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  1. Mod the V6S or look for a Cup?

    Ah but hopefully I will have an exciting alternative shortly...
  2. Mod the V6S or look for a Cup?

    If I can achieve that then I think that means I don't need to do anything on the suspension.
  3. Mod the V6S or look for a Cup?

    Thanks Olivier
  4. Mod the V6S or look for a Cup?

    So, on the modification track... The sensible approach, I guess, would be to add baffled sump and harnesses immediately and then possibly change the shocks. Does anyone know how much negative camber can be added on the standard Race pack set up? I think I need a little already more to get the full benefit out of the Cup 2s... Then add a gearbox oil cooler and possibly a bigger supercharger. The silly approach, of course, would be to go straight for the bigger supercharger!!
  5. Evora GT430

    Both the Evora 400 and Sport 380 were over 106 on driveby in the rain at Silverstone on Monday afternoon...
  6. B&C Silverstone day - 18 Sept

    Me! Although my car won't be on track
  7. V6 Exige forged wheels

    Definitely no on a 380. Unlikely that any 360 cups with the new gear linkage will become available any time soon. So modification is (or will be) the way forward. My car doesn't look right on black wheels - to be honest, your offer is a little bit early for me from a cashflow perspective but........
  8. V6 Exige forged wheels

    My car needs gold wheels!
  9. Komotec 460 or SSC TVS1900?

    Why, have you had a go in a car with the standard kit? Having had a passenger ride in Gary's car, it's a significant upgrade compared to the OE supercharger and didn't seem to suffer from any heat-related loss of power at the end of a day at Snetterton late in August. Ambient air temperature was early 20s. I think the standard kit should be absolutely fine in the UK, and for additional heat management on track in high summer would probably change the manifolds in order to remove the integrated cats.
  10. Mod the V6S or look for a Cup?

    What I'm thinking about is the most cost effective way of retaining value in any additional money I spend on the car. Like Gary I had an S2 Sprint for quite a while that I modified quite a bit. Most of that money was sunk cost when I sold the car on and I would prefer not to experience the same with the V6 although I have always hoped and expected I would keep it for quite a while! My theory is that, if I have to spend 6k of basically deal money to get a few cup-esq bits, perhaps there is some justification in spending a little more in the expectation that the far more limited supply and Cup mystique would see me having a lot of it returned back to me if/when I come to move it on. I'm quite hopeful that the TVS 1900 upgrade will retain quite a bit of it's value whatever car that is done to. If I just wanted to spend some money and have the thrill of buying something new... I'd chop in my current chavmobil for Honda's latest gloriously be-winged offering.
  11. Mod the V6S or look for a Cup?

    Good points both of you. I've had it 2.5 years now, will be 3 in April. Ultimately I'm not sure I will be able to stomach letting my pride and joy (even if it gets tracked!) go to someone else. And I suspect that one of the last cup 360s with the new gear mechanism would ultimately be the one I want and they are very few and far between . Of course, if I keep mine for a while and get the money out of any modifications then it would be fine, or at least justifiable. It's a really tough one. If the cost to change is 10-15k, the mods I outline in my OP will be very similar in price and I would end up with an Exige 400 Sprint...
  12. Mod the V6S or look for a Cup?

    that's a really helpful post Gary, it actually makes me think that if I do the sump, harnesses and shocks I'm pretty much there on the bits I am mainly considering the change for. I don't need the roll cage or the fire extinguisher and I already have a whole pile of cosmetic stuff! Then bung the TVS 1900 on.... @RedViper completely agree that there's nothing in the current model line up which feels like enough of an upgrade to make me want to take the initial depreciation hit again.
  13. Mod the V6S or look for a Cup?

    Likewise Gary. That's what's putting me off doing anything to this one!
  14. Mod the V6S or look for a Cup?

    Yes, probably 9-10k premium on my current car. But already comes with adjustable shocks (potentially Ohlins), baffled sump and harnesses which as I indicated above are three things which I'm likely to do next year on mine to start with and that on its own reduces the premium by at least half I would say (Ohlins would be 5k on their own!)
  15. Mod the V6S or look for a Cup?

    My V6S will be 3 years old next April so naturally thoughts have begun to move towards how I can make it better (or better suited to my purpose anyway). On the list to start with is a harness bar and harnesses, baffled sump and some adjustable shocks. Followed by 2 piece brake discs next time they need to be done and potentially a gear box oil cooler and a bigger supercharger. However, leaving aside the last two modifications, I'm looking at probably c6k for harnesses, sump and shocks fitted and set up, which will probably be dead money come re-sale time. Applying the standard man math's 'new toy premium', I reckon that on it's own pretty much justifies changing the car for a full on Cup, especially if I could find one of the last Cup 360s. When you add on the other bits and pieces that came on the Cups out of the factory it seems to make even more sense.The only downsides I can see from the change are ... well ... no radio? Carbon fibre seats might not be as comfortable? Less sound deadening? Gear change might not be as good? No passenger footrest?! I'm struggling to be honest. It would be a massive wrench to part with mine and that would be the biggest negative but I've had it for 2 and a half years now. Given where prices have gone for a new cup, what mine has been used for and the likelihood that the next cup is going to be pushing 100k, I can't help feeling that I should've spec'd mine as a cup out of the factory... So, the question is - mod my current car (which not being a cup aside, is in fine fettle, has a lovely and slick gear change and I spec'd new out of the factory) or swap it and some cash for a second hand V6 Cup of some description, assuming I can find one?