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  1. My 145hp Caterham Superlight with the Caterham close ratio 6 speed box is properly mental..... I'm going AMG (or nothing, as giving up said mental 7 would be a total kick in the nuts at this time) but I am concerned that the V6 version won't necessary have the performance to back up the looks. It's the same power train as the Evora and that means 2nd gear goes beyond the legal speed limit.... It will still be a fast car, particularly on a track but I would be surprised if it's considered scary by anyone.
  2. I had a ride in a gt430 at the weekend but even after that I'm AMG or nothing. Ive had the V6 in 2 lotus already and I'm not going to buy a third with the same powertrain. If 'autumn 22' has become 'January 23 at the earliest' I'm coming close to pulling my deposit. Still, no final decisions until I see the car for myself next month. Edit: I wonder if Lotus are having problems with the AMG installation. The lady who called me 10 days ago did say they hadn't finished testing. I thought that was a slip of the tongue but perhaps there is more to it than that.
  3. @C8RKHI don't think Lotus marketed the Evora at all, let alone the 410 sport. You could also see the 410 sport and similar models as an admission by Lotus that the Evora had failed. Personally I can see the appeal in one (apart from the angle of the seats) but I am in the hard-core minority and that's not who Lotus need to sell the Emira to.
  4. I shall do just that. The Evora isn't raw. Exige/Elise/Caterham - those are raw cars and there's a definite time and place for one of them. However, the Evora was meant to be an everyday, practical Lotus, with semi-exotic looks while delivering the traditional Lotus driving experience. I loved mine, although perhaps not as much as my previous Exiges... But, by the time I sold it, I had enough of the easily scratched leather and slow and frequently in need of resetting stereo. The mash up powertrain and noisy clutch. Second gear that went beyond the legal speed limit. The windscreen that took 10 minutes or more to clear in the station car park 6 months a year. An average 20MPG; and quite a lot less than that if it didn't get a run on a tank. Nowhere apart from the passenger seat to put my coffee cup on the way to the station 😉. The fact that my 5'2" wife couldn't drive it as she couldn't fully depress the clutch pedal! It was still epic to drive, made a fantastic noise, properly fast, amazing ride, supercar looks. Seeing the supercharger actuator in the rear view mirror never grew old. I'd tell anyone in the market to buy one and it did deserve to do better in the market than it actually did, in my humble opinion. It's miles more of an event than your equivalent 911. But there's loads of reasons why Lotus didn't sell many of them and the hardcore relatively few people who would put up with the downsides rather than just marching off to the nearest (and much nearer in all likelihood) OPC to put down a deposit on a 911 was insufficient to sustain the business. Hopefully the Emira solves my personal issues above, while still looking like a supercar, being fantastic to drive and delivering junior supercar performance AND at the same time returning a profit to the company. I'm very excited for more information on the AMG powertrain. I'm not 100% certain I will take up my place in the queue, but that's for reasons unconnected to the car itself. I tested an M2 last year. Never been more disappointed in a car. The ride. 💩
  5. I sold mine a couple of months ago through Silverstone. I had advertised it on pistonheads privately for a couple of months beforehand, but ultimately Aimee returned more money to me than selling privately and the buyer gets the protection of a warranty, inspection etc. It's very hard to sell 50k cars privately unfortunately. I'd be surprised if WBAC are on market for the Evora, when I put mine in a few months ago they were under by 15k.
  6. Everyone knows that farts are funny. My megane does it. The kids love it and I think it's hilarious every time. Only had it 6 months though.
  7. In similar circumstances, I said I wanted to at least see the car before deciding anything further and she said that was fine and suggested she would call me back in the last week of October. At that point I'll probably say I want to know AMG pricing before committing to either, assuming Lotus haven't provided any further information before then. I pressed her on the AMG but she dead batted it away and said that further information would be provided 'soon, once they finished testing'. No information about finance offerings currently either .
  8. Somewhat surprisingly, me too! But I want to at least see the car before doing anything further; and really I'd like to know the price of the AMG before making a decision
  9. EDIT: going to the configurator it seems that an I4 first edition is indeed available, in Autumn 2022. That works for me...
  10. I'd take an I4 FE at 70-72kish. Is that actually possible though? Guess that's a chat to have when Lotus call... @TomEif it's right that touring will still suit the occasional TD then that sounds like a winner for 90% of people. Watch 90% of people spec sport anyway!
  11. You can choose the engine currently in the configurator, which only seems to be showing first edition options... I am strongly leaning towards the amg myself, assuming it's available in FE form. And is cheaper. It's going to be the faster car imo.
  12. Pleased to see the first Edition is indeed fully loaded. Blue with the ice grey leather for me at the moment... All about pricing now.
  13. All the colchester slots have gone, I got timed out of the site while waiting for a guest to confirm!!
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