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  1. I'm glad someone else has posted "about 30k", because that's what I was going to say. It's basically a new v used query so far as I am concerned. Massive price saving vs less warranty, likely worse finance terms and no service package, and someone choosing the spec and farting in the driver's seat before you. That's about it.
  2. Well, if it's going to be too loud I can always take the station snotter. Anyone overtaken by a 307 diesel on ditchfinders should hang their head in shame! I've never had any issues with Javelin. Always been a good day out
  3. Be amazed if you find any without ac. 410s only come with the carbon fibre seats. I don't like how they are mounted and would buy a 400 instead (and did). Radio. Cruise. That's about it. Most will be specd properly. Not sure what other options there are.
  4. 2 years seems sensible to me, brings it in line with normal V6s. They obviously have records which suggests after yr 3 there is more things that happen that would otherwise be covered by warranty. Isn't your car modified though - check that won't void it. Your car is
  5. Take Volvo SUV/estate/whatever. Remove some sound deadening. Add louder exhaust. Add 2 cylinders to engine. Replace badge with lotus one. Add 20k to price. Done. Current Volvos are fab anyway, we had a brand new V60 estate for a weekend on Volvo last year when our biohazard V70 they'd just serviced dumped its gearbox oil. It was a fantastic family car - not quick but incredibly comfortable, quiet and relaxing to drive. We'll likely get a V90 next.
  6. The equivalent thread on the playground always wound me up. It was my go-to rage creator if I couldn't find a Polly Toynbee article on the home page of the Grauniad.
  7. Stratton have an Elise cup advertised, you can probably go and have a test drive if you give Alex a call. I don't think the new Colchester dealer have any demonstrators yet, they had an Elise Sport 220 in the showroom when I went in early December but couldn't do test drives. I wouldn't bother with Castle.
  8. No, its a 2bular. Quieter than OE,and there are some cans to. Lee did a couple of trackdays while he had it. I'm about an hour or so from Snetterton. @[email protected] do you have a noise test meter?
  9. I've booked onto this. First trackday in the 400 since I bought it last year - should probably have checked if it would pass the noise tests first but I've complete faith in what Lee told me when I picked it up!
  10. Dash on mine was the cubby by the steering wheel - a nut wasn't actually done up. Greg at hangar 111 sorted it in 5 mins with a long Allen key. Just needed to get the right angle. However the hvac seems to have recently developed the same noise that you describe above! ARB bushes are also the same...
  11. Thoughts are with you Lee. Hope you made it as good a Christmas as possible given the circumstances.
  12. Been there, done it and I'd take the 5-10 yr newer elise personally. The newer engine isn't exactly low reving and it's a hell of a lot more fuel efficient even when tracked. I don't think comparing a new one against a second hand one is really a fair fight, a brand new one is of course going to depreciate pretty epically as soon as you drive it off the forecourt. Going back to my old S2 Sprint, the first owner paid over £40k for it and it depreciated almost 1k a month while he owned it (I bought it from a dealer who obviously would have had their margin too). However, once some kind and generous soul has taken that initial hit for you, given second hand prices its the newer car every time for me. Cup 250, new gear shift mechanism and 'old' big diffuser if possible - don't know if it is mind!
  13. You're the expert but in my humble opinion I think the recent elise cups look value compared to S2 exiges. I look at the price you are advertising my old sprint at (which I paid 27k for 20,000 miles and 7 years ago) and I think the newer elises are a bit of a no brainer when making the comparison.
  14. Just an update on this... Greg @Hangar 111 seems to have fixed it!!! For me, the panel next to the steering wheel shroud was loose (where the little cubby hole is) where the nut wasn't done up tight enough. After a bit of poking around he's sorted it (needed quite a long allen key). Very happy indeed!!
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