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  1. It's not so bright/reflective in reality, and suits the car perfectly.
  2. I bought mine second hand... I reckon I'd get c90% of what I paid for it if I put it up for sale now. Which I won't because (a) I really don't think now is the time to be selling anything that could be construed as a luxury and (b) I can't think of anything to replace it that I can actually afford
  3. Nice car. Price seems pretty fair to me, and you never know, someone lurking on here might decide it's perfect for them! Car market seems very soft at the moment. I'm left wondering what my Hethel Ed 400 with about the same mileage is worth, if yours is only 60k...
  4. This has been an issue since the S2 Exige (at least!) - I remember having to get H111 to put a new set of pipes through the sill on mine.
  5. Probably cheaper to do that than modify your current one...
  6. Yours must have been built at a very similar time to mine. I had the clutch changed as it had become very noisy and Lotus confirmed it was failing. New drop links as well, otherwise was just a couple of niggles/adjustments. All sorted out by @Hangar 111, though it took a bit of time. Picked it up this morning in fact, it was like collecting a new car!
  7. Pass. The 2bular that @CocoPops fitted on mine is not quiet enough for Snetterton - blows 96db on the drive by! That was without the additional cans fitted mind, but I can't think that they will be enough alone to lose 4db on the drive by. I'm not really sure what to do, part of the appeal of the 400 is how good it sounds and I don't really want to lose that.
  8. You should try the Mark 7 Fiesta ST for ride quality. Now that's an experience to remember.... I love mine even so (on my second now!) I couldn't live with the seats in the Sport 410. All the carbon fibre is lovely however and the cost to change at the moment is fairly minimal in the grand scheme of things, but for me the 400 does everything I want of it and I'm very happy with mine - especially once the few niggles are ironed out by Dave @Hangar 111 !
  9. I had a new battery on my 400 earlier in the year - 2 and a bit years old, and kept on a trickle charger when not driven daily
  10. Does anyone know the paint code (if there is one) for the silver forged wheels on the 400 (Hethel Edition in my case)? I've got a wheel in for a refurb at the moment... Cheers Will
  11. @Dave - Is this is a reference to a 430 map? If so, please tell me more!!!
  12. @Kimbers don't agree with you, the Brexit Party => split vote => PM Jez. As per Peterborough. There's no way they get a majority, they have no other policies. I suppose the one good thing about PM Boris is that Farage dies in a ditch politically, he can go back to the Brussels trough
  13. True. I voted leave, and I'd do it again because I don't believe in the United States of Europe or the EU Army, or that Donald Tusk, Nige and the rest of the EU grey men should have unrestricted access to an unlimited trough of gravy. However....... (a) I don't think it's going to happen now and (b) I'm not entirely sure I actually want it to. There are at least two great things that being in the EU protects us from: (a) a flood of cheap, chlorine washed and/or pumped full of antibiotics, meat together with a raft of GM food that we can guarantee will be foisted on us under any US trade deal, which EU standards do not allow; and more importantly (b) Prime Minister Jezza nationalising the fuck out of everything under the sun, due to the EU's rules on State Aid. Without the EU framework, Jezza has the unrestricted ability to create his communist utopia of Venezuela-sur-la-manche. The Labour Communist Party are a bigger threat to the safety, security and prosperity of this country than Brexit. I firmly believe that. If the choice is to remain in the EU, or suffer the champagne socialist and protest vote leaving us with PM Jez and the consequential punitive income and property taxes, flights of capital and general communist politics of envy, I choose the EU every single time. Given the shambolic state of the Conservative party, and the likely (highly polarising) outcome of Boris as Mother T's successor, I can't help feeling that PM Jez is a real risk. If for the next election (which could be in a matter of weeks folks!) we have a choice of PM Boris or PM Jezza, lord only knows where we'll end up. Perhaps begging the EU to save us from the red terror... At least China owns a lot of the UK's debt, and under a communist PM would no doubt waive whatever he asks them to. I remain(!) hopeful that the Conservative Party will prevent this disaster from happening. I am not a member but personally I like Gove. He gets things done. God forbid we end up with PM Boris being prevented by parliament from a hard Brexit/no confidence vote => general election => ............ If someone on the remain side had campaigned on what the EU actually does for us, rather than just saying "vote for the status quo", I'm not sure we'd be in this mess.
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