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  1. Dr Speed

    Dr Speed

  2. Yep, I sure like that black one in there. I'm near Calgary so I am hoping the Weissach dealership can get their doors open for their new dealership by summer. I'd like to pick one up for between $38-42k if possible.
  3. That would be great! I have been trying to get info on a Lotus dealer that was set to open in Calgary but I do not think the build ever went through.
  4. Hello all, Currently driving a SRT10 Viper, but looking to move to an Elise. I would imagine I am facing most of the same obstacles where no one can readily work on the vehicle and when they can there is a standard rate of 400% inflation Any other advice out there for me? I am looking for an 05-08. I plan to do some basic mods like a drop in filter, de-cat and a tune.
  5. Did this dealership ever get built? I'm close to Calgary and looking for a Lotus. I contacted Weissach by email with no response...
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