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  1. The Saint

    Stephens Wheels

    Colin, May be a little late on this but I have a full set of rim's off a 1997 GT3. Some curbing as far as I can remember but I was about to either take them to the scrap yard or dump. The Saint
  2. Andy, It's all a bit cloak-and-dagger stuff. The Saint
  3. Andy, Is it the one on Longwater Lane, house just before the bend, near the greasy spoon. Seen it load's but always parked up but it disappeared the other day which was strange. The Saint
  4. Spot on, I'm surprised that the gutter press have not had a go at him for making such comments. The Saint
  5. Hi Andy, Yep it was me in a Berlingo Van, work vehicle, boy do I miss my Esprit. The Saint
  6. Some snob in a light Blue S3 at the Boundary traffic lights about 15:30 today. You sound your horn & they just ignore you The Saint
  7. The Saint


    Cheer's Mark, Did not recognize the front badge but then thought it was an Elise in the rear view mirror, that's why I turned round to see what it was as it had parked up. (Sad person) The Saint
  8. The Saint


    Kimbers, Spotted a Tesla today on the Fakenham Road in Taverham, turned the van around to see what it was. It was in Burgandy but left had drive. What are these all about. The Saint
  9. Owen, You are the man, quite impressed with the paint job, I know were to come for any advice / body work repairs. Got my on a white 1966 TR4A so if things go to plan I may have purchased it come next week. So Andy keep yours eye's peeled. The Saint
  10. Hi Andy, Must be stalking you as I went past you again tonight, just outside the high school. The move to Italy is on hold at the moment as my father-in-law is not to good health wise. So my wife will not move until he get's the all clear, so could be a long wait. May look for a little project car to keep me busy, did look at a TR4A The Saint
  11. Spotted light Blue S3? (Reg MBF) Middletons Lane traffic lights at around 17:00 The Saint
  12. Hi Guy's, If anyone is interested in attending this day on 17th July 2008, I have a ticket available for a nominal fee of say
  13. The GT3 has gone to an excellent home. Rob Lacey purchased her & as I speak will be making the long haul back to Bristol. Just says somthing about a guy who travel's the country to buy an Esprit. I'm sure he will post once settled & introduce himself. On my trips back to the UK I'm sure I will drop Rob a line or two to see how the car is. As for a car for the Italian countryside, well I'm just in the process of looking at what to buy, left hooker of course & I quite like the look of the Alfa Spider but just need to read up on them. Any comments / suggestions will be most welcome as I will not be moving until September time. I'll keep looking in on the forum & certainlly once settled in Italy it will be great to log in & see what's going on with you Guy's. The Saint.
  14. Andy, Just waved my GT3 goodbye, did not even get upset as I thought I might. I sold for a number of reasons. I was getting bored with it. May have been due to lack of time to drive it. Some b*****d kept keying it & at
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