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  1. Thanks so much to all those from TLF that braved the conditions to join us at Anglesey. Yes the conditions were against us but it was still a great day. Matt Bird from PH attending a factory Cup 430 and you can read his thoughts here : You can get a sense of the conditions from some rather sideways action in-car from my Caterham. Understeer was not my issue I'll keep you lads up to date with plans for the 2019 event.
  2. Still a few places left for this... Awesome circuit + great bunch of lads + bank-holiday + 2xdealers coming + Pistonheads in a factory Cup 430 = seriously what's not to like!
  3. I'll be there in my Caterham R300 for both Spa
  4. Yup ^^^^ that! Just PM or post your BookaTrack login ID and I'll get you added. I absolutely LOVE Anglesey, it's one of my faves for sure. Exiges (esp ones with a bit of oomph) go exceptionally well there.
  5. Perfect! The largest group will be at the Premier Inn in Bangor, its the one at Parc Menai. There's a big carpark and a pub/restaurant attached.
  6. Nice one Victor, you won't regret it. Still a few places remaining...
  7. Good news Willy Still a handful of places left on what is all set to be an awesome day on circuit. Can't think of a better way to spend Easter Monday...
  8. Thanks Tim. Yup PH are going to be there with Hethel's latest and greatest! I can't wait to see that 430 howling up the hill towards Rocket. It really is going to be a festival of Exiges, so like Tim says get it booked. Also as I said at the top of the thread, if you don't fancy going on circuit then feel free to just pitch up and enjoy the sights and sounds. @DJW you're sorted bud, I've added you to the list so you should be able to see the event when you login to Look forward to seeing you on the day.
  9. Many of us from down South make the 600mile round trip. Its worth it for the circuit/company and the drive out through Snowdonia is part of the experience. There's rendezvous points on the M40 (Warwick Service) or M56 (Telford Services) if you fancy traveling with some other Loti. Loads of us will stay Sunday and/or Monday night at the Prem Inn in Bangor.
  10. You guys seen this thread. You won't find a friendlier day at a circuit more suited to Exiges. I know Anglesey is a trek but there's typically a Northern Convoy and Southern Convoy to join. It would be fantastic to see some more V6's out to play on Easter Monday!
  11. Just to let you TLF lads and lasses know that the 2018 Exiges trackday will take place at Anglesey on Easter Monday. Its a fantastic event for your Exige to do what it does best around the awesome Anglesey circuit. This is the 15th year (I think) that the event has been run and it never disappoints. Its typically the friendliest and most well-mannered trackday of the year and the Anglesey circuit really suits all Exige variants. Both Hofmanns Lotus and Oakmere will be in attendance too. The event will be run by Bookatrack but it's not listed on their website. If you'd like to atte
  12. Bit late to the party here but I'd also happily put my S1 Exige on the stand. It is the Lambo-grey Honda'd one that I've had at Brooklands a few times.
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