought I would need to upgrade to at least Pagid RS14s soon enough (Which I am sure have previously been confirmed on here as standard fit on the Cup???). Going to persevere with these standard pads and let you know how I get on. By the way I thought the LF1 discs are fixed bells, not the floating motorsport parts? Pretty sure that's what I saw on your car.
  3. First video from LoT day at Silvertstone GP. Features Tom (T3Jn) for a litle bit. Great day, though I reckon I've only got one more trackday in the rear Corsas left.
  4. Wayyy, we're finally there! Congrats, Neal. Enjoy the redline. The back-end looks way better in body colour. Good decision.
  5. That's Carbon, Jonny. Same as mine. (you'd could persuade yourself that there's a greeny tinge on the front-end in the 2nd picture, but it's all clear from the post above his photos )
  6. Quite possibly. Andrea. I did use the website feedback button to point out a few of these little 'anomalies' but not the one regarding the wheels as they probably have something planned. Just a few bits of info contradict eachother depending on what section you are reading.
  7. Interesting to see on the newly updated Lotus cars website, forged wheel option is mentioned under the wheel sub-menu of the 'features' section on the V6, though if you then go ahead and read the options and options pack section, there is currently nothing in there relating to forged wheels. Then again, under standard features it does say the car has upgraded 2-piece drilled and vented brake discs, then lists two-piece discs as a specific option.......
  8. The b&c black edition cup cars have a monochrome variant, which may have been the one you recall. .
  9. Thanks Neal, yes I'm very impressed with how it sounds in the videos. Oh it's all relative really, I mean this evening I watched a video of a white Komotec 430 being driven round there, and the level of commitment from that driver makes my laps look pedestrian. I'll always have the thought in my mind that I have to make it back to the UK in one piece, but happy to push as far as I'm comfortable with.
  10. A few photos and videos from a very damp and dreary Goodwood over the weekend just gone. I was a regular here in my S2 Exige, so a perfect place to take the V6 on track for the first time (with the lovely people at LoT, also a first for me). The poor weather, and the fact I needed to get used to the car meant it was very steady lapping (judging by the videos maybe 15-20seconds slower than a dry day in my old 220 S), so no heroics, but my word this car is unreal, even in these conditions. Where the S2 was skittish and always on the edge in such conditions, the V6 remained composed, sure-footed and confidence inspiring. DPM remained in 'Sport' throughout, and the odd slide on corner exit was easy to feel and equally easy to control. ESP intervention with individual wheel braking was felt only a couple of times, and is very subtle, but I am glad it was there in the background. Race mode will have to wait as being a sessioned day, I had little time and interest in mashing the throttle and letting the car do the work, though am keen to see its magic. Brakes felt supremely powerful but I wasn't able to get a true impression by stomping on them in the wet for fear of locking up. Slight grumbling from the pads after a few laps even in these conditions may tell me some RS14s (a la V6 Cup) may be in order. Some photos from the day first... Onto the videos, first is just a couple of steady laps from inside the car. No harness bar like my S2 yet, so forgive the shaky footage as I clamped the mount onto the passenger seat shell. Lavant straight was just over 130mph indicated, top-end of 4th with the first shift light blinking before coming off the throttle. On a dry day, with a proper exit from Lavant corner it will be well into 5th. The right-hand kink at Fordwater will also be quite something in the dry. Usually a slight lift in the S2, but was braking to about 95mph in the V6 here. It as a loud day, and I had no issues till the last lap of my first afternoon stint, where apparantly the car was popping the driveby meters. Odd it took till that far in the day to be an issue, and had no further instances for the rest of the day. Hoping it was an anomaly with the wind carrying the sound. Inside, the engine noise is plenty loud for me, so no more thoughts about fitting the Lotus Motorsport exhaust. I had some editing a couple of clips once home, this one is jut a bit of fun showing a bit of an exuberant standing start, filmed from both inside and out of the car. And finally some clips strung together of the car passing the pits on the start-finish straight.. Hope you enjoyed. All doubts about whether the V6 was the right choice over a Cup 260 or 2-11 are gone. The only downside was 70miles to a tank in the wet! Next stop, Silverstone GP in a week's time, again with LoT. Let's hope for some dry weather so I can push that mpg down some more and maybe share some more sunny photos on the thread!
  11. You can buy on the door, no probs.
  12. Arun_D

    Sky F1 & HD Only

    No I'm pretty sure you'll be fine. It was the same situation before last season, when they changed policy. I'm in the same boat and subscribed when they first got the F1. If I recall correctly, it's only new customers that must get both HD and Sport packages to get the F1.
  13. I find real-world road mileage is acceptable enough, as per comments above. I used to be able to get 220+ in my S2 so getting north of 200 in the V6 is really no extra hardship (my best is 217 so far). I can really see it becoming more of an issue for me as I settle into my usual track routine, though. Saturday's first tracking outing for my V6 was in the wet, and I got just under 70miles before needing to escape the circuit for a refill. I can now totally see where all the comments of '50miles to a tank' come from, this would be easily achievable on a dry day when pushing, I reckon! Should be interesting for me on the Nurburgring VLN circuit format, come end of July. I've worked out I can just about do an out-lap, 'flying lap' and in-lap before requiring a fuel stop! If a pure road car, I'd find it difficult to justify the extra capacity. Settle into the car and see how you go, Chris.
  14. Looks like it's around the same size as the Cup R splitter. Comparing to the standard part here:
  15. The blue/white Sprints always did look better, in my opinion ;-)
  16. Nice! I thought the V6 that was done in the red/white Sprint colours with gold wheels looked ace.
  17. I was assuming the same as Tony, and we'll only see black or silver from now on. If only we had the forged wheel option, as the Lotus Motorsport catalogue promised (along with a raft of other upgrades) 'coming in 2014'
  18. It may well do but can't confirm. Regarding the bending, remember mine came pre-bent so I dodn't have to tackle it as planned, but from its thickness, it definitely would have been a task in the workshop at work as it is a sturdy piece. Remember it's FIA compliant so by no means flimsy.
  19. Photo of the tow eye, as requested. Looks a neat enough job, though I'd like to go back to it later in the year and file/smooth down the remnants of the cut grille portions to satisfy my OCD needs. It just clears the numberplate below it and grille slat above. Pretty much ready for its first trackday next weekend!
  20. Yep, couple mins' work if you want to do that and swap to a spare non-cut grille for road use. I'm on track regularly and have made a less intrusive cut to the grille than the proper Cup, though not as minimal as T3Jn's, so will leave it on. Plus it goes with the tarty red calipers!
  21. Fitted the Cup front tow eye to the V6 after work. Easy <30min job including careful measuring and cutting of the grille, no doubt helped because the part sent by Lotus Silverstone to me was pre-bent to clear the front plate. For reference the front of the eye needs raising about 2" to avoid fouling the plate and leave some clearance. Will take a pic tomorrow in the daylight, though you all know what a V6 looks like , but it's amazing how much more 'purposeful' the car looks with it.
  22. I think we can all understand that feeling, Mark! Say hi to Chris for me.
  23. The underside of the car is fully flat and for the vast majority, aluminium, so the benefit would be minimal. However a light coat on the suspension components won't hurt as mentioned before.
  24. Great news, Tony! In pre-V6 days, wishbones were the main culprit for this sort of thing, but now the Exige sports rather sweet looking alloy wishbones as per the Evora, this shouldn't be an issue. I guess you can still give a liberal coating of Waxoyl or similar to damper bodies and other gubbins in the arches if you are concerned.
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