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    Recently rebuilt and modified engine 211bhp on dyno
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  1. Hello Simon i had two cam followers fail which resulted in damaged valve gear so I decided to have the whole engine rebuilt and modified at the same time. A wonderful gent called Martin Shirley did the rebuild and he is a master of his craft. His knowledge of lotus 900 series engines is unbelievable. He builds engines to order and speck from mild road engines to full race and rally speck. Only does is as a sort of hobby really. But my word he’s good. Mine did 211bhp on the dyno. It’s a peach. A normally aspirated S3 with turbo equaling power. Beautiful power delivery right through the Rev range.
  2. Hey guys. Thanks John and Dave. From your message Dave it sounds like Northampton M/sport are the people to try? I’ve invested a lot of time and money into my Esprit and need to know that she’ll be going to people with the correct knowledge and understanding of a modified, carburettored 900 series. And above all people I can trust too. I’m very protective of her lol. There’s not to much wrong, just ironing out some creases so to speak. I appreciate your advice and I’ll give them a call to arrange something. Many thanks Darren. ??
  3. Hello everyone. First off apologies, not been about for a while so sorry about that. Spent 2 years with my Esprit off the road with an engine rebuild but she’s back and better than ever. Still normally aspirated but now running equivalent turbo horsepower with a beautifully modified engine. She did 211 bhp on the dyno. Done 700 Miles in her the back end off last year and up to now. Just feels like she needs a rolling road tuning session to iron out a few little creases. Nothing bad at all just some slight hesitation on light throttle and idling issues. Can anyone recommend a good rolling road tuner who’s preferably good with dellortos in the midlands area? Many thanks. Darren ?
  4. Thank you all for your advice and tips. Going to run some checks over the bank holiday weekend but going to get the old girl checked out professionally at massive cost no doubt but she's worth it. Thanks again everyone. Darren.
  5. Yes I'll try that. So is it easy to tell if it is blowing using that method? Thought it would be more noisy from cold if the manifold had gone. Started it tonight and if anything it may have seemed quieter from cold then became more noticeable as it warmed up.
  6. Hi everyone. Can anyone help? I'm gutted, took my esprit out to its first classic car show this year yesterday. Had a wonderful day and the esprit drove beautifully but when I arrived home I noticed it had started making a tapping noise! Now to me it sounds like it's coming from the top of the engine and rises with engine speed. Sounds like a noisy tappet kind of noise. The car still drives fine with no power loss, misfiring or anything. Oil level is bang on too but this tappings horrible! Now I know some of you may say that a cracked exhaust manifold can sound like a tap but this sounds more cam, tappet like to me. That's as descriptive as I can be. Can anyone advise? I'm gutted about this. Many thanks, Darren (tappy esprit owner)
  7. Ha ha. I'll have a dig and see if I can locate where the relay is. But your right a good place to start. I'll keep you posted on how I get on. Many thanks.
  8. Yes not had a chance to check relays but that would be my next stop. Any idea where it is? There's some under the dash and under the bonnet isn't there?
  9. Hello guys (and girls) Ok here's one for you. I have a 1985 esprit S3. When you put the headlights on all is well. You can flash main beam and all is well. But when you switch to main beam the OS outer headlight goes out. (NSF still ok) I've changed the bulb and it hasn't done anything. And ideas? That's as far as I've got. Many thanks Darren.
  10. Thank you dsvitesse1 Just wanted to make sure. Don't want to cause any damage. Thanks again. Darren
  11. Hi everyone Here's one for you all, and sorry if this sounds a stupid question. What size are the sump, level and filler nuts on the Citroen gearbox. (C35 type, 1984 on revised version) as lotus service notes state. Don't want to round them off. Thanks Darren.
  12. Hello john Yes think that's the way I'm going to go. Can't get any MT90 locally so I'll order it on line to do next weekend. Will report how it goes. Thanks again everyone. Darren.
  13. Yes simon that's right! I'm wondering what will come out when I drain it seeing as it hasn't been done for some time, and yes when you look at a diagram it looks like the gearbox holds no more than a thimble full, lol. Can't get any oil locally so I'll get it on line, so it's a job for next weekend now. Thanks again for your help and everyone else on TLF Darren. Ps, will let you know how it goes, and what I find. Hello Paul Oh dear that's not good! I will over fill a bit because that seems a good idea for some extra protection. But a worry if it can pee out if jacked up. Darren.
  14. Simon Just looked at the workshop manual and it says the higher one is a blanking plug (do not remove) and the lower one is the level plug. Does that sound right to you? Both on left side of the box. (Looking from the back of the car) Darren.
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