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  1. LOT SPA Sunday 18th March 2018

    I got 30 MPG out of the exige on the way to a trackday. Once. Then I averaged 7 for the rest of the day!
  2. LOT SPA Sunday 18th March 2018

    How much did your RS6 get through though?!
  3. TLF GT430 Club

    @Gm77 - sod the C63. JFDI.
  4. LOT SPA Sunday 18th March 2018

    @mcxWe're booked on the 9.20 local time (the Exige won't get from Spa to Eurotunnel without fuel) but last time we just arrived and got on the next available train; and I'd expect the same to be the case at that time on a Sunday night!
  5. Not for the faint of heart! - Now "Exige Cup 430"

    @Mark030358 that sprint is lovely - if I ever have the money and garage space going spare, that's the colour I'd have one in!!
  6. LOT SPA Sunday 18th March 2018

    Greg and I are on the tunnel around 1.30 Saturday, coming back on the Sunday evening.
  7. Bedford GT 23 Feb - TLF Discount Code

    That's a nice price. Shame it's on my wife's birthday so no chance I'm going to get approval!!
  8. Calling all Exigers : Exige Trackday at Anglesey!

    Wrong side of the country for me I'm afraid
  9. Buying a Cup 430 - Thought Process

    I didn't realise when I posted yesterday that you had an LF1 already. Can you afford to keep the LF1? If so, personally I'd keep it and be straight off to my local Ferrari dealer to source a 599. Not interested in a lambo though.
  10. Buying a Cup 430 - Thought Process

    Is a Cup 430 really at the same price point as a used 599? Dear lord. I'd take the Ferrari (please, even if it's only for a short time) and buy a cheaper V6/Sport 350 for 40-55k (am assuming that if one can afford to buy and run a 599 even with a warranty, one is not short of a few quid).
  11. A journey into track days

    That Goldtrack price is steep. Brands GP is normally more expensive (so much so that I've never done it) and Goldtrack say the premium is because they book less cars on any given day, but personally I have not had a problem with MSV or Javelin when it comes to queuing (it's normally only a few minutes at most at any given time) and even Brands GP would be a couple of hundred quid cheaper than that. Check the MSV site (they own Brands plus a number of other circuits and are a TDO as well). I've never done a Goldtrack day so maybe I'm missing out! Incidentally (and this will be controversial)... trackdays are great, I've been doing them for years and I'd recommend them to anyone but ... if you are hoping to use them as a learning experience prior to going racing rather than a social event then, for me ... a V6 exige of any description is not a beginners car. The safety systems are amazing but take a lot of the learning out of it or, you can switch them off - in which case, you aren't going to want to get close to the limit because the car is expensive and gets twitchy as you approach it (big heavy V6 hanging out the back plus relatively short wheelbase = will let go suddenly if you upset it), and sticky tyres will only exacerbate that - grip, grip, grip, fuuuuuuuucckkkkkkkkkk. I started 10 years ago with a clio 182 (how time flies), which I would still argue is amongst the best starter trackday cars for learning to drive a car on track properly - an MX5 would also be good. And even then, if you bin it its going to cost you - but not as much as binning a V6 exige is going to. Also, while I think about it - Brands GP - as a beginner. You'd be nuts, for £500 entrance fee that Goldtrack day would cost you, you could book 3 days at Snetterton with Javelin / MSV. There will be a load of racing cars on any day there using it as a cheap test day as it is.
  12. Evora GT430

    @DJW Just do it!! You know you are going to eventually...
  13. Yaris GRMN

    Yes, it looks shit. Because Yaris. But if you look at the spec of the new kit they've put on the car and the changes made to it, you can understand the pricing - which is irrelevant anyway because they are all sold. I bet it will be a riot to drive and the initial reviews seem to back that up. Now if they could supercharge the engine in the GT86...
  14. Evora GT410 Sport launched

    ^^^ lot of sense in this... @Bibs does this come with a basic radio as standard, and you pay the 2k for an upgrade, or is it a blanking plate and no speaker wiring if you don't pick the option? Or will lotus wire the speakers in so that all you have to do is take your brand spanking new car to Halfords on collection? I guess it would help with running in mileage... @Bibs - also, jammy so and so. Going to keep the S1 as well? Perhaps you can bring it up to Colchester and I'll test drive it back to back with Greg's to give you both an impartial view...
  15. Evora GT410 Sport launched

    I think you might find it costs you more than that. Unless I'm missing something, spec the 410 as a plus 2 its immediately 89.4k without any other option and that's if you go for the NCO 400 wheels... If you add A/C and both the exhaust and ohlins you are over 100k. Even without them, add a radio and A/C and some paint and you're at 95k. That seems a lot to me. However, I'm all for existing 400 owners making the change, because I'd rather like a second hand one for 55-60k (once the house is finished @Gm77 before you say anything!!!)