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  1. Hi; The same exact thing happened to me a few weeks ago!!! Seems the hose is too close for comfort...My mechanic tried to "twist" it a little bit further from the belt when re-installing..Bizarre... 2002 V8 37000 miles
  2. The plastic lenses are from Rolls-Royce. The bulbs are standard. Can you wait until next week because I am away from home and I can get you all the numbers as soon as I get back. (RR part #,Lotus part #,bulb #).
  3. Read this too: Also the data sheet for the penzoil GL-4: this should answer your questions!!!
  4. Try this: Available in GL-4. Available everywhere...Look at the Data sheet. Excellent substitute... Try not to use GL-5 products. They are the one that seem to be damaging the brass...
  5. Maximum throttle from 0 mph = Broken transmission in near future, don't you think??? Be careful!!! Just my opinion....
  6. Trivia question!!! Engine temp on my car stays around 108 even on highway and cool outside temp.It never goes down,fans are working.It developped this problem suddenly.Checked everything...(almost...) I also suspect my rad to be the problem of overheating but...When I shut the engine off and the fans keep on turning for 20 minutes ( as they are supposed to do when the coolant temp is higher than 100-105 to avoid heat soak)the coolant temp goes down to around 90 in a matter of 30 seconds!!! Is the rad working or not??? Is it possible it is partially blocked/clogged so it is sufficient for the recirculating pump cycle (engine off, less volume of coolant passing through/required) and does not have enough efficiency to cool the engine when running??? Could it be a water pump problem? What are the signs for water pump failure? Also,since the temp gauge ( coolant)starts to climb only after 20 minutes of driving, is it possible that the oil coolers are not working properly, since I think the oil normally takes more time to climb in temperature(??).The oil temp light does not come on... Thermostat seems OK. Coolant feed hose to rad is really hot. The thing is I do not want to change the rad ($$) and find out it was not the problem...
  7. I have all the tools required but there is no way to unscrew these plugs...Too tight!!! For the tranny plugs, should I heat them??? Use an impact wrench??? For the bleed plug, should I heat it too to make it easier to unscrew???
  8. Problem 1: Drain and refill plugs on transmission are seized. How do I remove them w/o breaking anything.( Looks like sealing compound around both plugs.Do I need to add any sort of sealer when I screw them back?) Problem 2: Bleed plug in engine bay seized. Same question as above!!
  9. Does that mean I have to disconnect A/C hoses from the condensers and purge the R134??? If so, this is not a DIY job...Maybe the hoses are long enough so there is no need to disconnect them???
  10. Do you need to remove the A/C condensers with the radiator, or do they stay in place??? Do they both come down attached together ???
  12. Is your air vent control knob on defog ??? I was hearing a funny noise coming from behind the center console until I directed the air elsewhere...Just a guess.
  13. Hi; My car does the same when starting. Exhaust burbles/sputters a little bit and a few drops of water come out of the left exhaust tip.
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