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  1. Before I bought my V6, I had the Castle demonstrator for a long weekend while they did the oil cooler recall on my S2 that I'd bought through them a few years before. That was enough time to put me in the frame of mind that I needed a V6 in my life - but I bought it from Silverstone rather than Castle
  2. Gashead1105

    JMG gone!

    The Exige he's stood by looks great!
  3. They're great in an Exige/Elise. I've only had a passenger ride on a track in a sport 410, but that was more than enough for me (I was passengering that day in a 400, so was a B2B comparison...). Its entirely coincidental that people are trading in GT430s spec'd with them for new ones with the right seats Sparcos in a better colour However they are all miles better than a Cayman.
  4. Gashead1105

    S1 Compressor

    If I recall correctly - Royal Mail pay it, and then you get billed for it plus their handling fee which you have to pay when you collect the item from the post office (or sorting office) - it won't be delivered to your door..
  5. Shit Rubbish seats. And plus 0.
  6. Gashead1105

    Battery life when not in use

    I don't think it would last over the winter unless the battery is brand new - I always stuck mine on a trickle charger, even when I was only leaving it for a week!
  7. Gashead1105

    Evora 400 Trackday Silencer

    There's a 2bular non-switchable exhaust on my one, I also have the OE in the garage. I think it makes a very good sound on the road, apparently it static tests at 104 without the cans although I haven't tried to get on track personally yet. I also had a 2bular on my old S2 exige which, in a similar vein, was an excellent product. The owner, however, is very much of the Michael O'Leary school of advertising, so make of it what you will. I've not had any issues when I've dealt with him in the past (others have), but equally I've also had positive experiences dealing with the people he's taken against... Bibs has the Alunox one on his S1. Its fully switchable but also in a different ballpark price wise Edit: just to note that 2bular also supplied a set of cans which apparently further reduce the sound by 2/3DB - however @CocoPops told me when I'd bought the car that he'd never had to use them, the noise levels were fine on the three trackdays he did without them.
  8. Gashead1105

    TLF Trackday?

    I didn’t do the factory tour so had forgotten all about that!
  9. Gashead1105

    Cup 250 Specification and Colour

    Having had two persian blue sprints and now an essex 400, I feel I am well qualified to opine..... persian blue. Plus gold wheels.
  10. Gashead1105

    TLF Trackday?

    As above, the day that Gav @TheKevlarKidorganised for the Exiges guys a few years ago was at Hethel. Went really well, he also got Martin Donnelly along as the instructor, sandwich lunch was provided and LoT membership for a year included. No complaints on the price either. Personally it’s very easy for me to get to so I’d be keen, and Hethel is basically a weekend venue as well so don’t even need to take a day off! no idea what has gone on overnight here though!
  11. Gashead1105

    TLF Trackday?

    Was a good day that, even for someone like me who'd never done Hethel before and pootled around at the back! Here's a pic... I'd be up for Donnington. Croft, not done and think it's a bit far from Colchester but if there was a guarantee of no noise issues I could work with it. ATDO as organiser is essential for me, which (thankfully) rules out RMA. Or Hethel perhaps? Lotus can hardly black flag their own cars!
  12. Gashead1105

    TLF Trackday?

    Fekking VAT. I won't get on a 100DB day but on a private day at 105 I'd be pretty keen, especially if a TDO were still able to put their name to it such that it would still be insurable. I should think @Gm77 would be up for it as well, although his 400 is ridiculously loud and would've been booted off Silverstone last year if it had gone out again...
  13. Gashead1105

    Exige Scura

    No, it's a 50k S2 exige! I would entirely agree, but when you can get one for track use for 20k-25k less than that (and the OP already has an Elise cup 250), why would you bother? This is an investment car now unfortunately, and one that has been modified. Personally I thing it's a risky time and price point to be entering that market with this type of car, but what do I know? My 2008 S2 Sprint 7 years ago was 26k, and I wouldn't pay double that now for (effectively) the same car with 5 years (allowing for the Scura being a 2010 car) older suspension etc etc! OP, do you have the updated gear shift mechanism? Having now experienced the new one on a daily basis in my 400, I couldn't go back to the old version
  14. Gashead1105

    Exige Scura

    According to @jonnyboyon the other place, they don't have the original parts so the 300 mod is not reversible (easily). In my view, they are so rare that it's probably a fair price even with the modification but it depends if it would be in addition to your current fleet, or instead of? The Scura is basically one for 500 miles a year and no trackdays