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  1. My V6 exige was 350hp and was 60k (including options) brand new in 2015. Final edition exige is 400hp for 70k. Don't see why they can't improve on that given economies of scale but perhaps I'm missing something. Anyway, all will be revealed later in the year. The Toyota V6 is constrained by the gearbox, if that has been resolved then I don't see why Lotus can't get it above 500hp to start with. That would create plenty of space for the 4 cylinder.
  2. I'm not going to be a buyer of a new one at 80k plus, and if its "just" got the current Toyota V6 in it then that's another negative. I'd rather have the handmade Evora in that case. However if the 4 cylinder engine is the 400hp one made by AMG, and its approximately 60k -65k for a new one, I could easily be persuaded to get the wallet out! Don't even care if its auto only and that would definitely be a plus from the wife's perspective!
  3. Someone has just advertised on here an auto Hethel Edition at 43.5k. Seems very very cheap to me, someone has to snap that up. I'd want 9-10k more for my manual in the current market!
  4. Time for a gratuitous picture... which doesn't do liquid yellow any justice at all.
  5. I think you are referring to my one. I've decided to keep it and bought a megane RS as an addition instead!
  6. I think that's been sold, the PH advert has been taken down. And it was am auto
  7. That the one at Silverstone? Sure it will be fine but trying to keep a black car clean - meh, not for me. Essex blue is the way forward imo.
  8. Its all about cost to change. Sell yours private, offer them whatever you get plus 20k. Bet you they take it. When their car was sub 50k they would have offered you 23/4k as a px. They have valued your car at 28k, with equivalent dealer cars listed at 32kish that doesn't seem unreasonable?
  9. Been for sale for a year or more and it's in Northern Ireland where the market is even more miniscule than the mainland. And its an auto. Would think a mainland dealer could make a few quid buying it and getting it back, but a lot of hassle for a private buyer especially with covid travel restrictions
  10. Exactly how I with thinking @Colin P I had plenty of enquiries which suggested it was the right price for a private sale but even then some people want more money off... I'll keep her anyway, I was really struggling to find a replacement now GT4 prices have moved (by about 5k for a good one since I first listed the 400), the Megane will be the perfect contrast to make the 400 special again and I've got the 7 for the full-on adrenaline rush experience. Hole in the market at 50k currently. @Gm77's car sold last week also.
  11. I've actually changed my mind on selling the 400 and ended the advert early. Bought a Megane 275 earlier in the week and wife has agreed she won't leave me even though I will have that, the 400 and a 7!
  12. I totally approve of your paint scheme, it's 😍😍😍
  13. I think(!) my 400 was 300ish last year. Its a couple of brackets below the top one.
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